Miller situation - no vanu players

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  1. NellAner


    This is the overall situation of the server.. sometimes is even worst (40%NC, 25% VS).

  2. D.M.B.-681

    DiGs finally left the game?
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  3. N4rkoT1k

    Population balance surely is an issue but I cannot imagine a good solution to it

    From my personal point of view during the last weeks on Miller it did not feel unbalanced.
    I had many battles where TR got stomped by VS but also many battles that went vice versa.

    Looking at the following screen taken from 'therebelscum' for miller server, it reveals that on any day (during prime time) VS had lowest player count so you seem to be right:
    I can feel you if it is like that every day...

    I love being on the outnumbered side during battles (more actions and more targets ^^)
    --- but only if it not too severe ;) ---
  4. Kristan

    DIG is actually what is left of Vanu. :rolleyes:
  5. Masyaka

    Freecancer union. They made most players quit the game.
  6. Pikachu

    Vanu is ugly and does not currently have any obviously overpowered weapons.
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  7. D.M.B.-681

    They made everyone leave in the first place ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. TR5L4Y3R

    you are just jealous of our spandex :p

    as for weapons phaseshift, lancer and sirius are pretty neat imo ... but then when it comes to class primaries in general there isn't anything like SUPER intresting (speaking carbines, AR, LMG etc.)
  9. laurns

    We are out of spandex

    Daybreak really need to fix the que system and only allow for a population off 33%
    Then lock it for that faction and they can play on the other available continent.

    People just log of now because its "TR time" 38% vs 25% continent pop.
  10. blaxxteam0

    Of course, i played VS on miller but after few year of playing i go to an other server in TR faction And guess what?

    Ho look, TR and NC have better weapon. Expect the NS15m2 all VS's weapon are so low.
  11. MrMinistry30

    unfortunately, blaxxteam0 is completely right. over the years i have been playing this game now, VS got nerfed more and more to a point where the quite majority of their weapons is not competitive anymore.

    We have always had the *unimaginably powerful* advantage of NO BULLET DROP (not that it ever mattered in actual gameplay) that we had to sacrifice fire power for but at least we had something we could still call competitive but with the patch that nerfed TR and VS LMG and AR we got f...ed once more by the devs (NC - who have always had VERY strong long range weapons - was untouched as always of course...).

    And then the new implant system that made our oh-so-powerful benefit of infinite ammo on directive weapons completely redundant with the ammo printer implant...

    So what is left for the VS?
    Fire Rate? - TR
    Bullet Damage? - NC
    Accuracy? - oh please, look at the stats...
    Superior extra abilities on weapons? - Lasher? (tell me when you stopped laughing...) / MAXes? (hahahaha no.) / infinite ammo? ammo printer for all...
    Vehicle weapons? - Oh please...

    So why should any new player join the VS now WHEN EVERYTHING THEY CAN DO IS DONE BETTER BY BOTH OTHER FACTIONS? Yeah, loving spandex is ONE reason but it should not be the only one...

    Great job devs - at least if you want to make this game a standard (and boring) blue-against-red-2-faction-game!
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  12. Tankalishious

    Am I the only VS that love being underpopped?
  13. laurns

    You love losing bases and alerts ?
  14. laurns

    Give them more AOE weapons.

    Plasma Nades, Plasma (flame) throwers.

    Unique weapon firing modes, on the fly switching between firing a bigger plasma charge at the cost of 4 "bullets" (higher damage per shot but fewer shots per mag) or just normal firing mode on more weapons, they already have a sidearm that does this sorta (although that ones needs charging which is annoying)

    Weapons that are effective against vehicles and infantry.. (A nice Homage to planetside).

    Better shields or anti shield weapons ? :p
  15. Tankalishious

    As long as i have enemies left and right to kill, i really dgaf about bases or alerts. Besides, enemies having vehicles 50% off just feeds me tons more xp and certs.
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  16. boey

    You are an exception. For most people it is about winning alerts and bases and locking continents. Not so much about xp or certs. Most don't like getting outnumbered.

