Miller - NC overpop

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  1. Magma52

    Playing NC on this server has become a nightmare. We have to queue every single session because, for some bizarre reason, every new player is choosing NC. Just logged on to find NC are 42%. 1 hour long queue just to play the game. This is an extreme example, but the daily average queuing time is 10 to 15 minutes. As someone who cares about KPH, this is a bit annoying.
    I don't know what the cause of this is...maybe it's because SovietWomble streams the game and he plays as NC on Miller?

    If you're a new NC player on Miller, please consider restarting as a VS (they need it the most) or TR.
  2. NellAner

    It's because a streamer with a lot of viewers is playing NC lately. So those followers are jumping on the band wagon of playing NC to follow him around and hope to be seen in the stream. I made the same notion on reddit, they should try the other factions too.
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  3. DrPapaPenguin

    Oh? Who'd that be? *quietly opens "to kill" list*
  4. Prudentia

    i mean... thats NC always, the streamer doesn't really change that the NC have overpop
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  5. typnct

    Soviet Womble - -ZF- clan...
    anyway the problem isnt only because of him but because people dont really see TR nor VS as a positive nations... tr - tyrrany/communism
    vs-crazy religeous lunatics
    and NC-freedom and rock!

    yeah, if i didnt know what a conglomerate is i would join the nc aswel
    so anyway a good solution is a more positive representation of each nation ))
  6. Crash Bandicoot

    It has always been like that with new players, most of them choose NC.

    I mean...just look at the trailer of the game. It shouts: choose NC because they are the cool good guys, don't choose TR because they are the bad guys, choose the mysterious VS if you don't like any of them and you wanna break their party.
  7. StaHoo33

    TR logic - NC is winning and it's still possible to stop them? Hmmm.. let's attack Vanu, they have couple percent of land left...
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  8. Crash Bandicoot

    This map does not prove your point though.

    In fact, it shows that TR is fighting both of you...
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  9. StaHoo33

    Yeah 1-12 at pale canyon and one 24-48 at the Rink, can you guess which territories are 96+ ? The whole west part is left for Smurfs to take...

    EDIT: Oh sorry you lost fight for the tech as well...
  10. Crash Bandicoot

    Still...what I see is that you are fighting TR as much they do (you are maybe even attacking TR actually, tell me about these sunderers pushing out of your base) and there is no serious fight between you and NC.

    There are other factors as well that we don't know and your arguments are not convincing...if anything, you are just biased and you victimize VS.

    EDIT: Oh sorry for your lovely faction being incompetent in the current situation as well...
  11. Prudentia

    VS won the indar alert before that, thats why we got double teamed on esamir.
  12. Luminari

    People will be morons. Get used to it. Population on live servers are not coordinated, so they'll either go with the flow or every little group will go where they please. There is no "they [insert faction]" should be doing x or y or z because there is no "they". There's no one in charge of the population of a faction, thus there is no coordination and THUS there is no way to prevent double-teaming. Yes, even something as stupid as not attacking the alert faction or the faction which is about to cut you off.

    No coordination above Platoon level = uncoordinated faction population = random outcome which may include dumb stuff like double teaming the lowest pop faction or not defending the alert, etc.
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  13. typnct

    planetside 2 pop battles



    yeah... took me a while to get used to it... but that makes the game more fun! theres always action in some nations!
  14. Magma52

    Yeah it really seems that SovietWomble is the problem. All his viewers are playing as NC because they want to be in the stream. He is streaming right now and the queue to play the game is over 30 the middle of the freaking day no less!

    Suppose he doesn't know the problem he is causing...hopefully he will do the right thing and play as VS and TR or tell his viewers not to do this...
  15. Towie

    Unfortunately the situation of NC overpop, VS underpop, TR somewhere-in-between is often seen on the other servers too (common to Miller, Emerald, Cobalt). Connery is pretty even.

    Not sure when SovietWomble started but checking the server stats 6 months ago for Miller - exactly the same NC overpop.

    (Wasn't always the case - TR had the consistent overpop at one point but NC have always been a popular choice)
  16. chamks

    its because we have the best weapons, phoenix and hard rock!