Miller: NC why do you push so hard on TR.. and lose every thing to VS? Why?

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  1. Agnt

    When fighting VS, eventually every good fight is ruined by massive ppa spam.
    If fight happens in Biolab or Subterranean grenade analysis, "Dignity of Void" and the 200-400 ppl zerg they use ruins all the fun.
  2. AlCohonez

    I didn't hide anything, that's what I see when I switch on the map, made quick screenshot.

    The fact is, OP says that NC does nothing else than attack TR, while TR for the entire night were pushing the same "NC" lane like there was no other and lost their side of the map to VS as well.
  3. Goretzu

    Indeed, usually the NC have the least territory, with the rest spread evenly between the VS and TR, with at least 75% of both VS and TR forces attacking the NC and the remaining 25% of VS/TR forces playing football and singing Christmas carols in thier trenches.

    That picture is actually what usually happens eventually when either the TR or VS cut off the NC totally and then Miller TR/VS are left with no option but to fight each other. :eek:

    It's largely been like that since release on Miller, in the old days more because the TR were dominant (and had Striker 1.0) and the VS just wouldn't or couldn't fight them (well after the intial Mag nerf anyway), but now it just seems to be choice/habit.

    That's not to say Miller TR/VS don't ever fight each other, of course, but generally on a regular day both will spend more time attacking the NC than the other, unless the above condition occurs.

    NC-wise is lots of exp though.
  4. Xasapis

    Miller NC became the dominant faction in terms of population after the merge. I didn't check if this is the case lately though. One would think that extra boots on the ground would improve things for the NC side.
  5. Bananenweizen

    TR is much more fun to fight against. No PPA, no Magrider, no default dark camo, no Lancer, no Vortex. Given all other factors are equal I would every time prefer fighting TR to fighting VS right now. Not saying that all of these things are too strong, but some definitely are and they all are just more annoying than anything TR has in their arsenal.
  6. Xasapis

    I can only imagine the flood of tears if DIG and KOTV were competitive outfits, instead of casual ones.
  7. Edelhonk

    AGAIN ...only for you:

  8. RyanGUK

    Miller fella chiming in, it is 100% because with TR you can expect a somewhat decent fight. They don't have anywhere near as many annoying weapons to choose from, therefore they are much more enjoyable to fight compared to the VS.

    Plus lately, VS on Miller have been nothing but talking **** in yell chat which does put me off further. Ultimately though, PPA, VS MAX spam (pulling MAXes in fights where you've got an overwhelming majority!!!) & general "this sucks" feel from fighting VS.

    At least with the TR the worst we have to put up with is Banshees and Pounders, both of which are pretty situational most of the time.
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  9. JesNC

    Quite the opposite, unfortunately. Due to whatever reasons, quality of play in NC random zergs has plummeted 2-3 weeks after the merge and has yet to recover.

    As to why, I have no idea.
  10. consciousvillan

    I had a great game on miller last night on easmier (the ice planet, i know im BR24 now and cant remember the name of the maps let alone how to spell them:confused:) as TR i joiened a big fight against the NC over what i think was a facility, any way the attack got stopped and we were pushed back. Again we put up a big fight but were still being pushed out of the outpost back another hex so as my out fit wasnt on i thought i should join a plattoon. Now at this point we had the largest share of the map as well as 1 or 2 % pop advantage on the map but NC weren't to far behind and were pushing hard to take territory. The VS were almost cornered in their warp gat and i think their pop was noticeably lower to
    So what do i discover when i join this full 4 squad platoon.. they were all the way down the otherend and fighting the VS, i sent a plattoon message saying we were getting hit hard by NC at way bridge.. or something.. to no no reply. so i redeploy any way to where my squad is.
    now these guys had it it together but were pushing for VS warpgate as the ultimate obgective or so it seemed to me, so i switch to another single squad and they are in the same dam spot, there was barley any resistance.. i redeploy back to the fun to fight the NC and we are just holding the position but the NC have blitzed other lattice links and taken several hexes..
    why, why would you want to fight the weakest fraction hoping to get a fight when there is a massive warraging all along the NC TR front i dont get..
    sorry just my long winded observation on the situation.. on a side note thanks NC had one of my best sessions yet some really good back and fourths
  11. AlCohonez

    And I'll rephrase it since you don't seem to understand:

    TR preferred to push NC on one lane all evening, with sitting for over an 1.5 h in one spot with not progress rather then split their 96+ forces into two lanes and push VS on 2 out of the at least 3 VS lanes they could have chosen. And yes, the fight was a farm fest, NC spawn warriors vs TR tanks shelling the spawn and point A.

    So stop blaming NC for attacking only TR because it's a blatant lie. I had my outfit ops that night and although we were pushing different front every now and again we had to go back to that region to answer a reinforcements call because TR just did not want to give up on pushing that lane.
  12. FieldMarshall

    After playing all 3 factions for a while i have come to the conclusion that its the same on all three factions.
    There is no secret master plan to gang up on one particular faction, people just go where the fight is and thats that.
    All three factions feel the same way, that the other two are out to get them.

    On all three factions you also get people going "Typical (insert random faction). Always zerging with overpop"
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  13. Moz

    Miller TR and VS why dont you attack each other and only attack NC?
  14. Xasapis

    I take it you only play NC? Try some of the other factions and you'll realise that most people gravitate where the fights are, regardless of who the enemy is.
  15. Flag

    A map without cont pop at a minimum doesn't really say anything.
    So more as a friendly reminder for the next time, open up the relevant tab on the right, and possibly hover over one of the fights, in this case the TR/NC one(s) to give people an idea of what exactly is going on.
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  16. Moz

    I was being sarcastic. It is a matter of perspective. NC think everyone gangs up on them, TR think everyone gangs up on them and no doubt VS think everyone gangs up on them aswell.

    And no, i have all three factions. Just my TR and VS aren't on Miller. :)
  17. consciousvillan

    also i gotta say fighting VS on hossin is just not fun at all, even in the bio lab last night their dark uniforms make them so hard to see.. seems a little unfair when im in bright red, well slightly the slightly darker red while they are practically in black spandex o_O
  18. Flag

    You know, NC have been of a rather foul disposition too. Might be post merge trauma for some people. :p

    Well, everyone gets ganged up on. Just not at the same time.
    And people only really notice when they're the current punching bag.
  19. Moz

    Exactly the point i was trying to make good sir..... poorly apparently. :D
  20. Flag