Mines got nerfed?? Cant say I am impressed.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tasogie, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. foam

    You're crying about criers.
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  2. Aelloon

    Or they could get IR scope or Thermals and they can instantly see mines from very far away and just shoot it. Or they could have an LA with mine detection around or they could spend LESS CERTS THAN JUST ONE RANK OF MINES COSTS AND MAKE THEM COMPLETELY USELESS.

    Not to mention that any little damage will set it off. What's this? A HE weapon was shot 10+ meters away? Guess what, the mines explode and you get nothing! Two mines cost more than a MAX unit.
  3. Phyr

    300 certs for 2 AT mines, which is the minimum needed for a kill and you have to be an engineer. For 330 total certs you can reduce mine damage by 70%. Looks balanced to me.
  4. KlyptoK

    There are 2 types of deployable explosives for taking out vehicles. C4 and Mines.

    C4 is an active offensive weapon. Mines are a passive defensive weapon.

    The idea of running up to things and actively put mines of them is absurd. You should be using C4 for that and putting mines where you expect the enemy to drive.

    It's 100 certs for 2 mines, 200 more certs for 3 mines.
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  5. Uben Qui

    I am sure they will fix it. We did not get to test these fully in Beta. They were mostly broken up until the end.

    Aren't the 'mine whiners' the ones that do not want to use mines like mines, and only like C4/bombs? I am a guy that wants mines. Mines that I can use like mines. Not those crap things we have now that are nothing but C4 v2.0. For blowing up tanks and Sundies I use.. C4 v1.0. :rolleyes:
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  6. Aghar30

    I still use my mines like bombs, its just now plant mines toss grenade, boom dead sundy
  7. Funzo

    Mines are already less versatile than C4, so why make mines even less useful?
    If the mines were the problem so few say they were, then mineguard would have been more readily spec'd. But since it was just a rare annoying occurance, they nerf it to appease the Sundy schoolers and told the entire Engineer corps that they can cram it. Now there is zero, absolute zero reason to cert mineguard because the odds are even more minute that an engineer would waste his time with these 75 resource pains to deploy than they are now. Parking your sundy on an incline is the new mineguard, and it's free.
    The mine kill is going to be the perfect game for engineers. Expect one or two per season.
  8. Vortok

    The sky is falling!
  9. Tasogie

    C4 doesn't kill tanks, A single mine does not kill Sundys or tanks..."we needed" to use 2-3.. till now. The fact SOE made it so you cna never use the same ground twice is jsut moronic as i said all the cert farmers need do is blow up the patch of ground with mines, that they want to use. Now nothing can be planted there...
  10. Krinje

    Pathetic bunch of crybabies who don't bother to cert mineguard... get their way I guess.
  11. Phyr

    oh well, minegaurd is still cheaper than AT mines.
  12. Tasogie

    Next up will be AP mines, somone will step on one, an realize it isnt their fault so they will post here an BAM!!! you will only be allowed to place AP mines outdoors, in specially marketed areas with a sign saying place mines here....
  13. Dakkaface

    I disagree that mines were fine as is - I fully expected them to be nerfed, as the suicide Enjy rush is very difficult to stop without AP mines pre-deployed around the Sundy. But it is true that very few people bother to stay near a Sundy and defend it rather than zerg straight to the fight. Plus, Mineguard is cheap - 70% cheaper than AT mines, and completely removes the fear of a single suicide enjy and random laid mines. Of course, you would have to give up Blockade Armor, or the Ammo Dispenser, or Stealth, or Proximity Repair - which is kind of the point. Mineguard was worthless until mines became a threat - now it's a worthwhile sidegrade..
  14. Uben Qui

    There used to be no mines. We asked for mines. Mainly like they were in PS1. They implemented what you see in the last half of beta. They were in the form you seen yesterday as a second pass on them. They are nothing like we asked for. Instead of giving us this weapon we could use to hold choke points, create hazards, use for ambushing we got these broken bomb things that we could only carry 2-3 of.

    So, most people began to use these things for the only use they gave us. Bombs. I mean, lets face it. They suck even now.. for using as mines. Think about it. We do not want those things. If we wanted to blow up tanks and sundies better we would have been asking them for more powerful C4. Seriously.

    My take on this is the same since beta. We need mines in this game. True mines that we can use like mines. To hold the choke points, to back up the gates and shields. To create hazards we can use to slow them down so we can ambush those tanks. Hey, that tank driver too lazy to watch the road and driving on that uneven side of the steep road? Good. That tank is slower, less manuverable.. easier for the rocket launchers to take out. We need to be able to BLANKET the area enough with one engie. 10 mines. Make them less damaging if it has to happen. Make it so we have to space them more. But let us cover the area and be detriment.

    What we do not need? Two versions of bombs... At the cost of not having a weapon to be used as a mine. :(
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  15. JDCollie=VX9=

    Oh boo hoo, now you have to use mines like MINES, rather than C4.
  16. Kudzoo

    Except we can't, and that's the point.
  17. Jaybo H

    ...because mines can never be used on anything but flat terrain, right? Ugh
  18. Ixal

    I do not want mines which only annoy tank drivers and earn me no certs. I want something like a Hafthohlladung which I can use to actively fight against tanks as infantry instead of placing is somewhere and hoping that someone will drive over two mines (one can't kill) and that they do not get exploded by a stray grenade.

    Oh sure, you can say C4. But that requires a hefty investment to actually carry enough of them to actually kill a tank everyone can zerg in right now. And don't even mention the high resource cost of those things.
    300 Inf resources to kill a single tank with C4? 150 resources to have nerfed mines which rely more on luck than anything?

    I trade the utility of C4 for a price reduction in an instant.
  19. Aelloon

    Except that same rush can be done by an LA (way more effectively), HA, Medic with C4. And now, it's not a worthwhile sidegrade anymore, because mines are worthless now. You will run into people using C4 to blow you up but almost never mines. Park on an incline and it is literally impossible to place a mine near you.
  20. Split267

    Lose to tank mines? Get the mine guard certs? Nah come to forums and cry.

    Lose to air? Get anti-air certs? Nah come to forums and cry.
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