Mine Guard fully upgraded is pointless...

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  1. JojoTheSlayer

    If you fully upgrade your AMS with mine guard max level it wont really help you because the guy attacking it with AT mines, me for example, would have:

    (A) AT mines maxed out at 3 mines.
    (B) If first solo Rambo attack failed he would probably have certed for LA 2xC4 anyway and mine guard dont counter that.

    I thought mine guard was supposed to stop the solo inf guy killing off your AMS with explosives.
    Just seems stupid in a team game that one guy can stop your action in 1sec for a 15mins AMS respawn timer.

    In one battle for example I personally killed 6 AMSs by just putting on camo to blend in and rush at an odd angle twoards their AMS, AT mines, done...

    It will stop 3 AT mines. It won't stop C4.
    Just repair it in between their attempts.
    The more you know?
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  3. Frosty The Pyro

    AT mines max out at 5 with utility pouch.

    at Max levels of mineguard it takes 7 mines to kill a sunderer.
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    And don't forget they'll explode before you even get a chance to lay the 4th!
  5. JojoTheSlayer

    Yeah, but you are missing the point.
    The same guy will just return with C4 and do it that way.

    There is ZERO counter to the lone wolf anti Sunder AMS guy.
    Thats the part I dont like. So in that essence you could just as well drop mine guard because it wont help. The lone would will use Eng with mines first. If that fails, C4. Which makes mine guard for stationary spawn redundant.
  6. Nyscha

    I love flying my fully upgraded galaxy around the map looking for deployed enemy sunderers and then land next to it and then place the mines and fly off and laugh as their AA pinches my galaxy while I get 5 kills.
  7. The game is alive!

    Hmmm, you have not seen anything yet, the poo is flying slowly towards the fan.
  8. Zer0range

    2x C4 won't instakill the Sunderer so there's plenty of time to repair.
  9. Stormlight666

    When someone is determined to kill an Sunder AMS, there is no counter except for a good engineer healing and manning its guns.
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  10. Compass

    The counter to a lone wolf destroying your Sunderer is to not put it in a place that has easy access to enemies.
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  11. MrPokealot

    Precisely. The point of mineguard isn't to make the AMS invulnerable completely to mines.
  12. Stormlight666

    Exactly. And also to man your AMS and keep it alive by all means possible.

    BTW, love that .Gif Compass, makes me cheer every time I see it.
  13. Nepau

    In truth the counter is protecting your sundy and parking it in locations that are hard for them to get to without going though the forces your hoping will be attacking. When you part it along a base wall, unless your forces are holding that wall you risk someone doing just what you say.

    One thing I'm started to do is place AP mines alone routes I expect people will attempt to use to run in and drop mines or C4.

    That being said I do hope they change AT mines so that they need movement to activate instead of just proximity. They should be primarily an area denial weapon, not an offensive weapon as they currently tend to be.
  14. Pat22

    First, there's plenty of time to repair a sunderer between the time the engineer died and the time it will take him to respawn and walk back to the sundy.
    Second, engineers don't have jet packs, they need to get there on foot. Parking the sundy that's not in the middle of the enemy base and right next to their spawn point is a good idea.

    Remember the good old days when you'd drive a sundy right into the garage of an enemy-controlled tower and deploy it there?
    That's over. An engineer will walk down from the spawn room and drop AT mines on it within a minute. You'll actually have to park the sundy outside now.
  15. Loegi

    It would protect you against more mines, just like it suggests. I don't see why it's pointless. If he would be making multiple runs, repair it in between.
  16. Phyr

    So minegaurd is pointless because there's other ways to kill your sunder?

    Sounds a whole lot like balance.
  17. Stormlight666

    A good example against what the OP is posting happened today at Alloy T.I.. I had brought an AMS to help cap it but had 2 other AMS's set up shop on the far edges of it. I drove up and around the ammo restrocking tower and that's when the first rockets started flying my way. Now since I couldn't set up shop my job was to distract them (aiming my front at the base) and hopping out and healing my AMS. Once I overheated i'd hop in and pull it back out of sight a bit, then repair it and man the guns. Which is what i'd do if I was in AMS mode anyway. We'd gun down the rocketeers than i moved in toward the A waypoint in hopes the AMS's would open up and allow me to deploy right next to the cap point (in a good position). It didn't happen (since they're greedy and wouldn't listen to logic) but I still was able to man my guns and help out.

    The point is: You make an AMS Sundy - you keep it alive. You don't run and abandon it. You move it when you need to. You watch chat and undeploy it when someone has one nearer the objective they want to place. Team play - not greed play. Someone tries to mine it - shoot them or repair when it fails. A LA comes for you. You hop into the A seat and undeploy and wait until he takes to the air to start driving away from him. Then hop into the 2nd gun and blow him up when he lands. It's not rocket science.

    Sometimes I feel that AMS driving should only be left to the experts.
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  18. JojoTheSlayer

    You cant protect it when a single rusher take 2 seconds to destroy it.
    FFS, I am not just talking about the experience of parking one, but attacking enemy Sunder AMSs this way.

    Its just cheap and too easy.
    Specially if you use camo that fools people to thinking you are not a enemy.

    The flip side is that when you are attacking you can try the tactic every 12 seconds.
    While the AMS driver gets a chance every 15mins. How is that balance?

    No, Mine guard is useless because the enemy Rambo rusher has two types of mines that work the same way and produce the same result. So if mine A dosent work he will just use mine B, which in turn makes your defense pointless.

    If he came back with a tank, which ironically are easier to defend the AMS against, I would have no issue, but its not like that and on top of that there are hardly anyone that dosent use AT mines as more or less auto trigger C4.
  19. Phyr

    If the enemy force is getting stonewalled by a single engineer with AT mines then they deserve to lose.
  20. Nepau

    You will also noticed I said I want them to change AV mines so that they need motion to activate so that they are a threat to a sundy going into position not one already in position. What you quoted is mainly the only thing you can do currently and I myself tend to babysit my sundy when I park it during an attack or defence.