[Mini game] Wierd things in PS2 that make no sense?!?!?!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NinjaTurtle, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. daniel696

    The wind move the grass but don't move the water.
  2. -Synapse-

    When people die, they will always lay perfectly horizontally regardless of underlying terrain.
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  3. AdmiralArcher

    clouds have proven elusive.....galaxies can ram other vehicles and not take considerable damage, you cant see the inside of your helmet at all
  4. DatVanuMan

    The beauty of the FailRider! Ensuring maximum efficiency in protecting your fellow enemies:D
  5. DatVanuMan

    MAXes have now learnt how to slide without stopping. I knew they'd take over Auraxis one day:eek:
  6. Lifodd

    i got a striker kill. as vanu.
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  7. Wecomeinpeace

    - Stacking explosives that result in all this dumb instakill ********

    - Resupplying at terminals / AMS to reset tool cooldowns or to refill your shield

    - You can't spawn as a MAX even though wherever you spawn there is a terminal nearby where you can switch to MAX

    - Continents that clearly have coastal areas mapped but still have out-of-bounds areas

    - Every grass and flower moving exactly in the same pattern

    - The crappy "Doom" water (Texture) which allways floats in one direction fairly fast

    - Dumb ***** driving into your vehicles give YOU grief

    - The countless suicides due to glitchy terrain, troop eating sunderers or ****** vehicle physics

    - Bases 100 meter away from each other where the turrets can shoot the turrets on the next base

    ...maybe i missed the point of the thread with some of those, but i find all of them weird. Just additionally some of those are also dumb and infuriating mechanics. :p
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  8. daniel696

    The physics of death is horrible and laughable sometimes lol
  9. Vanudrax

    The fact that we can result endless amounts of bullets, batteries and rockets from an ammo pack that is smaller than my phone book.
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  10. Pouk3D

    The fact that most of the enemy bases are classified as "Restricted area" by your own high command.
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  11. Calisai

    The fact that in a Mag, I can jump off bridges and cliffs but if I tap (literally strafe into it softly) a fencepost or box corner wrong I instantly explode.....

    That an aircraft (Valkyrie) will be getting a Horn.... and yet... one of the most well-known killers of friendly infantry (The Mag) has yet to receive one after almost 2 years.
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  12. Takara

    The Magrider is unable to actively run over enemies that pass through it's hitbox or under it....however moving any direction a quarter of an inch will render any nearby friendly engineers dead.
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  13. r4zor

    Ammo and repair sunderers are both bad :p #wantLodestar
  14. strid3r478

    Gonna name couple obvious things .
    Energy based weapons you can see how you place a battery in to your gun and wham a recoil A MUTHAFACKIN RECOIL FROM ENERGY BASED WEAPONS is larger then gun powder weapons that TR have o_O
    Very loud noise from NC weapons that use electromagnets to push out bullets yet the sound is lauder then the gun powder weapons that use TR o_O
    VS mbt main gun bullet drop !
    extra slow rocket launchers a simple russian rpg is ultra faster then future rocket launcher o_O
    Slow fighter jets
    others was named before.
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  15. Dreez

    Rockets shot from infantry drops to the ground after 50 meters, and moves slower then cars.
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  16. Hosp

    Sometimes a thrown grenade goes where you want it. Sometimes a thrown grenade goes about 3' and falls straight to the ground. Sometimes a grenade hitting an object at a non 90deg angle comes right back at you as if it had.
  17. DxAdder

    The overall tech we use is lower than current day standards.

    The lightning has no AI weapon load outs

    Energy weapons have bullet drop ????

    Camo don't cover our entire uniforms...
  18. FLHuk

    My Vanguard can move faster sideways on a slope than it can falling off a cliff....
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  19. KnightCole

    Flat level ground blows my tank sky high......and no...not a Tank mine.
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  20. Demigan

    It fires heated up plasma, which is nothing more than a heated mass in a certain state (just like you have solid, liquid and gas, plasma is just another state matter can be in), the propulsion of that mass will cause just as much force on the weapon as on the bullet. This is also called recoil.

    the sound of an explosion is nothing more than a shockwave that reaches your ears. If a bullet is accelerated it will still cause a lot of air to be displaced. Depending on the weapon shape, this could come out as a bang.

    On topic:
    You need specialised equipment to hack a terminal, but to hack a server that controls an entire base all you need to be is within a few meters of it.