Miller Server is Terrible and we want to transfer.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by PsyStorm, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. PsyStorm

    Have been dealing with this server since launch and it obviously isn't hosted properly. Can my guild transfer to a more stable server before this ruins our experience?
  2. Axxe

    ^ This
    I would love to transfer
  3. Shnooter

    I would be up for this, scrap Miller and migrate everyone to a new server!
  4. Mwnn

    Mills have been fixed alot. And tbh, it works nicly now ( except for the crash now ) been online for 5 hours without much sign of trouble.
  5. Jac70

    Yes Miller runs pretty well now. There is still some lag but I think this is game wide when the load gets very high. Still, it would be a good idea to let people transfer to spread the load amongst the other EU servers.
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  6. direwind

    it crashing means it is not fine, you dont see the other WORKING servers crash this often
  7. Spoof

    Miller was fubar Wednesday/Thursday, but it's fine now. Been playing 2 hours and it was very smooth in huge fights.
  8. Gaseous Snake

    it still lags like a pile of horse manure sliding down a rail. Suffers so much from Scotty syndrome (you know, "Beam me up Scotty!" because people keep teleporting.
  9. Yoroi

    And infest the enjoyable Ceres with rocketpods? Nope.
  10. GrimReap3R

    You guys who are complaining about Miller and request a merge or transfer of toons to different "Servers"are aware of that the server "Miller" is only one rack of many slotted in a serverbackbone casing, which provides a nominal capacity of 2000 slots, in other words it wouldn`t change anything, because it`s the overall serverload structure and the traffic handle the backbone server in total deliveres which causes us actually pain and the poor stady performance.

    Sorry for the geek talk, but some things had to be clarified
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  11. Highway_Star

    The game has only been out for a day or so. No need to transfer - just make new characters on a new server. It's not like you're going to lose much - just a few hundred cert points. Easy to get in all back.
  12. Tyfon

    Question. U that say u still have "lag" on miller after the hardware fix yesterday. Is it still the everyone warping/teleporting all over the place constantly as prefix?

    Because since the hardware fix I haven´t had the slightest lag whatsoever. And I´v been playing evnings at the highest load.

    Have u also tried other servers already to see that u actually have less lag there?

    I´m just not a fan of unconstructive complaining. Especially when the term "lag" can be so many diffrent issues not only server side.

    So if u have "lag" could u expand a little on that? Because chases R that it´s not server side for u.
  13. St0mpy

    im not getting lag now either, but its still crashing every 3 hours or so when its busy
  14. kLay

    If you haven't purchased anything with real money, and don't care about resetting your stats you can leave Miller by deleting your name and remaking it. I can confirm this works.
  15. Deadity

    What is the rationale behind not being able to switch servers anyway? Does anyone know?
  16. Felkuro

    Miller doesn't lag for me anymore, only real lag spike and issues i had were yesterday.
  17. Drahzar

    Were are u from?

    In many games "nordic" players had problems when servers were in germany, etc...
  18. SpottyGekko

    Woodman crashed about an hour ago. Now I'm getting the screen flickering (where all the game objects vanish) and that's interspersed with short moments of total freeze-up. Totally unplayable, I just logged out in disgust.

    I enjoyed beta, the game ran great and I had minimal disconnects. I think I'll switch to a US server before I waste any more Station Cash on a server that clearly has "issues".