[Mini game] Wierd things in PS2 that make no sense?!?!?!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NinjaTurtle, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. NinjaTurtle

    Ammo Sundies run out of ammo :eek:

    Your Turn
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  2. z1967

    Infantry have no mass. Also neither do their weapons and ammo.
  3. AirpainFood

    All air vehicles become ground vehicles and all ground vehicles become air vehicles :eek:
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  4. MotionBlured

    Crouched infils have a collision box! :eek:
  5. HadesR

    I can't see my feet ...
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  6. Pouk3D

    Nanites. All about them.
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  7. -Synapse-

    My eyes are in my neck.
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  8. Nubm

    Getting teleported into the sky when leaving a vehicle.
    Vehicle kill directive for Light Assault class.
    Branch and pebble physics.
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  9. Whatupwidat

    It's the far future but tanks take their gun sights from 19th century artillery peices
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  10. Yuki10

    Current team in charge of the project?
  11. Wafflepancake

    We're talking about in game anomalies.

    My bus always lands on its wheels like a cat.
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  12. HadesR

    You maybe are but I'm following the topic title .. Thankyou
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  13. Nexus545

    Nobody has actually died in Planetside 2
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  14. PurpleBeefer

    Magriders mow friendly infrantry wwith the slightest bump but enemies prove to be elusive.
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  15. Pikachu

    Flak shells only explode when the target is an aircraft.
    Aircraft takes not splash damage, except from the small flak shells.
    Repair sunderer is not affected by it's own repair aura.
    Infantry and ground vehicles have inertia, aircraft does not, except when they bounce into things maybe.
    Buildings have no furniture.
    Buildings are made of nothing but steel, great for cooking people in the summer.
    Lightnings have so little space that the pilot has to lie on his back inside them to drive.
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  16. EGuardian1

    My Reaver running over Infantry and Maxes with no damage or paint smears whatsoever. :p
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  17. RasFW

    Spawn rooms above ground. In the open. Mostly in campable spots. With one-way shields that only allow you to fire out.

    Sometimes feels like we should re-name the game to Duck Hunt 2845.
  18. Matt879

    Proximity repair doesn't repair your own sunderer.
    Medics need to rely on a seperate device to self-heal rather than pointing their tool at themself.
    20mm armor piercing rounds deal less damage to infantry than .357 and .44 revolver rounds.
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  19. ShoeFlip

    People don't bleed when shot and or maimed (unless theres a setting I'm missing).
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  20. daniel696

    All the vehicles and aircrafts have no pilots.
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