Miller Ping

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Mastachief, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. Mastachief


    360ms to 5500ms ping

    Normally i get 46-60ms

    Ping to waterson is the normal 146ms and is working just fine.
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  2. MrEclectic

    Definitely unplayable.

    From the command prompt I get ~160ms, while I usually got 75-90ms.

    Inside the game the lowest I got was ~280ms, usually around 1.6 secs, and has topped at 10 secs. Usually I got 100-120ms ingame, according to the scorecard latency metric.

    Running tracerout, it is the actual server ( that has the high ping. Intermediate hops are within expected margins. Also there is a significant ~15% packet loss at the server address.
  3. EvilMonkee

    Yep same for me 70ms upto 12000
  4. Pella

    Same, 800Ping here.
  5. sindz

    Same, HORRIBLE ping.
  6. sindz

    Can someone put it on reddit so anyone from SOE will notice?
  7. MrEclectic

    There is a thread already
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  8. Beyond The Grave

    I too am LAGGING MY *** OFFFFFFFF. I've tried playing anyway for 1,5 hours because I'm a hopeless case but I'm tense and incredibly annoyed by now.
  9. JonboyX

    Still broked
  10. MegaComrade

    Yep, unplayable for me too. Most of my outfit is experiencing it.
  11. JonboyX

    This is just the map screen. I didn't dare video the rubber banding and just random appearing of people...

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  12. QRLegion

    I wish SOE would give up on hosting the EU servers in Europe. Move the damn things to the US.
    I get a better ping to East coast US servers from the UK than I do to the EU ones. Plays much better there too, much smoother and more responsive even when the ping is higher than the EU servers (Normally I get 65 to EU and about 100 to US)

    Today EU(Miller) is varying between 150 and 3000, for me, as others have already stated.

    Seems like they also have people who know how to configure them in the US as they never seem to have the same problems the EU servers have e.g Login problems etc...
  13. MrEclectic

    Not a good solution for people in the South and East of Europe.
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  14. MegaComrade

    That's a terrible idea. A much better would be to simply find new hosts in Europe.

    If you are getting a better ping to the US servers outside of the current problems then something is seriously wrong with your Internet.
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  15. NDroid

    Another patch, another issue.. got the same problem here.
  16. Aszrayel

    Same problem for Woodman :(
  17. nitram1000

    Had to log, 800ms unplayable. Same old ****, Miller + evening = don't even bother.
  18. R.Bootneck

    Same problem here.
    Currently in the UK where my in-dame ping is between 35-50ms usually, is now sitting at 170ms with spikes over 1500. (Miller)
  19. Shamrock

    What the hell is going on, just logged off this is totally unplayable, getting spikes up to 4000ms normally get 50-60. Most of my squad was the same.
  20. QRLegion

    Not such a terrible idea. As I said, even when the US ping is higher their servers seem to play much better for me.
    There is nothing wrong with my Internet. Other games, some hosted in Holland and Germany I get a 35 ping to and they play just fine.
    Seems more like some Network routing issues that SOE seem to have with their EU servers. Couple that with all the other problems the EU servers have suffered and I think it would be much better hosted in the US.
    Fine if they can sort out the EU problems but they have been problematic in one way or another since the game was released.
    US servers always seem fine.