Might be time to merge some servers

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BetaGuru, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. BetaGuru

    When it's primetime on a Friday night, and I log in to play some Planetside and the game looks like this:

    Indar: Ghost town.

    Esamit: Ghost town.

    Amerish: (Alert) Poplocked, 30th in queue, est. wait time 30 mins.

    ... it might be time to start merging some servers.

    And you guys have Hossin on the way? You're adding rooms and people are moving out. If I can't log in and get a fun shooter experience, then what exactly is your game offering its customers? I'll just go play a game that won't make me sit in line.

    Which, I feel, a lot of people have done and already doing.

    It's time to admit that the high hopes have fallen short and start merging servers if you can. It's ugly business, but it's better than a game of "global war" with two empty continents and no fights to jump into on a Friday night.
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  2. randallt3mpd

    of course indar and esamir are dead, the alert is on amerish so thats where everyone goes. How will merging servers help that? It will just be an even longer queue and people will just log off.

    What they need are multiple events going on at a time so that the people who cant get to amerish have some other objective to go for.
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  3. KenDelta

    So because on 1 specific day you can't find anybody to shoot at , wait it's not even about population , you can't get access to things to shoot that you assume SOE needs to start merging servers?...
    And indar is a ghost town ? I call blasphemy.
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  4. SerialNumber1221

    I know a lot of fellow Aussies may disagree with me, but Briggs may need to be merged....i haven't seen anything but low population on Briggs since bugglefield, bland cleft puto and some other title came out...

    i really wish i could get a transfer token like they promised ages ago so i could migrate my Briggs Vanu slot to Connery...
  5. daniel696

    merging servers means lag, so no.
  6. Shralla


    The night and day difference between, well, the night and day population really kills it for those of us who like to play later on. This wasn't as much of a problem when the population was higher overall and the night population was roughly the same as the current day population. I can see that the performance update boosted the number of players higher than its been in almost six months, but still. I might be open to a merger depending on which servers they were merging.
  7. Pikachu

    Dude you sound like that idiot guy who complained when the first server merge was done. Everyone just wanted to throw him off the boat. "I like underpopulation." How would you merge Briggs? You want to play with us others and have 200 or 400 ping??

    Anyway on Cobalt and Ceres where I play the pop is fine.
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  8. Dirtbag

    Have any of you played the original Planetside. It started with multiple servers and eventually got cut down to one. lag went up and people left the game. please dont let that happen again.
  9. Pikachu

    Where were the servers?
  10. WyrdHarper

    Continent is full, meaning populations are high, therefore we should merge servers? That makes zero sense. I had a few outfit members waiting in the queues while I was leading earlier and they were in the 40's and 50's, meaning there was still a platoon's worth of people still wandering around the other continents. I put the people in queue in their own squad so they could do their own thing while they waited. It seems silly to complain about having to wait in queues to do something, when that will happen MORE if you merge servers. Pops have been pretty decent since OMFG, although the Mattherson VS populations seem to have skyrocketed.
  11. BetaGuru

    One continent out of three, with the other two being empty. Meaning you either sit in queue, or... no other option, other than logging off.

    Which is exactly what I did, because there are other games that won't make me wait 30 minutes to play them. Now you might say, okay, so what? I'm a thick person with no understanding of big picture, so what if you logged off? Who are you? Nobody, that's who.

    Perhaps. But stack up enough of us nobodies, all getting frustrated nightly with lame fights, low populations, poplock queues with no other options and so forth, and fewer and fewer people are going to be logging into the game. Why should they, when other games can provide a higher consistency of experience?

    Over time, the populations dwindle, and the problems gets worse and worse. And they have Hossin locked and ready to go! Oh boy, that means there can be three empty continents instead of two.

    I hardly imagined that when they designed this game, they did so intended for only one continent at a time being worth going to, and there being other people locked out of it. It's a bad situation.
  12. Nocturnal7x

    This was a rare thing tonight, well almost every friday :p

    I blame alerts. Anyway hopefully they will merge servers when we get hossin, hopefully we will get cont locking at the same time and then they can remove alerts. Or at least change them to make more sense with the cont locking. Would be stupid to have an esamir alert if TR can't get to esamir :p
  13. Epic High Five

    We had non-members in our outfit sitting at 108th in queue to get on Amerish.

    As much as it pains me to say this because I despise them so much, maybe it'd be best to run 3-cont alerts like "all biolabs" when the server is at its fullest to help spread the load around.
  14. TomoB

    I don't understand why haven't they added population caps for factions during those "capture continent" alerts. It's just absurd when one faction has 60% and rest two 20% population and no more players get in because continent is full. It makes hell of a boring game no matter which side I'm on. Last time I was VS and we had overpopulated situation like that, map was pretty much ours and there was still 1 hour left. It was so boring that I jumped to another continent, not worth 40 certs or whatever to stay twiddling my thumbs. And when I'm on underpopulated side there's no point to even try or I end up losing my hair in frustration.
  15. BetaGuru

    It doesn't work that way. All three empires are allowed the same number of troops on a single continent. Population imbalance only matters in three-continent alerts, or if one empire can't even poplock a single continent, which has happened before and will doubtless happen again with increasing frequency.
  16. EmmettLBrown

    I'd rather they do 3 individual continent alerts when domination rolls around. It would mean figuring out how to display that kind of information for all three continents somewhere. I'm not sure how squished the bottom of the scoreboard would look if they stacked all three continents there or if there's room to extend it. Maybe show it on the map screen somewhere?

    If people want to sit in a queue, I'd prefer it be because it's for a continent they want to go to. That and the fact domination alerts funnel most players off 2 continents currently.
  17. TomoB

    Hmmm? So it's only because of some "I want those winner certs so I join OP faction"-morons populations are so gravely unbalanced even in continent capturing alerts.
  18. TomoB

    Hmmm? So it's only because of some "I want those winner certs so I join OP faction"-morons populations are so gravely unbalanced even in continent capturing alerts.
  19. uhlan

    I think it's great that a continent gets poplocked during an alert. It's nice to see people taking part.

    However, why not implement some mechanic that allows the people who can't take part to assist in the plan of the alert in some fashion?
  20. LordMondando

    Just to play devils advocate, how would merging any given server, with any other given server solve this?