[Mini game] Wierd things in PS2 that make no sense?!?!?!

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  1. Pfundi

    The NC weapons just do a super sonic boom. When something goes faster as the waves bringing the sound it makes a bang.
  2. ColonelChingles

    Tank shells that move slower than rifle bullets.

    120mm muzzle velocity: 1,750 m/s
    5.56 muzzle velocity: 940 m/s

    P2-120 AP muzzle velocity: 250 m/s
    T1 Cycler: 580 m/s

    Also kinetic energy penetrators that don't have the kinetic energy to go through modern MBT armor:

    120mm muzzle energy: 12,090,125J
    P2-120 AP muzzle energy (assuming same mass as M829A3 KEP): 312,500J

    P2-120 AP projectile mass (in order to get the same muzzle energy as IRL M829A3): 387 kg
    (An IRL M829A3 projectile is only about 10 kg)
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  3. Demigan

    I think he meant internal game inconsistencies. The fact that they can beam over infinite ammo is not one of the problems. The fact that they somehow can't resupply themselves is the problem.
  4. Hiperion

    Infantry has summon powers, where do you get that rocket launcher when you was only wearing a pistol?
    Debris has Unlimited HP and can OHK everything
    Trees are INMORTAL
    Where we get food?
    Where are the bathrooms?
    How people reproduce in this planet?
  5. Fatal_Finn

    You can't see your character's or other characters' breath on Esamir. Do they even breathe? :eek:
  6. Yuki10

  7. MahouFairy

    The death screen tells me a headless infiltrator killed me (scary + mind blown literally) and a turret-less Lightning somehow managed to kill me (invisible nanite turrets).
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  8. FLHuk

    Not exactly on topic yet I feel relevant weirdness.

    The forum server status recently decided to make stuffs up.

    http://prntscr.com/64453c Picture right now. Servers are up, running and locked! Logged in just fine :D
  9. Liewec123

    a vehicle wreckage for some reason decides to act like this guy...
    and kill everyone around it.
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  10. Haquim

    Light APCs have better armor than main battle tanks.
    MBTs, including their 30(60 for TR) tank shells, come at the cost of nine frags. (To be honest, as it stands sometimes the frags are worth more than the tank)
    The galaxy is the sturdiest thing in the game, except for trees of and the adamantium walls of the bases of course.
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  11. strid3r478

    Ok about the vs weapons .
    But i didn't understand why you commenting about the Nc weapons ? i didn't tell that they suppose to be soundless i know about the shock wave that goes after sound speed . i was telling that NC weapons is louder the the tr read more carefully.
  12. Pikachu

    You cant see your own shadow but hou can see everyone elses.
  13. Danath

    Have you tried giving control of your tank to your gunner? (unlock to squad) Is like a huge hiccup :D
  14. Jake the Dog

    When Killing a sunderer on a slope above me and a tire lands on the front of my prowler... and it explodes... I literally have to run my tanks away from tires that are rolling downhill...
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  15. Demigan

    My point was that a shockwave, regardless of the source, shapes the sound. Railguns will in general accelerate the bullet faster which will generate more sound (and NC weapons have more velocity on lots of weapons), having a specific barrel shape can amplify that sound. That means that NC weapons have more chance to sound loud than TR weapons despite the explosive propellant.
    It actually fits the description nicely. TR is a more military faction that favors lots of things, including weapons that don't sound as loud to avoid detection. NC is the "big gun" faction that doesn't care about muzzle sound, it cares about hitting hard and sounding awesome.

    We are soldiers build up from the ground with nanites. I suspect these soldiers are build without a digestive tract, your entire intestines are replaced with muscles and a specialized fat tissue that holds more energy and is easily accessible by the body. Probably you get 2 livers and several other extra organs, such as double or triple harts, multiple blood vessle systems and a double nerve system so you won't lose control in case your central nerve in your back is cut through by a bullet.
    This eliminates the need to eat food (we get energy from the fat stored) and the need to go to the bathroom (no digestive tract means nothing needed to get the waste out).
    As for reproducing. I guess that there's still some colonists somewhere that are 'free' in the arms of a faction or another. Any soldier that doesn't forget that there's a home to go to will rebirth as a full human every now and then with digestive tract and reproductive organs to do whatever they want.

    When a tank can handle tons of explosives, but explodes the moment it flips.
  16. randomusername146

    I have 360° degree vision in my damn bus, but when I'm in my Flash, I suddenly have a stiff neck.
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  17. Jogido

    I can't find a bathroom
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  18. Leer

    Nothing wrong with C4ing a derp tank driver.
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  19. CorporationUSA

    80% of the posts in this thread can be summed up as "the graphics aren't realistic enough."
  20. Meeka

    I've actually manage to land a Sunderer upside down and it exploded jumping off the Crown, it was impressive. :D