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  1. Gayspider


    Something needs to be done about this, i don't even want to login anymore.
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  2. chilly154

    Wait 2 or 3 months for them to implicate the capturing the continent or warp to another continent.
  3. Gayspider

    Good idea, i will just completely ignore alerts simply because there is no penalty for switching between characters! you are a genius!
  4. zukhov

    Grats... did you find anyone to fight? Personally not going to bother with other conts. until they get a lattice.
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  5. Heretic

    And now there's three. What a glorious victory for the Republic! Thanks for capturing the moment.
  6. chilly154

    You don't need to switch characters.
  7. Gayspider

    Whenever there is an alert, TR pop shoots up to values you can see in the screenshot, giving them generally a 3:1 advantage in literally every fight.

    It makes playing on miller a complete waste of time whenever there is an alert.

    I'm NC, not TR.
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  8. huller

    actualy we captured it with barely a minute (?) to spare, it was close at the bastion and crux but we provided peace through superior firepower!
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  9. Shinrah

    Well, our platoon was at the Bastion until the end it was actualy pretty fun until TR outnumbered us 4:1, at that point we simply couldn´t get out of the spawn anymore. I think we held it fairly long, though. We repelled several attacks and the NC were holding out decently aswell --considering they were also in the <20% pop region.

    Fixed that for you, no need to thank me ;).
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  10. JOups

    VS has a pop of 33 % right now... Your guys are just to lazy to go to alerts.. Or swap to winning team.
  11. Rhagnor

    Of course. It has nothing to do with the actual pop of the TR at alerts. It's all us VS and NC being lazy.

    Oops, did my sarcasm detector just overloaded? I think it did.
  12. phreec

    LOL it's always the same so I don't even bother with alerts anymore.
  13. Joram

    At the start the alert the TR pop was already 60% and had half the contienent capped, the question is why the hell does an alert start in that continent? makes no fu**ing sense, it was another free win for the TR, i tried to defend Amerish but the VS pop was 19% at the start and 16% when i left the continent.
  14. isilyan

    Much better fight on Indar tonight, alot of the Vanu Accord just stayed on Indar to test the Lattice...
    Even if its the only time off day, our pop comes a bit close to TR zerg levels:)
  15. JOups

    the alerts are ment to drive players to the alert cont, not away from it.!
  16. CONNE666


    btw doing some nice frags at the end of alert ;)
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  17. Shoot4Life

    Stop sarcasm NC and VS were in numbers on Indar trying all together to warp TR. Saurva fight is still going and at a time with 50/50 it's quite impossible to take it with your new toy. I seen a ratio of 1 MAX for 3 infantry.

    VS artwork is gay so i don't like it. I think the first thing that motivate a player is the artwork.
    If we had good population balance i think the empire balance would be different and TR would need certainly a buff for some things.
    Good players are involved in each empire on miller and many TR don't feel confortable having too much pop.
    But VS team with NC to beat us and maybe this can be a factor that some people enjoy as a TR
  18. pica

    I've screenshotted 48% TR global pop during this alert. That's half the server. In a game with 3 factions.

    Either get server transfer tokens or do a merge with a low TR pop server, this really is by far the biggest issue for me atm.
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  19. isilyan

    Well Elmo with the pop inblance on Miller:( its only logical.....
    But when a fraction has the best ESF and best Tank this is what happens:(
  20. nella

    TR is the only faction even trying to win alerts, the others would rather ghost cap the other continents. It's the same outside of alerts too. Epic battles at Indar? Nah, let's ghost cap Esamir and Amerish.

    Miller went from the best to the worst server. Merge Miller and another EU server.
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