[Suggestion] mini shield generator for engineer

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  1. ArcKnight

    instead of a turret you place a shield gen that generates a forward facing wall of energy, this thing lasts forever and has unlimited hp provided the guy who placed it is within a 20m radius of said generator
    players (both allies and enemies) can't walk through it without problem

    it blocks all smalls arms fire except sniper rifles/battle rifles and grenades can't be blocked either
    tank shells, mortals, rockets are blocked but the splash damage can't be blocked under any circumstances

    allies can only shoot through it if they are standing max 5m behind it, any further and it won't go through so if you plan to shoot rockets then you'll just waste ammo and suffer 3rd degree burns
  2. UberNoob1337101

    Great, more stuff for the class that can already do the majority of stuff that infantry can possibly do.

    The concept seems cool, but needs more fleshing out (Unlimited health + duration time seems kinda OP tbh, even with the range limit, I'd like if it had limited health and duration but no range limit, and IMO it should block all small arms fire but no vehicle weapons, explosives etc.) I'd like if this was available to HA, seems best outfitted for HAs and their supposed role.
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  3. FateJH

    Stop giving stuff for Engineers to carry! I already feel like Link at times.

    At the very least, if you're going to give us something, give us Engineers something that benefits other classes in a more direct manner and doesn't make elements of the construction system redundant.
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  4. ArcKnight

    as long as HA's lose the NMG and their other shield abilities, I'm not gonna complain

    either way, if HA's are gonna get this then they need a small no deploy zone for them otherwise we're gonna be seeing HA's building the great wall of china by stacking them in front of each other or building an actual wall of shields
  5. Azawarau

    Forget about giving things to engineers

    This is just way too powerful

    I think this was suggested at one point.

    Maybe a setup time, Directional only, Small arms damage, replaces turret, health best option, can be destroyed by vehicles bigger than a flash, don't know about solidity? (completely solid)
  7. Nalothisal

    I would alter this idea so that the shield wall has limited HP and can be affected by EMPs and will not stop explosives and/or vehicle mounted weapons. I'd also make it so that enemy small arms can't go through it but the soldier can walk through it, contrary to the OPs suggestion. The shield wall should only about 2 to 3 meters wide and 2 meters tall with subsequent cert upgrades to allow the shield wall to take more damage. I course would personally give it to the Medic and HA (though the Heavy would have to totally forgo the rocket launcher, even if he deployed the wall).
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  8. Demigan

    Don't give it to the engineer, give it to the Medic. Medics remove damage, why not allow them to prevent damage as well? It fits perfectly enough.

    Make it a directional shield that works as a deployable cover for people to hide behind, give it a good amount of health and make sure it blocks fire from all directions, no crap about being able to shoot through it that would be too good. If the shield fails, the shield generator will replenish the shield after a while, so players have to destroy the shield generator to finish it off. Flanking becomes important here, since a flanker can shoot the shield generator while the shield is still up and destroy the shield instantly. EMP's deal a great deal of damage but don't deactivate it.
  9. Metalsheep

    Make it behave pretty much exactly like the Deployable Cover from Halo 3.


    About 2 players wide and projected forward with a slight curvature to the shield. Very resilient to small arms fire but not invulnerable. Can withstand slight punishment from lighter vehicle weapons and grenades. Will absorb a single tank round or C4 but immediately fail, but blocking damage and splash. Changes color as the shield gets closer to failure. When the shield fails it exposes the shield generator which is very fragile, but will regenerate the shield if left unmolested for a period of time. The shield has collision and cannot be passed through in either direction. But can be seen through from both sides. Will also block smaller vehicles from ramming through, such as the Flash and Harasser. And ESFs if one hits it for whatever reason.

    Can be EMPd for immediate failure and extra stalling of shield regeneration. Should also make it hackable by infiltrators making the shield lose all collision, allowing both players and bullets through both ways.
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  10. orangejedi829

    Nice, me likey.

    I also think it should go to the Medic. You can place one in front of a hotzone to block incoming fire while you run out and revive the pile of dead friendlies that were in the LOF. And with Medic being the least-used class (and the class that everyone wishes was the most used when they die), it could use some love.
  11. customer548

    Dude...I'm dreaming of this deployable shield since 2 years. The only problem here is that i main Infi. Your stuff needs to be an Infi stuff... Wanna 1vs1 for it ?? :eek:
    It would give us the opportunity for helping more directly our teammates.
    We already have the radar and EMPs which are more offensive than defensive. We would have the choice to equip Emp nades OR this shield.
    A short duration deployable against small firearms and rocket launchers would be nice. The shield would be able to protect a small amount of people and wouldn't block Nades if thrown behind the shield.
  12. ArcKnight

    a deployable shield gen on an infiltrator doesn't really make sense, here's an old idea I came up with right after release for the infiltrator. A stealth field generator which lowers detection range on the mini-map for all infantry weapons, the enemy has to be a lot closer to see you on their minimap

    here's is something else I came up with
  13. Demigan

    Agreed but with one exception: You can walk through.

    It would be too good used for Griefing too much if you can't walk through. Imagine one placed in front of a doorway as your team is assaulting for instance, or players messing with vehicles by placing them right behind them to prevent them from backing up.

    By allowing people to walk through you prevent this, and also add more ways to use the shield. Players can pop through for a quick assault, players can place them as a makeshift "spawnroom" shield so players can retreat back to the safety and you can place them more haphazardly without breaking the flow of your own team or yourself. Otherwise you would often find people deliberately destroying friendly shields because they aren't happy with their retreating prospects while that thing is up.
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  14. Moridin6

    i like it but itd need a health that regens when not being hit, or something. and i also agree that the engi has a Ton of stuff already so..

    EDIT: read the other posts, we've perfected it i think. now we jsut need to give somethn cool(grappling lift tether thingys) for the LAs ;)
  15. ArcKnight

    grappling hooks from batman... this was something I suggested long ago too, either way they just need a limit on the max distance the hook can go and a sufficient ammo pool and cooldown
  16. Kdog559

    I agree that it should belong to the medic if anything but the medic. Would be a good way to save allies.
  17. Kdog559

    Yea allies can walk through it but i would assume that enemies can not walk through it unless they fire upon it with their rifles.The only portion that would be allowed to destroy it for small arms fire would be to expose a little piece of the base of the deployable.
  18. Demigan

    I think that enemies need to be able to walk through it too. And simply shooting it with small-arms fire should destroy it even if you don't hit the generator. This adds more tactical depth, rather than "dump it anywhere, it's good" you'll need a bit more strategic insight on where and how you place it.
  19. Movoza

    I have no idea how people come up with these things. If we think it through, it is easy to see why this is a bad idea.

    Biolabs. The insane breaching of the lab, either the inside or the air pad, become impossible. Either that or people will just inch further and further, deploying the things closer to each other every time until the enemies meet. If you try to breach the airpad these things would make it impossible.

    Any base where you need to run unprotected over some ground will become an idiots errand. Who will decide to run for it and get slaughtered?

    This way it is crazy OP.

    A shield that protects against x bullets (lets say 1000 HP). The generator stays alive if not directly hit and recharges every 10-20 seconds. This will reduce hits but will still have a balance. One way shooting, 2 way walking.
  20. Bassmeant1

    as long as light assault gets claymores, im all for it!!