Mini crashes (that don't crash) that are really frequent.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by NotziMad, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. NotziMad

    I'm getting freezes regularly, maybe every couple minutes.

    It might have something to do with the latest NVIDIA driver I downloaded and updated, dunno.

    But it's super annoying.

    It's the same kind of freeze that used to happen before, but really rarely. Althoguh those ones would end up killing the process and me being sent back to windows.
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  2. Dunkkan57


    Same here with the latest Nvidia drivers 451.48 (and Windows 10 2004) : graphic freeze and bad connection status when i check on
    Back to 446.14 and everything is good again.
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  3. shlimon bakous

    I had that yesterday too.I had activated the hardware accelerated GPU planning,This function came with the new Nvidia driver.I deactivated it and the problem was solved.
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  4. NotziMad

    thanks, I'll try that.

    Just one thing though, I don't know much about computers, so it may seem like a dumb question, but don't I need that "hardware accelerated GPU planning"? What does it do?
  5. AlcyoneSerene

    Since the Colossus introduction patch, if I alt-tabbed out of the game and then went back in, every 10 seconds or so my game would freeze for 1 second. I had to restart the game to fix it.

    Alt-tabbed yesterday some too and this did not happen, am hoping it was fixed in the latest patch.
  6. NotziMad

    I did some (quick) googling and it seems this GPU planning thing improves performance (FPS?).

    If that's true, I'd rather keep it..
  7. AlcyoneSerene

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  8. FriendlyHuman

    My game freezes every 5-15 minutes for 1-10 seconds after installing 451.48 Nvidia driver. Both in Windowed and Fullscreen mode.
    Everything is fine on 446.14
  9. NotziMad

    I made a ticket last Thursday on this, still no reply.

    They are very quick to issue sanctions for toxic behaviour, a little less quick to provide solutions to fix bugs like this :)
  10. NotziMad

    POSSIBLE WORKAROUND (works for me so far)

    Go into settings and change to Windows Mode, or Full Windowed Mode, or Fullscreen and back. (depending on which one you had initially).

    I got the idea because someone in this thread said that it happened when alt tabbing.

    Try it, I think it'll work, it works for me :)

    (thank you so much DBG / Rogue Games, you've been a great help, as usual ... NOT)
  11. LimaJones

    Glad that I'm not the only one to experience this bug
    One thing to note - it freezes an entire PC for me, for the same duration (1-6 seconds), with some random frequency (1-15 minutes). Checking after, the Task manager says 100% CPU usage and GPU idling for when the freeze happens. Then it works just fine, until new occurance comes around.

    The bug appeared for me right after I installed both the June 24 Patch and NVIDIA 451.48 driver. Since then I could not play the game without then freezing infront of an enemy.

    May the DxDiag be necessary? I'm really looking forward for this issue to be gone.
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  12. BeerAndFries

    I have also experienced the freezing since the Colossus patch. Usually around enemies my game will freeze for a couple of seconds at random intervals. It makes the game basically unplayable at the moment.
  13. \m/SLAYER\m/

    same here, i noticed it after nvidia driver update.
  14. NeuroDamage

  15. marioq70

    I adhere to this. Iam getting freezes in the game, RTX2080 gpu with latest drivers...
  16. NotziMad

    support finally replied to my ticket.

    Their advice was to not use the latest NVIDIA driver, but to use the version just before.
  17. BeerAndFries

    Yeah I reverted to previous NVIDIA drivers and the game is running again, normally.
  18. Netherlands

    Nvidia driver 451.67 is out. There is no specific fix for this problem mentioned in de release notes. I think this is the same bug that is in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. In the Graphics options using Windowed or Fullsceen Windowed mode should be solving this problem as a workaround in Planetside 2. What i read is that this problem only exists if you use 2 monitors.
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  19. NotziMad

    yeah and also it seems (at least for me) that it only happens if you ALT TAB
  20. FellaGames

    I am still getting this with the 451.67 nvidia driver update. It might even be worse. Ive also tried turning off the GPU planning thing in windows graphics settings, changing to full screen or windowed and back to fullscreen windowed. I only have one monitor at the moment and I was getting it without alt-tabbing during my session.

    It is fully locking my computer as well. I have the game open typing this, and its freezing my typing every little bit.

    GTX 2080 Super with a 2k 144hz monitor. Happens to my buddy too with his 1080. 446.14 Nvidia driver was the last one that seemed to work ok for me.

    Edit: It also seems to happen exponentially more in high pop areas

    Edit 2: I also noticed my server latency skyrockets after immediately exiting a freeze.