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  1. TRspy007

    So yeah, the thread is pretty self explanatory. Now that we have a Japan server why don't we have a server in the middle east?

    I used to live in Canada, and I could play pretty comfortably on most servers. I recently moved to Kuwait (which is in the middle east), of course, to no surprise, my server latency drastically increased. It's somewhat bearable on some servers like Miller, Connery, however it goes from 400 to 50000 during large fights, and sometimes randomly.

    So apart from figuring out ways to lower latency during large fights, I'm asking for a dedicated server for the middle east. There should be a server on every continent.

    Now I know it sounds extremely selfish, and completely ridiculous; everytime I move DBG needs to follow me around with their servers? Lol, of course not, I like to think I'm a well reasoned person, and there are certain reasons I'm bringing forward this topic now.

    America has lots of access to games, and a lot of the potential players go for games with little to no lore, meta, and physics, like fortnite, for example. This is why the playerbase on the two american servers has been dwindling and is pushing DBG to remove certain aspects that add greater depth to the game. Of course not everyone playing from these countries is like this, but it is a general trend.

    In Europe, Asia and the middle east, there seems to be more interest in the lore and mechanics of games that their ease of play. Particularly in the middle east actually, since they don't get as wide a variety of games then in america, as a lot of games from there aren't actually compatible with the systems in the middle east.

    So the fact that you can play Planetside 2 from anywhere is a good selling point, and I was actually surprised to see the amount of people who play or played the game. Problem is, as I said the ping is terrible no matter the server, and there's random disconnections, and no point in trying to play during peak hours.

    So that's a pretty big player base that can't actually play the game properly due to server problems. Now sure, we could say whatever, deal with it, sucks to live in the middle east. But the problem is that Planetside 2 can't afford to lose players, it already has a decreasing player count, which wasn't that amazing to begin with.

    The game isn't doing too well, so why should we invest in a server for the middle east if the game is dying anyways. Well as I said, there's a massive player base potential, its 50 degrees Celsius outside half the time, of course most people play whatever video games they have access to at home. Most importantly, there's players who can and are willing to invest in a good game. Needless to say, a majority of middle easterners are pretty well off thanks to numerous government benefits to their exclusive citizens. Simply put, there's people who can barely play the game with server latency, that still invest almost 500 KD (x 3.29 to convert to USD) for membership, camos, weapons, boosts, implants, whatever.

    Imagine if people could actually play the game without latency problems? How much could be potentially collected by the game?

    That's why I was wondering if DBG could invest in a middle east server for Planetside 2 (instead of throwing it away on Planetside Arena) or if they already have one they can repurpose for Planetside 2. Of course, I would benefit from it, but it's not just about me, I've been a loyal player since the start, and it's not crappy lat that's gonna scare me, but I really do believe in could be a good move for Planetside 2.
  2. adamts01

    At a minimum they need to let people transfer servers.
  3. Lee Weldon

    Yes please transfer me to the Japanese server. Briggs has 0 players on it and I'm not making a new character.

    Edit* found out about the connery transfer, just trying to brigg myself there now.
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