Miller - Getting disconnected from Indar

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by OldMaster80, May 23, 2013.

  1. OldMaster80

    More or less every 30 minutes: we'are ALL disconnected from the server. Only happening on Indar. o_O
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  2. Pella

    Same again just now.
  3. Darklight0303

    Reporting the same here.

    Edit: And now I've been disconnected from Amerish
  4. pica

    Same when pella said on indar, and just now on amerish.
  5. VoidIzalith

    Same here, Miller - Indar and Amerish, every 5 or 10 minutes, all while running ping tests from my router to miller with good responses each time. Something is wrong.
  6. Jac70

    Yeah me also, 3 times since the last update, once on each continent.

    same here, disconnected from server on Indar and Amerisch so far...
  8. Van Dax

    Indar and Amsash for me.
  9. iamrob7

    This just happened on Cobalt within 5 minutes of me logging in and was happening last night repeatedly also. It is getting very old, platoons have to be rebuilt and everyone is removed from Indar.
  10. iamrob7

    Disconnected again on Cobalt, Indar emptied, this is getting pretty old fast.
  11. y077er

    3 times I've been disconnected since yesterday on Indar/Woodman
  12. Fajson

    Yeah , this is getting annoying , every time i disconnected i loose all my kills and the certs I've earned. What the hell is going on
    Im in Cobalt , and doesn't matter where continent i'am i keep getting disconnected.
  13. Razorback007

    Well, frustrating is an understatement. Happens every 5-10 mins.