Microsoft account hacked after using BattleEye

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ReptilePete, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Demigan

    Nope, he's being extremely irrational. He's ripping his words out of the context of the discussion to make it seem he's all nice.

    By the time he joins the discussion it's already been pointed out that it's highly unlikely that an official anti-cheat program was made to spy on people. The chance of getting caught and sued for everything you've got is too high. Just look at what happened to you, assuming ReptilePete is actually hacked because aside from a date and "it might be the chinese" he's not told us anything: You were hacked and it got noticed within days. Well if it was BE we can only assume it was within days.
    It's also been pointed out that BE has been around for a few years already, and has survived getting it's data stolen and reviewed under the scrutiny of the hackers themselves as well as the scrutiny of all game developers who have had a look at the code, not to mention all the virusscanners that have had a look at the traffic between BE and the server.

    Therefore it's 100% irrational to still be pointing at BE. Because that's where Okaydan and Reptile keep returning. The fact that anything at all already has a higher chance of being the leak in your system goes over their heads, or rather it doesn't go over their head but they still attempt to create doubt over BE for the sole reason of creating doubt even though there's no reason to single out BE.
    Hell it's more likely that both of you actually used cheats and that those cheats were what got you hacked, since hackers who design cheats often try and squeeze a bit more money out of their customers with another hack on their hack. Now I'm not saying you are cheating :)rolleyes: innocent face I'm completely rational here don't blame me for being rational:rolleyes: ) but just that there's a chance that you got hacked for cheating behaviour.
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  2. WeRelic

    Threads like this are the reason I still frequent this forum.
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  3. FateJH

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  4. Beerbeerbeer

    Yep, this game has improved immensely because of BE in my eyes. My overall experience has been much better.

    If you have issues with BE I can only draw two conclusions:

    1. You're a hacker with an agenda.
    2. You have illegal crap in your PC.

    However, you should be aware that if you fall into item 2, anything that "scans" your PC will see it too, including:

    1. Antivirus.
    2. Any other game with cheat-detection software via VAC or PB, et. al.
    3. Windows 10 to some extent.

    Now while I really have no pity in either scenario, if you fall under 2, you should ask yourself has your AV software done anything? Do you play steam VAC or PB games. Any repurcussions?

    If you're just paranoid, stop using the internet.
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  5. Eternaloptimist

    I saw an article last night saying that Google had identified a security weakness in Windows 10 some time ago and it has just been fixed by the last Windows 10 update. So there was a possible reason for OPs experience (though not BE - it was in Adobe Flash).
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  6. Okaydan

    I'll say just a couple of things:
    BE is not regular software, it's bloatware. I do not run BE whenever I want, I do not stop it whenever I want, I do not have control over what it is doing. So where exactly does that 100% irrationality come from, according to you?

    I have a car. I have driven it for 4 years. Now the government comes with a new rule, forcing me to register my car and let it be traceable. Because if all cars are traced, criminals are easier found. But what if I don't want to have my car traced? That does not mean I'm a criminal. Nor does it mean I hate the government. I just want my privacy and control over my car. Unfortunately, that is not an option. So you either let your car be traced, or stop driving. That is what BE is to me.

    As for the credibility:
    Person A moves in an apartment complex. The next day, person B is murdered. That makes person A a suspect, like all other tenants. Just because person A has never murdered before (according to ... someone?), doesn't mean he's therefore not a suspect.

    You do realise there's a group 3, that just want to mind their own business without being forced to install programs that scan and share god-knows-what? Call them paranoid, call them crazy. They are neither hackers nor using other illegal crap.

    I am part of group 3. I do not have an anti-virus. I only use a virusscanner on one specific folder in my PC, to check if downloads are clean. I do not have Windows 10. I'm not sure about other cheat-detectors. I suppose Blizzard has a very intrusive one as well.

    Again. "If you don't want your car to be traceable by the government, just stop using it."
  7. Beerbeerbeer

    Well for group 3 do you use a virus scanner? Do you play online multiplayer games other than planetside, notably online FPS games?

