[Mini game] Wierd things in PS2 that make no sense?!?!?!

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  1. Mechwolf

    The only way to be prone is to be dead.
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  2. Mechwolf

    ...The lattice system
  3. Flamberge

    1. Even 1000s of years in the future, we still drive on parkways and park on driveways...
    2. Even 1000s of years in the future, NC still listens to 19-something rock music.
    3. Cloak that bends light around it is illuminated by a flashlight...
    4. All vehicle debris instantly oxidizes to that rust color
    5. Still no paved roads
    6. Respawning matrix exists, but no one brings Elvis back from the dead...
  4. Rhumald

    No one ever actually enters a vehicle, you're being is assimilated into it's structure.
  5. kungflu

    Spike strips were never invented
  6. Demigan

    Why do females have big breasts? I would think stuff like morale purposes and psychological warfare. I think I read about a test that told how male soldiers would always, always stop for a fraction of a second when they spot a woman, even one in combat armor of an opposite team that's about to blow their head off ("stop" means their brain switches from "kill target" to "look at potential mate", they can still complete tasks such as "aim at target" but they won't pull the trigger in this time). It's programmed in men to never harm-to-kill a woman (except for a few select psycho's) as every woman is a potential mate. Using women for this purpose can give them an edge, as they can get that first shot off in that fraction that the men stop, not to mention that men might miss other targets as their brains are still wondering about that woman.

    The children are probably wherever those colonists are. There might still be a few colony ships in orbit that are now used. Originally the places of Hossin, Indar, Esamir etc were used to house and give work to the colonists so they could survive. I guess they have some settlements outside of the rebirthing grid/with a local rebirthing grid but no-one is stupid enough to attack these settlements. They still need the colonists, and attacking such a settlement while you have no rebirthing grid and the guards of the settlements do have one available doesn't sound like a nice and fair fight.
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  7. ColonelChingles

    Weapon damage is way off base from what it ought to be in the game given weapon cartridges. For example, consider the following list of calibers and damage amounts:

    QCX: ??mm, 650 damage
    NS-44: 11.2mm, 450 damage
    AMR-66: ??mm, 250 damage
    RAMS .50M: 12.7mm, 700 damage
    M12 Kobalt: 12.7mm, 200 damage
    M20 Basilisk: 20mm, 250 damage
    Skyguard: 40mm, 200 damage
    C75 Viper: 75mm, 345 damage

    If the game made any sense at all, it should look something like:
    QCX: 30 damage
    NS-44: 100 damage
    AMR-66: 250 damage
    RAMS .50M: 350 damage
    M12 Kobalt: 375 damage
    M20 Basilisk: 400 damage
    Skyguard: 500 damage
    C75 Viper: 1,200 damage

    I mean maybe the RAMS .50M might do a bit more damage than the Kobalt due to not bleeding off gas or something... but really having one do 700 damage and the other do 200 makes no sense.
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  8. Hiperion

    Why a 120 mm cannnon cant kill infantry but a .50 mm sniper bullet can?
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  9. Nemetis

    Vanu are the Covenants
  10. Nemetis

    TR are the NOD

    NC are the GDI
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  11. Pikachu

    Vanu are the forgotten
  12. NinjaTurtle

    They should so get Joseph Kucan to so some intro cut scenes for new players
  13. Rentago

    VS maxes without jumpjets
  14. Prudentia

    it's the other way around:
    if the cloak can't bend the frequency of the darklight and instead just acts weird... why did they also add a light source to it that can be seen by human eyes and telegraphs the position of the soldier to the enemy :confused:
  15. strid3r478

    Nah i dont buy it, i think the nc weapons should be more silent then tr there is no gun powder in bullets and the velocity of bullet is pretty much thesame.
  16. strid3r478

    lol i had that bug to once :D
  17. Demigan

    Again, what makes sound?
    Gun Powder makes sound because it forms a shockwave, which makes the Bang when it reaches your ears. The same shockwave is used to propel the bullet. By altering the shape of the barrel, you can alter the frequency and travel distance, as well as absorb some of the shockwave as it leaves the barrel, thus reducing the sound produced.
    The NC weapons use Rail Guns, which require high power output and accelerate the Projectile by running a current through the Projectile to one or the other rails. This accelerates it until it leaves the barrel. Upon exiting the barrel, the bullet will have pulled a vacuum inside, the rush of air back into the barrel would cause a nice bang alone.
    Now consider this: The electric current might "follow" the bullet as it exits the barrel, arcing towards it as a miniature lightning bolt. Because of the high currents necessary to let any Rail Gun work this can produce one mighty boom even at that small scale.
    Another option is the cooling of the rails. When you short-circuit something you have fuses in your house that "burns" through when that happens, because instantly all wiring in your house is heating up and in less than a second the fuse, designed to melt faster than the rest of your house's wiring, will melt. I hope you realize how much power is necessary to liquidize metal in a fraction of a second, even though the same metal doesn't melt when you heat up your dinner, have your fridge on etc all on the same fuse... The rails in your gun are simply short-circuited with immense power and heat up incredibly fast due to the electricity you are generating. To prevent them from being damaged and/or melt, they need to be cooled down as the blazes before the next shot. This might be possible by paralyzing the particles with another magnetic field or by having some kind of super heat-conductors that store it in the magazine or convert it energy for the next shot.
    Now think of hot metal, such as from a car, as it cools down. You hear a kind of "*****" every now and then, right? This is the metal's sound as it shrinks when cooling down. The accelerated heating up and cooling down will make it as if it's one sound: a big boom after each shot. This means that not just the bullet exiting will cause sound, but also the arcing as well as the cooling down of the metal between each shot.

    And what does TR got to generate sound? One shockwave generating compound? It's as if they aren't even trying!

    And before I forget, NC bullets tend to have the same velocities, but more damage. This means they are heavier/better formed and will need to have been propelled with more force for the same velocity, which also would explain perfectly why the NC has more sound to their weapons.

    On topic:
    A weapon in the hands of infantry deals more damage and is more accurate than that mounted on a powerful MAX chassis.
  18. GhostAvatar

    Just like toast always lands butter side down.
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    I have bronze medal for Bouncing Betty. As TR.
  20. PurpleOtter

    The complete lack of any "advanced" technology otherwise known as a Door....
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