Miller unplayable during alerts

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by tuxtard, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. Ashlanne SOE Community Team Project Manager

    This is one of the things that will be impacted as we worked towards improving optimization.
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  2. Being@RT

    Umm.. how?

    I don't see how optimization does anything to population balance, unless one assumes there are very few players on the top dog factions that quit, so that the underdogs get more returning players..

    edit: well ok, if everyone gets equal numbers of returning players the absolute difference will remain but the relative will shrink?
    edit2: *worstcase fear* SOE actually thought this thread is about unplayability because of too many players? :eek:

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  3. pomps

    Hi, and what does that mean?
  4. LordMondando

    Well the numbers are entirely relative, it seems strange that VS and Nc would suddenly log back on just as the alert ended.

    People switching accounts to TR then back seems a much better explanation.

    Note im making a inference to the best explanation here. I obviously can't say for certain whats happening.
  5. Being@RT

    I actually suspect part of it is explained by many TR quitting as well after the unsatisfactory alert, particularly those who hung around just for the reward although their usual "allotted time" (other stuff to do, actually enforced by parents, early morning tomorrow or whatever) for gaming each day was filled. The underdog faction players who reached their limit for gaming that day of course quit before the alert ends instead of stretching their gaming time for no reward.

    Not that I have any proof, just seems to make sense to me. Alert ending is one of those "ok, there's a sort of pause here". Similarly people can quit after a longass battle over a facility finally ends, even outside alerts. I tend to time my logouts such anyway.

    Devs have access to actual population numbers at any given moment, so they can figure this out a lot easier than us who have to rely on percentages or the hourly logins.
  6. PastalavistaBB

    It's not really TR's fault that VS and NC outfits aren't as organized as TR outfits. This results in people switching to the winning side during alerts. It's the logical thing to do. Instead of trying to make your outfits better, you cry "Nerf the TR!" and "Don't let them get that much players!" Well, everybody is free to play on which side he/she wants. That said, there really has to be a countermeasure against the 4th Faction. Maybe not allowing a player having characters from different Factions on the same server. Or maybe you just shouldn't be able to log in to your alternative character on the same server after "Alert Incoming" is displayed. That said, people can easily create multiple accounts.
  7. JesNC

    Yeah, 2 out of 3 factions on Miller simply need to L2P.


    Haven't played in a while, so correct me if I'm wrong, but afaik there are only 2 above average outfits on TR as far as organization and 'skill' are concerned. Every other TR outfit is as much as a pushover as their NC/VS counterparts.

    Winning by overwhelming numbers =/= better ops.
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  8. freeze

    clueless ppl like you make me want to kick a puppy
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  9. Swoo

    Are you planning to allow transfers from over-populated servers to under-populated ones at some point during the process? Because I'm drawing a bit of a blank on how Operation: Make Game Run Faster will impact population numbers. Unless you are expecting Hossin and the Battle Islands to spread combat out so thin that it kind of works as a balancer...sorta?
  10. freeze

    he didn't read the thread... he thinks we're complaining about lag
    all he saw was the name of the thread
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  11. Gammit

    Do you guys really not understand how optimization will help this? Yes, the number of people won't be reduced, but the amount of terrain work, physics calculations from all the people firing, etc. is going to be (hopefully) dramatically improved thus enabling your CPU and GPU to have to do less work.
  12. Hatamoto

    Is this also the level of attention given to patch testing? Just wondering
  13. pomps

    LOL oops! Maybe you should read it too?

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  14. bPostal

    What they're trying to say is that the issue facing Miller (and many other servers) is not an optimization issue, but a player issue. Particularly a player population issue.
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  15. Goretzu

    Only a (Miller) TR only player could say that with a straight face. :cool:
  16. Goretzu

    It's the server bias doing this, nothing kills a PvP MMO server faster than a long term dominant faction. Seen it many times before, and Miller is just following the pattern.

    Servers like this shed not only underdog faction players quickly, but then dominant faction players too.

    It's why SOE has to start sorting out carrots for underdog factions ASAP if they won't impliment the stick for dominant factions (which they say they won't).
  17. Drsexxytime

    And how will this happen exactly? You can't just come in and say something so vague, it expresses that you guys just don't know what you're going to do, that you don't even have ideas how to remedy this. Just saying.
  18. PastalavistaBB

    This sounds more and more like back when Bernie Eccleston wanted to implement restrictions/penalties against dominant/constant winners on Formula 1 (Actually Michael Schumacher was the issue) because he was winning every Grand Prix on Formula 1. And what did M.Schumacher say "If they do it, I'll leave."
  19. Redzy

    VS just won an alert against the TR, 5vs4 Amp Stations. TR only had slight overpopulation of around +3-4% which did not seem to impact the gameplay.

    Was a great fight for both I reckon, really a blast and great response from several VS outfits at Wokuk for a prompt save.
    Sadly, NC was little more than a spectator team and rarely a threat. There seemed to be no cohesion among them.

    For those using the "x is more organized than y and z" argument, just... no.
    Reality is: TR has many good players and good organization. However, so do VS.
    I don't know about NC, I won't speak for them in a general sense. However I know many smart and good willing guys there.

    The problem here is early prime time and generally morning to afternoon. Late prime time to midnight, the balance seems amazing by Miller standards. Don't let this fool you, though, as the problem is still present and only getting worse.

    This server needs to be saved by:
    1) Implementing a clever same-sever character lock system
    2) Merging the smaller servers with the bigger ones (Cobalt -> Miller / Ceres -> Woodman?)
    3) Making it easier for people to reroll as different faction characters by making faction-specific SC unlocks also unlock their other faction counterparts (highly unlikely to happen due to "potential loss in profits")
    4) Divine intervention?!
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  20. JesNC


    "Go L2P" apparently didn't work, so you go ahead and drag up some totally unrelated comparison...

    As far as I can recall, Benetton didn't have 50% more cars on the race track than the other teams. And tbh TR leaving Miller would do the server a great favor.