Miller is full of cheats @ 19:45 GMT

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by QRLegion, Jan 13, 2013.

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  1. QRLegion

    Don't suppose there is any possibility of an SOE guy jumping onto miller and removing dozens of TR cheats at Mekala?

    Or do you want us all to spend hours trying to decipher their names to report them and not play. Only to find they are still playing days later and then if they do get banned they return the next hour with another account

    This is just becoming pathetic.

    Get there now please you can see for yourself
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  2. oherror

    sadly this game needs to follow in the wake of the BF series and get a somewhat good anti hack program.
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  3. Egonieser

    Those anti-hacks generally only catch out free/cheap hacks. Most advanced private hubs with relatively high subscription costs make it undetectable and bring them down in case they get detected to patch it up and be ahead of the anti-cheat, then they seem to have a refund feature where they would give you a free copy of the game if you get detected (their sort of warranty). Sad World we live in :S
  4. QRLegion

    As expected SOE did nothing about it.

    21:15 GMT Bio Lab on Amerish - A whole squad of hackers took the base from us because they were shooting us inside the spawn room with guns even though the base was ours. If you did manage to get outside the spawn room you would see most of them walking through walls, flickering, speed hacking and you could not shoot them.

    Sent a tell to one of them asking why he had to be so pathetic as to cheat and he just replied "what you going to do about it? reporting us won't work"

    Not played a single hour today without meeting at least 1 cheat, sometimes a whole squad of them.

    And don't try to suggest I'm just seeing Lag/bugs etc.... Guys walking through walls, shooting through walls, shooting us inside rooms that they should not be able to shoot into etc... Speed hackers you name it they were using it.

    This game is rapidly becoming a joke. I'm going to wait and see what it's like after the next big patch but I doubt it will be any better with regards to the hacking.

    Does anyone from SOE ever play this game on Miller?
    Perhaps you should try for a week, if you don't spot at least 100 cheats a week you must be blind.
  5. Ravenorth

    That´s odd, since I havent seen any cheater in the past two weeks and I play almost every day in Miller. Maybe I´m just lucky...
  6. CheaterBuster

    Use your in-game recorder to record cheaters, then post it on here, and on youtube.

    Flood the net with videos of people cheating, so SOE is forced to address it.
  7. CheaterBuster

    These are all from the last 3 days.
  8. QRLegion

    Yes a good idea but I want to play as part of my squad not spend all my time making videos and posting them.

    I'm quite prepared to help if I can, but based on todays experience I'd have to spend the whole of next week posting videos.
    Must have seen at least 20 obvious hackers today.
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  9. Hatamoto

    And a couple of weeks ago Smedley was raving on about how everyone just suspected of cheating would get banned ( i think he also used some language he thought would fly with the younger crowd and make him seem cool in general ). Start taking this game seriously SOE or people will loose all faith in your ability to run this show. Its a 24/7 service and should be run as such.
  10. sadnhappy

    I've played on Miller for almost 10 days (in-game time) and only two times (actually the first time was just last week) I've seen a hacker and it's been the same dude, that IIILILIIIILIIILLIIIL guy, speedhacking with ESF and whatnot.
  11. Hamakua

    Dude, I am all for SOE doing everything they can to get rid of hackers, but you don't have to lie about when hackers are being recorded.

    Only reason why I spotted the hyperbole is because of the second clip, I remember watching it ages ago.
  12. TerroDragon23

    I had some TR walking into walls and stuff today.....
  13. Rigsta

    Um. I hardly ever see anyone cheating. Same server. 1 blatant cheater every few days maybe? Guys shooting from underground mainly.

    Heck I probably got reported a couple of times last night, I got some very lucky hipfire shots with my parallax. I certainly got a whisper complaining that I was teleporting around, this despite everything seeming fine on my end.

    Exaggeration only harms your credibility, I'm afraid.
  14. LordMondando

    I think a lot of the 'hacking' on Miller is often Desync issues, largely caused by the fact that the server basically has people using it in large numbers from Russia to the U.S east coast. Frankly im amazed its not worse.

    I think SoE need to publicize what this is why, it happens an what i looks like. A HELL of a lot better, as the number of /reports for desync are through the roof in most major battles.

    My outfit was operating in thouse areas at these times and we saw no blatant hacking tonight. Of course our field of view is limited (im not saying people are wrong). But people speed hacking, wallhacking and aimbotting (really the only one you see these days is a combo) tend to cut a bit of a large path in a hex.
  15. Balm

    SOE isn't doing anything about it because currently, they cannot do anything about it.

    Pray that they are developing an in-house anti cheat system, or are about to license something for use. Otherwise the game will reach APB level of hacking, and everyone with half a brain will leave.

    They don't need to catch the top-tier hackers. Just a safety net to shut down the publicly released tools.

    SOE knew that this level of hacking would occur and did not develop an anti-cheat system before releasing the game. The question is: why not?

    I fear that the answer is: because people will play it and spend money on it, even if there are many hackers.
  16. Hydragarium

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  17. Balm

    That's cute.
  18. Hydragarium

    The truth is cute? I thought the catchphrase was "out there". :(
  19. LordMondando

    Diffrence is though, lot of the games covered by VAC for example. Allow the client far, far, far less control over the game space than Ps2 does. Largely becuase there servers are a fraction fo the size , and PS2 probs wouldn't work nearly as well (espeically on servers like miller) if the client had to wait for things like hitbox detection from a central server.

    The fallacy here is the presumption that 'as somewhat (not totally.. I might add) effective anti-cheat software exists, it could have and should have be applied in PS2's case'.
  20. Stormlight666

    Exactly. it's not OUR job to track down hackers - we're supposed to be enjoying the game and buying stuff.
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