    If you answered yes, then what's the problem? The aforementioned scans your PC just like BE.
  8. Demigan

    This is crappy reasoning.
    Do you "not" run PS2? When you select PS2 you do not have "control" over the in-game loading or the mechanics, you do not have control over the packages you send to the server to constantly authenticate who you are and keep connected properly. You start it up and you just let it run it's course so that you can do what you want with it: Play the game. BE is just an extention of games internet quality, and you have to accept it just like you accept your internet connection and all the software that runs on the background to keep you connected.

    No that's absolutely no the point you've been making. The point you've been making is that the Government is actively using the trace to steal information about you, rather than trace criminals. However at the same time you ignore the other things that can potentially already do that, like your navigation equipment or the GPS in your phone.And that's what everyone here is neatly pointing out: You are fearmongering against the trace (BE) while you ignore everything else that can potentially form a danger. This means you are actively protesting against BE with sloppy reasoning.
    Whether you want to be traced or not isn't up to you. You might as well protest against having a highway camera check your speed to make sure you aren't exeeding the speed limit, "because I'm no criminal so they don't have to check my speed!" is what you are saying. But that's the problem, without the check you can't determine correctly if someone is speeding/cheating or not.

    Hey! Like you said, like all other tenants person A is a suspect. However the chance that person A is the actual cause is much lower. Person A actively signed contracts not to murder people and given a recorded statement to all other tenants that he'll not be murdering anyone (this anology is pretty nasty :D), so let's assume person A is actually hired as security for the building. Each tenant has a securitysystem they use (a virusscan and as a backup the corporations they are working with, in your case Microsoft).
    Now what is the chance that person A has killed person B? Highly unlikely. Considering the risk/reward for person A after checking in officially it would be more likely that he murders everyone in the building (is it wrong to really like this anology?). Also it would have been more efficient for person A not to move into the complex at all, and anonymously murder a bunch of people inside random appartments, rather than target the gamer demographic specificallly. This carries a lower risk for the same reward, and even requires less effort as well as he doesn't have to go through the paperwork and vetting process for being hired as security.

    And this group has no reason to be so entitled.
    You do have a virus scanner don't you? And repair-programs that can scan the system? And rapid-storage programs? And backup programs? Each scans your system and has the potential to send data/be hacked for data. Hell, Windows already incorporates data tracking software into it's standard operating system!
    But you have to specifically target one thing, and one thing alone "because you want to mind your own business". Well chump, when you mind your own business in this club you now have to be checked by the security because some butthats came in and caused problems. That's just the price of admission, and you have to accept it.

    Eh, you do have an anti-virus then. And dear god how dare you claim BE hacked you if you don't have a proper anti-virus you idiot. Most hacks happen during normal internet activity rather than suspicious links and such. Not running anti-virus is a sin and you have no right to blame BE for your hack if you don't run one.

    Eh yeah, why should that be a problem? It's just like accepting there's a bouncer at the club to throw you out if you do something wrong, or the police using camera's to check your speed and flag you if you go too fast, or your internet-provider who automatically checks data to try and filter for anomalies that could be virusses etc etc.
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  9. SmellyWilly1965

    I remember when you could embed fragments of known hacks into avatar pictures on the battlefield forums and people who visited the forums would get banned by punkbuster for hacking after it scanned their internet cache, I remember when XIGNcode3 could be used by hackers to upload malware to your computer and steal things like credit card information or plant bitcoin mining software. I've heard some rumors about battle eye like how it doesn't ban automatically so dbg could elect to not ban someone if they're a customer. The most notable to date thing I know about battle eye is that you can't use reshade to get rid of the gross fog and lumasharpening anymore.

    And as always, anticheat software always fails to stop hackers. This is especially true with f2p games when they can just make a new account without spending any money, and battle eye does nothing to stop individuals who abuse the netcode so there's that too.

    My advice? forget about fair play. Recognize the game for the casual non competitive money bait scheme it is and decide whether or not you're okay with spending money with this in mind. It's your money, how you spend it to have fun is your business, but the most important thing is that you don't regret what you spend it on because that's no fun at all.
  10. Towie

    You seem to suggest that Battleye is ineffective. Actually - anecdotal evidence from the hack forums suggests that BE is better than most (if not all), the kernel mode driver is particularly troublesome to bypass or avoid; it seems pretty sophisticated overall.

