Miller crashes keep erasing progress

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by sagolsun, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. sagolsun


    Whenever miller crashes the last non-store certification purchases get erased along with any earned cert points. It seems like backups are spaced far apart and depending on crash time, you may lose up to an hour of progress.

    I've been playing heavily on Miller and lost a sunderer S-AMS, medic default cycler laser sight and soft point ammo as well as a few dozen cert points already. I understand this release is rushed and I also understand MMO releases are the hardest to pull off right but that stopped being an acceptable excuse when the game went gold.

    Losing hard-earned progress is extremely frustrating, disappointing and makes me lose confidence in this game and SOE. Among all bugs the ones that permanently impair or reduce player progression are the most damaging.
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  2. Smeh

  3. Doctore

    yeah I lost ALOT of progress 2, two steps forward 1 step backwards. it's frustrating and I think that maybe some compensation would be in its place, definitely not in any "real world money" no not at all but in certs. I think 500 certs for all miller players would definitely be a nice gesture.
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  4. Smeh

    maybe free transfer option better? I lost 3 evening already - I cant play. So if I have real life - PS 2 today wast of time and money?
  5. sagolsun

    AFAIK Smedbucks purchases are handled by a different server so they're safe. But this kind of uncertainty is precisely the result of bugs like this.

    Any CS rep can suggest a course of action?
  6. sagolsun

    Miller crashed again. I assume I can add Medic Grenade Bandolier to the list of lost certs.
  7. Doctore

    aaah server crash again, lets see what we lose today
  8. Intrinsic

  9. Doctore

    No friend of mine in the outfit lost the weapons he purchased with smedbucks but didnt get the smedbucks back.
  10. Galax0

    Last night I bought the Zephyr weapon for Liberator from the smedbucks shop. Logged out and in again to unlock it.
    Miller died.
    Came back in, no Zephyr but still lost my smedbucks, so yeh you can lose cash shop stuff from the crashes too. o_O
  11. Kath

  12. Aircool

  13. Buzzcut

    With all the problems going on I've gone paranoid and I write down (using a pen and paper, practically stone age!!!!) the purchase number, just in case. And I know they're watching me when I do it......... :eek:

    Back up now, and I've lost 14 cert points. :mad:
  14. Intrinsic

    Just to confirm lost a BR, dunno how much EXP exactly.
  15. sagolsun

    I need confirmation on this. This is a grave issue. Removing player progress for free players is alarming, removing paid purchases is nothing short of theft.
  16. Future

    I am still waiting to get my 250 Certs back I lost due a server crash on Miller. This happened on the 23.11. while I was buying the first Afterburner upgrade for the Liberator. I opended a support ticket, actually two since my first got closed a solved, but its not.

    This is the last answer I got from SOE-Support:

    I can't and won't accept this. So I understand that they are working to fix the crashes, its a lot better now, but still, I lost 250 Cert-Point and now they a telling my I wont get them back!!??

  17. Artifex78

    About the SC loss. It happend to me a while ago. If it happens to you, just open a ticket with the order numbers of your lost items and you'll get the SC back. It's annoying as hell, though.

    About CP loss. Yes that sucks. But (at this time) it seems to be impossible for the support staff to track how much CP we lost or it is simply to much work. As you cannot buy them (the role of XP boosters in this are open for discussion :confused:) and the CP gain is actually quite fast, you have to get over it.