Miller log in problem.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by NickVolkers, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. NickVolkers

    I'm trying to log in on Miller but i cant?
    Its getting stuck after pressing play. Logging in.. Logging in.. Logging in.. Logging in..
    Am i the only one having this?
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  2. StanFor

    i have the same problem -.-
  3. ergie

    Same, here, after 4 minutes of logging... CTD
  4. JonboyX

    Yeah, same. Patch day, innit
  5. Yelser

    Same problem here. Stuck on logging in screen. Waiting already for 10 minutes and still not logged in.
  6. JonboyX

    Maybe the server is full.

    Sure would be nice to have a message saying "you are 'x' in the queue".

    Feels.... maybe I'm being unfair, but it feels... like the game still has many beta qualities to it, doesn't it?
  7. Asnari

    same here....
    game closed after 10 min on the login screen... -.-
  8. maxkeiser

    For the love of god can you fix the login problem. That's two days now I've tried to log in and nothing. Just 'logging in' ad infnitum.
  9. Cerberus007

    Same here, I'm on my 4th attempt to try and log into miller after previous 3 attempts timing out.

    And another time out :(
  10. R.Bootneck

  11. Hookie

    I can %100 guarantee that it's not just miller as I have charecters on Woodman - Ceres - and Miller. I also have a character on Matherson (US EAST)

    I am also experiencing the same problem regarding Woodman and Ceres right now- What bugs me more then anything - is SOE gives us a 3 day exp boost to use for our WSD compensation - Yet we cant log in for 2 days during PRIME TIME ---

    Can we please get a mod to explain our massive disappointment tot he SOE team??
  12. Yloh

    Aaaaaaaand doooooooooooooooown!
  13. Kristle

    Yep, down again :(
  14. ncDieseL

    Miller has just gone down. It's not like we just pulled a tank column or anything... :mad:
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  15. BrianJ2

    Miller is down.
  16. Rebone

    Woohoo fun times in Miller!
  17. Kelandra

    Same for me, most of the week has been like this. Just can't get past the logging in... Was wanting to go on a romantic Lib run with my husband... *Sadface*
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  18. ncDieseL

    @Luperza when you read this, can we get some information on why EU servers have been so bad recently, particularly Miller?

    I need to know if I should stop wasting my time on Miller and just start fresh on a new server.
  19. JonboyX

    Server is unavailable now! :/
    Hopefully a re-start incoming
  20. Gheeta

    Oh come on, i finally thought i could play the damn game but nope.