Miller NC overpop since new year.

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  1. bPostal

    That was just a joke about the
    bit. Population imbalance is a major, cumulative issue that spreads worst than a yeast infection at a redneck bridal shower. Mechanics such as locking in players on a server to one faction per hour might help. Of course there's also a dozen different solutions that could work out better (or worse) so that need to be taken with a grain of salt.

    If you want to make fun of DIG-T (And I can do that because Justicia shot me the other day), how about [FFF-T]. [TFFF] Tactically ****ing Fourth Factioners? [4FSH] 4th Faction Spawn Heroes? I could make fun of fourth factioners all day but I've got to get back to classes so I'll have to leave it to your imagination.
  2. Midnightmare

    Only play TR on miller!

    I love being outnumbered :D more glory for us !
  3. Astriania

    I also don't believe those statistics. They don't fit with my experience or my trusted population stats aggregator, BLT (formerly therebelscum).

    Miller pop at the moment seems to have a daily pattern, with TR having an overpop in the morning, VS late at night, and NC at prime time. NC caps out at about 38% in the worst case. TR and VS both score over 40% during a lot of the off-peak overpops they have.

    I don't like having fourth factioners boosting our numbers either but it is very nice not to be constantly underpopped, and actually able to win some alerts for once. TR had the overpop for so long that you came to use it as a crutch and can't deal with it not being there any more (well, to be fair, some of you, not all). If you can't get 31-35% all factions all the time then the current situation on Miller (where each faction has a small overpop at different times of day) is about as balanced as you can hope for.
  4. zukhov

    Don't panic its just people trying out the NC now they might stand a chance with them against the other factions. They will probably scuttle back once they realise its no easier, or get bored of having to build up certs again. Its not like NC have been opoped for months, just a few weeks.

    Look at it as an opportunity to learn to play better and improve your coordination. Hope it works out better for you than it did the NC!
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  5. ChipMHazard

    Ah, as always people do so love schadenfreude. Instead of actually supporting their fellow players in their time of need they instead have salt ready for wound application (Its ability to disinfect not withstanding).
    NC had population issues for a long time last year and now they often have the highest pop on Miller. The server is still split into different hours of the day, like VS very often being overpopped during the night. But I've always seen prime time as being the time to judge population.

    It will probably even out more in a month or so and as such I agree with those that think it just comes down to alot of players having a false perception of NC somehow currently being better than VS or TR. Might have to do with the Harasser and ZOE nerfs.

    I'm not overly bothered by the overpop now, might be because I don't play that much atm. But ask me again in 2 months time and I might have become somewhat more tired of the population issues, if it's still an issue at that point:p
  6. Irathi

    This might be caused by the language barrier, but I don't think OP displays any kind of hypocrisy.
    "screaming 'nothing to see here' for those 8 months until you're the one on the receiving end, at which point it's the only thing worth caring about..."

    Is that coherent with the definition of hypocrisy? Is he attempting to deceive you in any way, or is he saying one thing and claiming to do as he says, but in truth he isn't doing what he says at all? - To me it looks like he just realised that what NC has been saying is truth and that it sucks to be at the receiving end.

    A hypocrite would claim to never switch factions and argue for loyalty to your faction, but in reality he would switch factions.

    Regardless, we all agree that there is a strong need for some sort of population balancing mechanic other than just weapon balancing. I think the easiest solution is to do like in Planetside 1, add a couple of hours cooldown between each time you switch faction on a server.
  7. Flukeman62

    I KNOW!
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  8. Matti

    OMG this must be the most misplaced thread ever on this forum

    A TR on Miller complaining about another faction being overpopulated.
    Honestly, this is just hilarious
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  9. JonboyX

    You've quoted log ins? Surely you must realise that isn't an indicator of active avatar time, aka population?

    Just by way of example; first thing I do every time I fire up PS2 is log in to each of my other 2 alts to collect any passive certs, maybe a quick IA. That means the Sirisian log in stats put a 1 against each empire, however I then play the next two hours only on one empire... NC.

    If just 25% of Miller do the same then would totally skew any kind of active population analysis.
    Just saying... :) those numbers aren't a great guide I don't think.
  10. Epoch/Eep

    He will jsut say something such as "thats what NC used to prove population" and deny that there has ever been any sort of imbalance of weapons or population in the past. Hes that sort of person i wouldnt bother with him. Hes the ongoing joke next to robin for miller atm.

    I have to say i feel for the TR.
    Its scary how simple perception can cause people to reroll. Hopefully that wont be enough to keep half of the players. If it makes u feel better were all getting TK'd a lot more by random Br15s who are so desperate for kills.
  11. d3adline

    Still better placed as flyboys complaining in their videos/on reddit because they can't farm infantry 24/7 anymore with their lolpods or A2A noseguns.
  12. Xasapis

    Population at prime time is the most important though. Being balanced when there are 4000 online is more important than at the odd times where there are 200 people online.
  13. Midnightmare

    I would find something to do if i was the only TR in the game :p
  14. Matti

    Any player with the skill to be a top pilot can still farm and we always could.
    As long as we stay on the ground
  15. isilyan

    Daddy is going full time Prowler/Lightning atm:rolleyes:
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  16. MGP

    Gotta admit, i'm starting to enjoy being the underdog faction.
    Firstly, those extra experience points are really handy.
    Secondly, if you loose alert, you can go like "meh, not much we can do against this zerg", and if you win it's always "an epic against-all-odds victory" feeling.
    And most important: Watching NC loose an alert while having 40%-ish global pop - Priceless!

    Seriously, how the **** do they manage this?
  17. Xasapis

    What underdog faction? You dropped in second place on the server for less than a month and you're suddenly underdog?
  18. Flukeman62

    You think this is out of place?

    Have you ever had the "privilege" of reading a STU thread?

    Compared to that this practically blends into the background!
  19. Flukeman62


    I thought it was just NC, TR and those guys who flipped-flopped!
  20. Dotz0r

    NC on miller can cry all they want about TR population, we were never overpopped - NC were underpopped, NC lost massive amounts of veterans further increasing the divide, i honestly don't believe this fourth faction crap - you would not get enough xp for switching.

    Yes it may have been 40%TR, 30%NC - but that 40%TR had to deal with 30%NC AND 30%VS (example %) CONSTANTLY attacking TR which is spread over 3 conts whereas VS would always be on indar, and NC on Esamir, more concentrated then TR. It was NC/VS fault for never getting off of indar and being defeatist with alerts.

    Anyways, i will let people counter the above - as i know you will.

    Also, most of you fail to realize that the OP is terribad at making Troll posts. If its a real post, i am embarrassed.