    Is it infallible ? No. 100% detection rate ? Afraid not. However it has proved incredibly successful at removing the (sometimes very very many) more 'casual' cheaters, those willing to pay for a hack, those willing to download some unknown / untrusted code and install it on their PC.

    My advice ? Don't accept that cheating is acceptable or even inevitable, hunt them down and and BAN :) (i'm wondering if i'm related to Ghengis Khan ???)
  11. Astr0Bear

    I guess it could be a co-incidence but within a few days of it being bundled with Planetside, for the first time ever my cat was hit by a truck.
    I am a bit dubious about the timing on this. Any one else had any cat issues yet?
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  12. Savadrin

    I'd just like to add to all this that there have been a number of recent worms making it past subpar firewalls and AV. Some have been the cause behind the massive DDOS attacks on DNS servers (apparently using DVRs, webcams, and other non-PC devices) and my office got smashed last week until I did en emergency deployment of BitDefender which I had been trialing but deploying slowly.

    I've seen nothing from BattlEye except a huge slowdown in impossible deaths. I almost kind of miss it, it was the greatest challenge in PS2. I think it's unrealistic that BattlEye is related to your MS account being hacked. Possible? Of course, the things that are possible would shock most folks. But I don't think it's likely at all.

    It's far more likely that out of game habits are the cause, or pure bad luck/bad password choice/bad awareness of what you were doing.
  13. Okaydan

    DISCLAIMER: Please note that my arguments are written to counter your ARGUMENTS and your PERSPECTIVE. I'm NOT arguing against BE or the way it works
    You don't seem to understand my point. I choose when to run PS2. I choose when to terminate PS2. I choose what files/drives PS2 has access to.
    I do NOT choose what files BE has access to. I do NOT choose what BE is scanning. I do NOT choose how much of it gets logged. I do NOT choose where the data is sent. I do NOT choose who can see the data, or how much of it. BE is for me a black box that 'scans' and 'logs' for 'reasons'.

    No, I did not say that the government is actively spying, that was put under the 'tinfoil thinking'. I said it is a RISK. The government COULD be spying. Someone else can hack the government and then spy on you. Just because there are 99 means of spying, doesn't mean adding a 100th is a good thing. And it most certainly doesn't mean the 100th addition is risk-free. +0.1% risk is still increased risk. The discussion related to BE would be: is it worth the risk? Well, apparently so, because the DEVs chose to implement it. And as I said before, I don't mind BE and I don't think BE is intentionally hacking users. Those are statements I made.

    Improbability =/= impossibility.

    You're making the same argument with different words.

    There's no need to yell or insult. I can understand you perfectly without the annoying font.
    First, I never claimed BE hacked me. Second, I have a virus scanner, and it returned no findings after I scanned my complete system. FYI, Virus scanner =/= real-time anti-virus. Third, not running anti-virus is perfectly manageable. The thing(s) that hacked me, are not stopped by a virus scanner.

    And since you like improbability arguments so much: I've not run with active anti-virus for over 5 years. Every scan so far, finds nothing. I'm not an idiot.

    This analogy is incomplete, if not plain wrong. I have no issues with a bouncer checking my bag. I have no issue with a bouncer monitoring my attempts at flirting (lol).
    I DO have a problem with a bouncer that goes to my home, and searches it while I'm out clubbing. Even if the bouncer promises not to report what he finds, unless it's party drugs, I still don't want him to look at my fetish-basement. 'Cause this bouncer of yours isn't 'just a bouncer'. As you said, however, it is the price of admission. And I have to accept it. New policy of the club. Yay.
  14. Towie

    Hmm now you come to mention it - I do have a cat problem. Now when I drive home and park up, this goddam cat sneaks onto the warm bonnet leaving paw prints and scratches all over it.

    Sure it may be a co-incidence but it all started happening around the time BE was introduced. After all, it is possible that BE attracted it with a code pattern akin to catnip. It may be more probable that it all started when the next door neighbor bought a new cat but i'm not convinced myself, after all we're talking of the art of the possible vs the probable.

    On a related matter has anybody noticed excessive perspiration since BE introduction ? Well maybe you shouldn't have cheated then should you ;)
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  15. Demigan

    Considering that the core of this discussion started with "I'm not saying that it's BE, but I'm not going to name anything else so that everyone knows I'm blaming BE" I would say that everything you write isn't really a counter to just my arguments or perspective.