    You've got to refer to the majority of the playerbase and not to a minority.
  17. Anantidaephobia

    Just decided to give up on VS. Paper sluggish MBTs are just another issue to all those already told above. And losing 1vs1 most of the time even to a noob with a starter gun got boring to the point I can't bear it anymore. I'd gladly get back to PS1 if it was possible.
    Nice job Devs, really, congratulations on implementing the worst faction ever :eek:
  18. LordKrelas

    I can't tell if that was a joke.
    More AOE weapons? Lasher spam is murderous.
    Grenade Spam is hellish.
    There wouldn't be much of a difference between default grenades, if there was, then one side would be better at grenade spam..

    Flame throwers were apparently NC's max weapons but lagged like hell.
    Also would make VS brutal in close-quarters better than NC's heavy weapon as well... which is the shortest ranged shotgun.
    (Shotguns are RNG, Flamethrowers are AOA spread weapons usually with an DOT effect... guess what wins)

    That sounds like the Spiker yes, and hopefully is a bit more useful than "1 better shot or several normal shots"
    Given few would use the less-powerful really.
    Also have to be careful it doesn't outclass NC's higher damage tier.

    Every side has weapons like that? If one side was more capable of universally being effective with their weapons, they'd be superior.
    Imagine if one side's normal guns could effectively damage armor and kill infantry without any difference?
    (Before you say God Saw, the weapon loses 50% of its damage in the Anti-Armor mode against infantry)

    Having better shields, or weapons more effective against them would change the entire basis of health.
    Currently each side has the same hit-points, and all AI weapons are equally effective in removing it considering.
    None are capable of stripping shields down faster (beyond EMP grenades), nor does any side have a superior bar of health\shield.

    VS... has... the... most... wins...
    Most locks, most alerts, directive weapons score better, Default LMG scores better, Magrider scores great considering the massively fewer number of magriders...
    All sides deal with being out-numbered at some point.
    But Vanu isn't at all, losing.

    For the worst faction, they have more wins than sane.
    They started off with the most OP things;
    Magrider's original Saron.
    VS Max's original ZOE.
    Lasher spam defeats cover easily.
    Slug Shotguns used to not have bullet-drop.
    Directive LMG preformed superior to NC & TR's directive by a grand degree, and still does after a slight debuff.

    And presently the Magrider still preforms godly for being outnumbered severely.
    After all, how the **** could it suck, if with literally less tanks it manages to nearly best NC & TR's MBTs whom outnumber it severely. Before you say Vanu drivers are better, TR, VS and NC all share drivers, pilots & infantry. It ain't exclusive players.

    VS starter guns.
    Lets look at LMGs:
    Orion...has better results.
    NC's Gauss Saw has murder recoil for new players.
    TR's Carv is better at closer ranges, and has a lovely horizontal pattern.

    There is more VS directive weapons than TR & NC.
    That means a **** load of aux'ed weaponry, that is VS specific.

    If you can't handle death to a starter gun, when every gun is a side-grade, how did you get this far?
    There is no Level-2 guns, Level-3 guns, they are all side-grades.
    Like dear lord.

    With less population, VS has held the most wins, and has high rankings on most things.
    Hell, Connery's leaderboard top 5 is all VS.
    In there, there was 15 VS, 15 TR, with VS holding most if not all the top spots up to #15 on the leaderboards.
    NC had one guy... way the hell down the list.

    So this is bloody irony.
    If VS had more people, more magriders, they'd win even harder.
    The data says it...
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  19. Eternaloptimist

    Right now, playing all factions, my personal view is that the weapons I use - Orion LMG, Serpent carbine and Terminus AR - are easily up there with the other faction equivalent/similar weapons. And the Eidolon BR which I also use has no drop IIRC, giving it the edge over the other faciton BRs at longer range in particular.

    When fighting against VS I find a well-handled Magrider to be the hardest thing ever to actually hit and VS Max weapons seem to be as damaging as any other faction Max weapons. I cannot see why, after two or three years of playing, there would have been a sudden exodus of VS players from EU servers.............especially when the VS pop goes back up, as it does from time to time.
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  20. DeadlyOmen

    Looks like an excellent opportunity to rise to one's challenges.
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