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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Shirva, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. ShriekXL

    I'm not indicating unsupervised. I mean letting a 12-year old handle a gun. I'm not from the US, so again; I couldn't possibly imagine it :).
  2. tonster

    As I said previously my son plays and I totally agree with your statement. He only plays with me and I'm always the squad leader. I've had no bad experiences, but if someone starts spewing obscenities while he is in my squad I will politely warn them and kick them out if they continue. Everyone has the right to play, just not in my squad.:cool:
  3. tonster

    I taught my son how to shoot at 9. He likes it with our 10-22, but he shot my 9mm and didn't care for that much.
  4. Liquid23

    you are correct... I didn't mean hand an 8 year old a .308 and tell him to go outside and play... lol

    I first learned to shoot and firearm safety at 6 with a .22 short... better to learn early and get the safety lessons drilled into you until they become second nature than to learn late and have an accident
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  5. Littleman

    I'd say this game is good for any age of player capable of grasping the mechanics of a shooter. What I can't guarantee is that the online crowd will treat them nicely, especially if they learn the child is under 18 or 21 at which point they then themselves act like 10 year olds by calling him nasty things, almost ironically (it's really sad that it's actually expected of them.) There's also the fact that this game has no training wheels, and I'm assuming even with Halo, PC FPS experiences, much less online FPS experiences, are still lacking.

    A lot of the guys that played PS1 were still kids and learned organizational skills and teamwork when they joined their outfits. Granted, the gaming scene has bloated drastically since ten years ago, and kids aren't nearly as well accepted anymore. Still, it could be a good experience for him.
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  6. Eugenitor

    There are assuredly a lot of kids who play this game. It's F2P, which means that any kid with a Steam account (which, these days, is all of them) can pick it up and play. You'll just never know which ones are kids because they generally don't talk (text or voice). And some of these kids are a LOT younger than you'd think.
  7. RadarX Community Relations

    PlanetSide 2 has received a T rating from the ERSB. The rating states:

    Content is generally suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.

    We obviously aren't in the business of telling people how to be a parent, but these are the recommendations.
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  8. Vixus

    ESRB ratings can not be taken into account for online interactions.
  9. QuantumMechanic

    +1 for turn off the in-game VOIP. There is constant talk of drug and alcohol use in there (and I am a contributor).
  10. Littleman

    Ask for a re-review. I mean, most of those I have yet to experience, especially simulated gambling. I can only give the game violence, and maybe suggestive themes on the grounds of Vanu women wearing curve hugging body suits.
  11. KenFGX

    Seriously letting young kids spend hours on games is not good parents, but that just me
    I should say at least 18 to be doing any real gaming. Because you finish high school, at least you can go to work and can make yo own money to spend in the game.
  12. Phyr

    So are public schools.
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  13. DDoubleVVision

    sometimes that square was OP!
  14. RadarX Community Relations

    Every time you walk out of a spawn room you are gambling a tank isn't training it's main gun on it.
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  15. Thentar

    My son was playing GTA3 at 4 1/2. As a "responsible parent" I sat down with him and told him "Joshua, you know that it isn't right to go around hitting people with base ball bats and stealing their cars right?" his reply "DAD! Its just a GAME!"

    Talk to your kids. Games with violence don't make people violent, people with violent tendencies are drawn to games with violence but again communication. If you think your kid has a high level of violent tendencies then seek professional help and I'm not joking.

    That said, studies have shown that FPS's have a positive impact on a persons cognitive abilities.
    Daphne Bavelier: Your brain on video games

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  16. Vodkabeast

    Cough cough 16 and under.
  17. Littleman

    Among many other possibilities: touche.
  18. Mr. Roper

    Or, every time you spawn a tank at the NC Warp Gate on Esamir you're gambling the it won't fall through the world for the umpteenth time.
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  19. Vodkabeast

    If you want your kid to not be picked on turn off his VOIP.
  20. Shirva

    Thanks everyone. Looks like I will let him play. He will likely only play when I am online. BTW, he has a timer on his computer that limits his daily and weekly playing time ( and I also use web filtering software to monitor/block his surfing. So big brother watches him when I can't. He finally got a MIC a couple months ago after playing LOTRO for 1.5 years and knows not to chat too much (or at all). He groups with my friends and they know to watch their mouth when he is online.
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