Miller NC overpop since new year.

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  1. Strikejk

    Yes I'm mainly TR player
    yes NC is overpopping since new Year
    yes TR is 90% of the time the lowest population on Miller
    yes it is annoying
    yes I am mad
    yes get rid of it
    yes I don't care about anything else

    Edit: And yes I'm talking about huge overpop like 26% TR, 34% VS, 40% NC (I'm not kidding, this is low for NC right now.)
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  2. janeTEXAS

    a TR on Miller talking about other factions overpop L0L

    stop with the hypocrisy
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  3. Lamat

    In the year of the horse, the hung shall rule.
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  4. Phukkitt

    Oh, so Miller suddenly isn't overpoped by TR anymore you say? Constantly being outnumbered isn't fun?
    Welcome to what it felt like for the rest of us when TR was the main faction on Miller for god knows how freaking long... -_-

    But on a more serious note, yes they need to fix population imbalance. Either by completely removing the possibility to have characters of different factions on the same server (I don't care about the minority that will be inconvenienced by this, the majority of players are the ones suffering from the current state, maybe only let people who have several factions per server because of server merges keep theirs, everyone else has to relocate their chars to another server) or by making it so that if you have played on one faction on a server you can't play another faction on that same server until a certain amount of time has passed. Anything from 3 to 12 hours would be good IMO.
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  5. Kociboss

    If it was that bad that you know how Miller TR feels. If anything, you should show some sympathy/agree with him that massive overpopulation isn't fun.
  6. Phukkitt

    I do sympathize, even though I find it hard to do considering for how long TR ruled Miller by being the most populated faction combined with all the yells that said stuff like "Stop whining and just admit you suck!" whenever we mentioned it ingame.

    So yeah, population imbalance is a serious issue that SOE has been far to unwilling to try and do anything about. AFAIK all they've done is make the server recommendation system take population into account which is way to little, they need to take more aggressive action.

    As much as I enjoy a good fight above all else, I can't help but feel a little pleased with the currently reversed roles. :)
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  7. JesNC

    Because being underpopped for half a year and being told to "L2P" when asking for a fix is a surefire way to breed sympathy.

    I don't like being on the overpopped side either, but I sure as hell won't console a faction that did nothing but ridicule the problem in the past.

    PS: You still have SCEV. 800+ active players should count for something.... ;)
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  8. GhostAvatar

    Get over it. We had the largest pop for a long time. Now you cant stand two weeks of the reverse?

    In fact you will probably find a large portion of high level TR have moved to NC out of sheer boredom, due to our previous overpop advantage (and other factors like lack of metagame).
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  9. Qel

    Amazing how the TR didn't care when they were completely overpopped for most of the last year... population imbalances are not fun, and I don't like this one even though I'm NC. At the same time given the 'learn2play' attitude we had to put up with from most of the TR for the last year whilst you had said overpop I find it hard to have any sympathy for you. It will sort itself out in time I guess...or when more patches have passed.
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  10. d3adline

    Funny, a faction imbalance as big as this has never been recorded, you just need to look at the graph, selective memory? If it were just Miller I would agree, but it isn't, NC pop is through the roof on every server.
  11. bPostal


    I'm actually enjoying the harder fights. The only thing that frustrates me is the lack of inter-outfit coordination that happens every so often. I feel that as simple a thing as encouraging a proper CR5 communication will vastly improve our gameplay (So...the opposite of what Jes said). I'll make it my new years resolution to work with more outfits, more often.

    Also, to this end I'm going to make sure that my outfit (So pay attention to this bit here Strike!) uses this time to stress better inter-squad coordination, better use of combined arms and tighter gameplay all around.

    Also, Also, it's much easier to find a fight!
  12. Kaon1311

    Its nice not being the overpop faction for a change, more enemies to shoot :)

    So many NC tanks to shell, pity that sheild saves 90% of them ;)
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  13. Kaon1311

    Bored because they were the overpop faction, moving to the new overpop faction......seems about right, lol.
  14. GhostAvatar

    Kinda ironic really. But it is the VS I feel sorry for the most. Underpoped again and they have to deal with the spandex rashes as well.
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  15. Kaon1311

    Well they are a religous cult, so self inflicted pain is usually a must ;)

    But yeah again, sucks to be VS.
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  16. Irathi

    Actually hypocrisy in this case would be if NC suddenly said that overpopulation was all L2P. OP is just admitting to the facts NC presented that yes underpopped sucks, If NC claims overpopp is now L2P they are being hypocrites.

    All I see in this thread are NC who thinks that because they suffered "injustice" others deserve the same treatment. Come on people, if you thought it sucked so much to be underpopped, then be the better man and support the now underpopped faction for the very same reasons as when it was you who where underpopped.
  17. huller

    you can bloody well keep Robinwhateverhisnameis
  18. GhostAvatar

    Vincit qui patitur.
  19. d3adline

  20. Torok

    NC FOTM! I Called that once I had seen the PU02 Patch notes!