Mine Guard fully upgraded is pointless...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JojoTheSlayer, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Ayabe

    I think OP means that mine guard should make in you invulnerable to mines and also include a auto aimbot laser that kills opposing infantry on sight(with full rendering distance up to 1.2KM).

    Sounds balanced to me.
  2. Garantine

    What I'm seeing is someone that is upset that his mobile spawn point defended by one engineer can be killed by less than a squad.

    Seems like things are working as intended to me. This is a good example of something that doesn't need to be changed much, sundies aren't exactly easy to kill when there is a determined force of decent players spawning at them, but they also aren't very hard to kill when there is a single engineer defending them and his teammates are simpletons. That works perfectly fine for me.
  3. HyperMatrix

    I'm confused..."Mine guard is useless against mines....because C4?" I agree that one light assault dropping C4 and blowing a sunderer is a little stupid...but this has absolutely nothing to do with Mine guard or its usefulness. Completely different discussions....
  4. SilentSalvo

    I'll never understand the "they'll keep trying" excuse. Does it ever occur to people to move the damn sunderer? Because if 1 guy knows where it is then everybody in the hex is gonna be coming for it sooner or later.
  5. Phyr

    NANITES! We don't get it either.
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  6. Pat Cleburne

    My utility belt says there is no hope for your sunderer
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  7. Nocturnal7x

    The counter is shoot the LA and don't be ********...
  8. Draxo

    Certing max mineguard should make all enemies with mines within 100m automatically explode. ; )
  9. fish998

    Why are you letting him? Shoot him. And why aren't you or someone else repairing it? If you spawn at a smoking sunderer, switch to engie and fix it if you plan to spawn there again (that goes for everyone not just the sundie driver). How about moving your sundie once the enemy know where it is, or not parking it in a vulnerable spot to start with.
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  10. AnnPerkins

    or just carry around 3 c4 on your engi and you're guaranteed to kill a sundy whenever you find one.
  11. Jestunhi

    Sounds to me like you need to learn where to place sunderers.

    Somewhere where enemies can rush to cover and within mine range within 2 seconds is not a great place to be unless you know your team controls that area of the battlefield.

    If you are having this issue then park further away from cover, this means the engineer or LA has to cover more open ground (or sky) before they can get to you.


    And I'm assuming you aren't just abandoning the sunderer and there is at least one gunner with a decent weapon?

    Mine has 2 x M60 /w IRNV scopes - it's not easy to sneak up on my sunderer unless it's abandoned with no one defending it.
  12. fish998

    Lol :)

    That comes from the same book of solutions as my fix my for MBTs, ESFs and Libs - make them unable to move and give them a 1 in 3 chance of randomly exploding every 5 seconds.
  13. Vorpal

    Try guarding your spawn point. If you let the same solo engineer get to your AMS twice, without repairing it in between, you deserve to lose it.

    Mineguard will prevent your sunderer dying to mines. 2 C4 are not enough to kill a sunderer. Seems to be working pretty well to me. You can keep your sunderer from being insta killed from solo mines, and solo C4 isn't strong enough to kill a full health sunderer. So repair it up.
  14. Slyguy65

    Again people...if your team is that ******** to not notice a lone wolf kamikaze...you deserve the destroyed sundy.
  15. FateJH

    It's called moving. Your position has been compromised by someone fully capable of attacking you and, for whatever reason, you're in such a position where your allies are of no use stopping his advance. Your options are either to stay there and resign yourself to the destruction you see as inevitable (for whatever reason, you do not feel you can counter him) or make distance from the direction that it appears he's advancing to a more secure spot.
  16. iWarsaw

    Why don't you guard your sunderer?
  17. JojoTheSlayer

    Actually, I am not talking about just me parking AMSs, but also me attacking AMSs.
    Thats why I am saying it is easy to attack them because you wont know I am attacking the AMS before its dead.

    The tons of people saying protect your AMS are ether noobs or dont know how to attack AMSs like I do.
    Its not rocket science.


    As for the mines and moving balance they might add later.
    I bet the mines will still detonate if someones shoots them so it dosent matter if the vehicle moves or not.
  18. orthus2

    Minegaurd is not useless, it is just situational, hopefully we some kind of defensive slot that gives some protection against c4
  19. AnnPerkins

    it's called blockade armor
  20. JojoTheSlayer

    Why do you say if YOUR TEAM when I just said -I was the attacker-? FFS at least read!