[Suggestion] Mimic mines

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Cymoril, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Cymoril

    The one thing that infils bring to the table in close combat is PaRaNoiA. Once theyre in your base knife killing and pistol killing (from an engineer point) your on high alert. So to add to that paranoia and confusion why not allow them the option to cert into the "enemies" mines and be able to place them down? The catch would be that the enemy could see them but ask yourself- when do you worry about walking over your teammates mine?

    Infils could occupy a base and trap an area that would "look" friendly to the enemy and BLAM! The catch would be that the enginner could remove the mines with their tool. Alot of you might say- aww thats BS! However if an engineer is constantly on a mine sweep than hes not repairing guns or maxes, and usually looking down with his tool- thus another easy kill.
  2. Dr. Euthanasia

    In my experience, nobody pays attention to mines until it's too late already. The bigger issue is with Flak Armor and Nanoweave both rendering them basically useless against a majority of targets, although at least the latter will leave them with so little health that finishing the job is quite easy.
  3. giltwist

    This idea has merit, but I would not have it such that you can get the enemies mine model. What I'd do is have it such that you can carry your normal 2 actual mines, and something like 10 dud mines that look normal but do no damage and cost something trivial like 5 INF. This would let infiltrators actually make mine fields. The entire room's floor is covered with what appear to be prox mines. Two of them are real. Do you feel lucky?
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  4. Cymoril

    Thats an interesting twist as well. I like it. The problem would be tho is when instead of a Max drop- youd have a infil drop and mine fields all over the place. LOL!
  5. ih8Darian

    This seems like the cheapest thing ever, if this is actually released people would cry for nerfs. When I'm an engineer I'm a battle engi who also reps maxes and places ammo (of course), but I don't want to waste time disarming mines.
  6. SGTWOLF68

    Lol would love to do that.
  7. PieBringer

    When I read the title, and part of the OP, I was assuming more along the lines of a more advanced decoy grenade, only in the form of a mine.

    I imagined an enemy walking over a mine, suddenly they get damage received notifications, an uncloak sound is made at their location, weapons signature, etc. Although now that I've read Gilt's idea, I imagine that would not only be far simpler to implement, but also preferable for the customers as well. Also gives me the feeling that if such an item goes live, it would be under ten days that a machinima about it would show up.