[Mini game] Wierd things in PS2 that make no sense?!?!?!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NinjaTurtle, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. Hammerlock

    there are no glass in the windows ... or a single door
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  2. Onhil

    Heat based VS infantry weapons for some reason have infinite batteries/heat cores in reserve
  3. Hatesphere

    why build doors or glass when they will simply be destroyed every 2 minutes?
  4. The Rogue Wolf

    Gravity on Auraxis works according to your orientation; anything upside-down will be crushed almost immediately by impossibly powerful gravitational forces.

    Debris loses ninety percent of the mass the vehicle it came from had, but exerts ten times the crushing force on other vehicles.

    Two empires in the game use a variety of weapons that employ solid projectiles fired by a reciprocating bolt (I've read that NC weapons use gunpowder to propel slugs into the magnetic coils), but the only weapon in the game (that I've seen) that has a bolt release is the PDW.

    Several weapons have a part of the weapon itself recriprocate when fired, in a way that would do serious damage to the face of any soldier aiming down the sights while firing.
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  5. ColonelChingles

    Also, heat-based weaponry that does away with ammunition count is so obviously mysterious alien technology that only the VS have access to it.

    Until you remember the NS MANA and Phalanx turrets which operate on the same principle. And which came out much earlier than the Phaseshift. :p

    OMG... that would mean... the NS are the Vanu! :eek:
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  6. AlterEgo

    The NS being Vanu.

    Complete mind ****.
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  7. Nitrobudyn

    You can get run over by a Magrider if You are on foot, but not if You are driving a Flash.
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  8. Onhil

    That would explain Vanu's usage of NS weapons compared to the other factions aswell
  9. Abstalav

    - An engineer can rebuild a completely destroyed turret or terminal, but he doesn't know how to hack them (while an infiltrator does).

    - Turn any vehicle upside down and it will instantly catch fire and explode in 3 seconds.

    - A 4-wheel car ramming a friendly armored tank can send it flying 10 meters away and seriously damage it.
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  10. CWorth

    That is the thing. Light infantry should NOT have C4 as an option. Just like it makes no sense in this game that a flipping MEDIC is carrying C4.

    Heavies and Engineers should be the ONLY classes that would be carrying C4 and make any sense.
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  11. Demigan

    considering the much more impressive feat of personal shield regeneration/jumpjet energy regenerationI don't think it's a big weird thing.

    An engineer carries a unit that regenerates ammo packs which in itself can generate ammo for any type of weapons for an unlimited amount of soldiers nearby...
    But it only works while it's thrown on the ground, it can't be activated in the engineers backpack.
  12. iccle

    We have warpgates that don't warp you or your vehicles anywhere
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  13. DaveyJ

    But according to lore NS were a founding member of NC so VS == NC
  14. battlegoose

    I locked onto a Scythe and killed him with a G2A launcher...as a Vanu.
  15. Onhil

    So VS is NS and NS is also NC? wut?

    I wonder if the TR will come into the picture
  16. Hiperion

    Thats pretty ****** up, but why females still have great ***** and breast?
    And where are the childrens?
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  17. Mechwolf

    Until LA gets something else, like a sniper, or something decent about drift jets, I'd like them to keep their c4 lol
  18. Mechwolf

    You can't pick up weapons from enemies, or ammunition from someone who's using the exact same gun. No destructible environment. Debris disappears after 5 seconds.
  19. Mechwolf

    If you tap a tree with an ESF, you die and the tree remains unharmed. #NerfTheTrees
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  20. Mechwolf

    When a turret explodes it forms into the exact same shape every time.