Miller unplayable since maintaince 03.02.15

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Kaindestroi, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. PS2_Neteng Developer

    We've been working with our ISP to alleviate congestion with their peering to Deutsche Telekom. We also tried to move the traffic around but that did not help either.
  2. PS2_Neteng Developer

    thanks. Once we peer with them directly, you will notice network improvement with shorter hops.
  3. PS2_Neteng Developer

    We made a minor network change on Miller tonight. We are monitoring Miller's network performance.
  4. niquedegraaf

    Since 10 minutes the game freezes when i try to log back in on miller with my soldier. I try because 2 seconds for the end of the alert .. a little more than 10 mins ago.. everybody stopped moving and the game freezed. (i could move my mouse though, and the buttons were lighting up when i hover over them.. so, its not my client i think). The timers of the bases continued to count down but .. just nothing happend.

    Edit: Well, seems to be working again.

    Same here, game froze and I got disconnected. Tried logging in. Game keeps CTD at Character selection screen after min or so.
  6. nerubath

    Massive lags and atleast four gamecrashes per hour. And now i cannot even get into the game...
  7. HamsterGri

    Like for real?? again? on 30-3-6, 3 days apart,mentenance...and noting fixed? i can't log in day play 2 day mentenance+lag?
  8. Typez

    Same here, cant log in on Miller at all even though it says that the server is UP... I sure as hell hope this wont last the entire day like last time.
  9. Ice_

    I could not login to Miller. I waited 5 min and tried to connect again, same thing. Tried several times with different delays with unsucessful results. After almost an hour I finally got in.

    I've noticed some problems though:

    However, if we do a trace towards the IP:

    Problem: DNS resolve seems to be unhealthy. Nothing wrong with the DNS servers on my end.
  10. bobkyller

    We will be forced to wait for the dev is awake.
    No games before 17h gmt.
    Thx daybreak game compagny.
  11. Ice_

    Hm not sure if it's a DNS problem anymore since I can connect and play now even though I can't do a DNS resolve on one of the game servers. Problem must be the timeouts from the server then.
  12. Skadulf

    Unplayable for me too. I crash at character selection when I click on playing button.
  13. Baduser

    Same here!
  14. moose9299

    Game works fine for me in the UK as of this morning. However in game it permanently states connection quality is bad even though the ping is 67ms and the game feels lag free.
  15. bolzor

    ^i approve
  16. TRooper2013

    So, exactly the same problem as last time then? Please try to fix the server. I am so fed up of not being able to get in, and when I do having to play around lag and other issues. Flying out of the rendered map. Being left floating in mid-air for minutes after using safe eject - thanks to MOST fellow players for not taking advantage of that bug. Shooting players repeatedly in the head with a sniper rifle (and seeing their head kick back), but getting no kill.
  17. terente

    Not working here either, seemed fine last night. Stuck at character selection screen after clicking the Play button.
  18. Skunkworks

    we were battlegalaxy'ing last night and our pilot was frozen out of his controls whilst we headed off for outer-space, all the time talking huge flak - bang bang bang on the gal airframe - as we floated up and up and up sans pilot.
    I have to say it was like an episode of 'Aircrash Investigation' when we finally got our pilot back and it added something awesome to the atmosphere of the game.
    .. so it ain't all bad....
    just 99% bad hehe :)
  19. MisterMorden

  20. Mikeel

    Same here.
    My paid membership ends the 22 this month.
    If there havent been some serious improvements and compensation, it will end permanently.