Mine Guard fully upgraded is pointless...

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  1. NoctD

    And who asked you to leave your sundy unguarded? :rolleyes:
  2. Lakora

    It's a choice you have to make people...

    2 mines kill a sundy (Without mineguard). 2 C4 puts it on fire(Without Blockade armor)

    Now choose your antidote... Mineguard or Blockade armor? Can't have it both folks else I want to run around with BOTH C4 and Mines at the same time. :D

    EDIT: Also OP since you don't seem to get what others have been saying about the defending part... If people don't defend it doesn't matter if you're attacking one or it's your own. If people don't defend it it's their own bloody fault if it blows up, nothing unfair with that.
  3. JojoTheSlayer

    Yeah, but then I just use the same tactic,but get AT mines.
    Lone wolf flank the AMS and gib it. If A type mines fail (AT), use B type mines(C4), if B type fail, use A type.

    You should be able to equip block armor AND mine guard on a AMS so a single guy rushing and getting close for 2 seconds wont be able to gib a fully upgraded Sundy AMS.

    If two guys with rockets, mines etc comes then fine, but that NEVER happens.
    Its always some random guy that got past for less than 2 seconds

    and whenever I use this tactic to kill a AMS I never need team play to achieve killing the AMS ether.

    Its never unguarded. There can be a million people around it and I would still be able to get close to it for a few seconds to plant mines. We are not talking about lone AMSs no one uses.
  4. FateJH

    Camo is even more of a reason to properly check people approaching a sunderer, for whether they are friend or foe. Camo in this game tends to make you easier to see than blend in; most people just don't pay that much attention to people wearing it because they're lazy or busy or expect other people to have handled it.
    I don't think we're actually following what kind of point you're trying to make with this topic. Yeah, it can be easy if you're good or your opponents are bad. Sunderers are a-dime-a-dozen on the battlefield, right after infantry; despite being a-dime-a-dozen, they remain high priority targets.
  5. Frosty The Pyro

    a sundy can survive 2 c4 and you can then repair it. And belive it or not, you can shoot the lone wolf engineer, and he will die.

    unless you have learned to teleport it takes more than 2 seconds, and unless you have managed to make your engineer bulletproof, they are easily stoped. Also you can lay out some AP mines, when the engie gets close enouph to place his mines, he is blown up instead, we can call that one karma.
  6. NoctD

    I'll give you a better solution. Its called a Bulldog. Manned one in an ammo truck during the UES event so no blockade/mineguard... no one got close to the sundy. They see a manned Bulldog and ran (or died before they could get away)!
  7. Spookydodger

    I highly recommend certing into proximity mines, only using 1 or 2 levels of mine guard, and equipping a bulldog or fury with IR on your Sundy if you want it to survive being parked close to an enemy base. Otherwise it might be advantageous to park further away.

    A couple of proximity mines on the sides of your AMS Sundy can kill a normal mine user in his tracks. If it's a heavy with a shield on, he'll run a little slower, leaving you more time to pop him with the grenade launcher. Also I usually guard my sunderer with an automatic shotgun for when they get in closer.

    The only really bad thing in my mind is that a lot of infantry are clueless about shooting incoming guys and if there are a lot around, you might get quite a few TKs trying to kill a suicide bomber.
  8. The King

    not true, it's very hard to get next to a sunderer...

    Unless you're the OP. His sunderer will easily die it seems. Even from 2 C4 from an LA. wooosh!
  9. Spookydodger

    If you put your sunderer in a position where either A) he can get to it in 2 seconds or B) you only have 2 seconds of time between seeing him and shooting him, then you might want to reconsider your Sunderer placement.

    IR makes all camo meaningless. I know he is also fooling other people, too, but there really isn't an effective cert line / counter for stupidity.

    At 75 resources a pop for each, going "alpha strike" with 3 AT mines and 2 (or 3!) c4 would cost you 375 to 450 resources per attempt. That means, at most, a fully stocked infantry can do this 2x. Also to do so would mean deploying 3 AT mines which would take about 3 seconds, and then 3 c4 which would take about 3 seconds, and then detonating the c4 which would take another 1.5 to 2. During that time the first 2 or 3 mines would have detonated, possibly killing the soldier placing them if not necessarily the Sunderer he was targeting. It's not a cheap maneuver, it's not even really a quick maneuver. It **IS** highly effective when the Sunderer has no mine guard or no one really protecting it. Otherwise it's a 50/50 chance of being useless.

    And bullets always work. Mine guard doesn't make your vehicle invulnerable from C4, that is true, however it makes it so that now you are protected from half the instant death out there and have more leeway in dealing with infantry.

    Most people don't use them as I'm still killed more in my tank by C4 than by mines. While mine use is on the rise, C4 still trumps my deaths in terms of explosives. Do remember that a tank, while not instant killing, can still kill a Sunderer (as well as all the troops coming out of it) really fast! Additionally, tanks have a 1-time cost and then infinite killing ability. That's 350 resources for infinite kills (conditions allowing) versus 150-450 resources for 1-2 kills, max... ever...

    Considering the prolific nature of sunderers on the battlefield, I don't really have a problem with how quick they can die, even if one is mine. In any major battle I can often see 4 or more rolling down the hill to my base and at least I can take small comfort that the average sunderer can be popped quickly if it decides to park in the heart of my base.