Minimum range on Mercy and other Miniguns?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by tsuzumi, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. tsuzumi

    At several points i have been firing on enemy infantry in close combat and the bullet hits doesn't register. I can see them hit, but the indicator around the cross-hair doesn't flash, and the enemy doesn't die directly (as they always else do)

    So the question is. Is there a minimum range on these weapons or is it just a bad lag? It doesn't happen at any other range then sometime within 0-3 meter.
  2. JoCool

    Bad lag.
  3. Bbihah

    I got this with the burster, cosmos, nebula and quasar as VS max. Not related to lag, sadly.
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  4. Darzok

    The Max has a deadzone when the enemy is in hug range the hit detection seems to stop working you are told you hit but you don`t the only way to deal with players in hug range is to melee them as the melee hit detection works but the guns don`t.
  5. tsuzumi

    Yeah. Well. I have killed/hit more players in "hug" range then the one i couldn't hit. And it happens more often at like 2-3 meters then 0-2. But if they have a dead zone then that explains it. But it sucks. Bullet weapons DON'T have close side dead zones... Seriously... They must fix that. If nothing you should do more dmg that close...

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