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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by baratol, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. baratol

    The miller server is up the poke, its broken lagggg
  2. Phattie

    Indar is pretty much unplayable at the moment. Healing or repairing people causes their health / armour to just go back to where it was before. Bombing people in a lib takes up to 2 seconds after hitting them with the killing bomb for them to die and you get the kill credit. This was around TI Alloys, just a medium NC + TR engagement, no VS at all. Esamir seems OK.
  3. kill

    Miller needs a reboot. Wake up devs. Horrible server lag. Stuff is not working, etc.
  4. LordMondando

    Indeed, reports all over the shop that its an utter lagshow tonight.

    Grenades are not working, ammo boxes not working, takes 2-3 seconds to register your trying to heal someone.

    Ninjah restart earlier today did not fix whatever is causing miller to lag out atm.
  5. PsyStorm

    Yes and ammo packs aren't working. Gonna log till it's fixed so please post.
  6. Costanza33

    Yeah, tonight is the night... I just quit the game after tryin' to play for 20 minutes on Indar / Miller: wow it's heavily broken:
    - Ammo packs are indeed completely broken and useless
    - You can't regenerate your health by yourself by goin' on a terminal and pickin' medic cause your life will never be fully regenerated in the end (so I don't talk about healing other people, the main purpose of a medic)
    - My special HA shield doesn't deploy anymore whenever I want it to, it's just "one time it works, the other time not"
    - There's a weird longer delay of time when you switch your weapons ingame
    - Accessing terminals is much more longer and laggy
    So WTF guys??!
  7. Maarvy

    Yep some mad lagg on Miller ,

    Ammo packs dont work , nades hang in the air and go off 30 seconds later , you can barely repair or heal , you can fly forever on a jetpack and much more .

    I guess it dosent help that TR and NC are nutcupping the hell out of the continent trying to remove the vanu bonus . So many targets in one place , shame its so laggy .
  8. sonicboom

    Server is broken beacause TR and NC dual team VS. This is our technology: the lag monster! Nerf Vanu :)

    Seriously this is unplayable! I'm glad i did not suscribed for not being able to play on saturday night! Oh wait... did I?
  9. PsyStorm

    I don't get how you can break something that is already fixed. Sounds to me that data is not being adjusted properly and old bugs are getting back in due to negligence.
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  10. Nature

    You mean like tank traction, ESF inertia, jump jets, lock on warnings and other "bugs" ? :p
  11. LordMondando

    Actual lag in registering hits now, anyone else getting that.
  12. Chipskream

    Im getting microstutter aswell. I thought they fixed that...
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  13. W00Die

    Signed. Never had lag before. Now it's insane. Please fix (weekend is passing).
  14. sosolidshoe

    Seriously this is a complete joke, are your server admins completely oblivious?
  15. nitram1000

    Incompetent comes to mind when I think of this team.
  16. kill

    Was getting it the entire time.
  17. PsyStorm

    I think they need to have some way of contacting them to let them know their servers are not working. Obviously the GM's or whatever don't have a clue about it or it would be restarted by now...
  18. IMTasty

    Miller is ruining PS2!
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  19. Dovahkiin

    Holy hell am I SOOO close of quiting PS2 and never coming back. I have a beastly rig and connection, but I've been having bad lag and stuttering for 1 week now. This needs to end NOW!

    I'm actually hoping they revert back to the previously build, while they fix this mess up on the current build.
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  20. Fotosynthese

    Wait, they dont care. this is an EU server and not an US server...:(

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