    I understand your point perfectly, you don't understand my point apparently.
    You don't really choose what PS2 has access to. There's lots of programs and things that PS2 uses that you have no knowledge off. Hell the fact that PS2 uses input from your keyboard and mouse could indicate a keylogger! Ofcourse once you shut down PS2 it can't do that anymore... But hey! BE shuts down the moment you shut down BE as well!
    Don't think BE as a separate program from PS2. Think of BE as the same software that keeps you connected to the servers and makes sure your input is send to the right characters on the server, rather than randomly send to whichever character is playing on the server. You do not choose who can see the data you send to authenticate yourself to the server so it can recognize which character you are controlling, in fact every single server and client between you and the game server has access to everything you send. This counts for any interaction with the internet, and every action can bring that risk of getting hacked or data stolen. So to pick on BE, despite the heavy repercussions that the owners will get if they did actively use it for bad stuff and the ease with which it could be tracked, is completely irrational.

    And this is where you hit the fan again. You are picking out specifically the government for no reason at all. The threat comes with everything, so to pick out one part of that threat and focus on it can only mean one thing: You don't want it and you are against it. Now that's all well and good, but you aren't saying "I disagree with it" you are saying "Everyone should be afraid of it and burn it off their PC because it is a threat I tell you! It's a threat and you should be aware! Be aware you fools!"
    Although you try to package that up in a "concerned citizen" tone, which makes me want to TK you in-game repeatedly until you stop saying foolish things.

    Also your threat assessment is off. You aren't adding a 100th thing. The threat doesn't increase with a 0,1% just because you add a 100th program. It barely increases at all. You run more risk simply surfing the internet than using such a dedicated service as BE.
    But even if you were right, that 0,1% is absolutely nothing to be pointing out. You might as well be monitoring the internet service that PS2 brings to see if your datastream is larger after an update because the increase in data transmission carries more risk than another program running on your PC. But you don't, you simply pick on BE for the sole reason that you disagree with it. Well you can disagree with it, but don't go about fearmongering and picking on BE just to get what you want because it's hypocritical and stupid.

    Oh gee, and where did I say it was impossible? I didn't. My point is that you are actively campaigning against something with arguments that could be used against anything on the internet at all. You aren't a concerned citizen who wants to inform people, you just know that you can't change anything with your "but I dislike it because I am no cheater so I don't need it" so you try to discredit it as hard as you can... With incredibly weak arguments.

    Yes, because I hope that some day you pick up on how ridiculous you've been with picking on BE to get your way.

    Your dislike for BE and your arguments are different things. You aren't afraid of BE, you shouldn't be afraid of BE, especially if you don't run a virus-scanner and your PC should be riddled with hacks from top to bottom. Even if BE was 100% a hack it wouldn't matter for you anyway.

    There is enough reason to yell or insult.
    You didn't claim BE hacked you, but you insinuated it. "I'm not saying BE hacked me, but it probably was" is basically what you've been repeating all along.
    And you don't know if a good anti-virus could have stopped your hack. Especially if you think that scanning your downloads keeps you safe enough. And if you think running no virus scan at all is manageable you are really crazy.

    You know how most virus scans get their data? They have a few PC's... without virus scans. These PC's are then automatically surfing the web, preferably from high-risk sites like **** but "normal" sites as well, just to catch as many viruses as possible. Then that info is collected and reviewed so they can track and remove these viruses. They don't go running BE or installing games or such, they surf the internet.

    Hehehe, yes you are.

    Yes you do have these issue's. Especially since you periodically let the police search your home from top to bottom anyway (your virus scan).
  16. Okaydan

    Allright, let's wrap up the discussion, because I think you're starting to dislike me :rolleyes:

    1. Do you agree that introducing BE decreases ones privacy and increases one's vulnerability - even if it is by a negligible margin?
    2. Do you understand that speaking out concerns of a newly added security risk is worth it, even if the risk is ever so tiny, and that it does not necessarily mean I hate it, have an agenda against it, or try to campaign against it?
    3. Do you understand that I've taken a 'devils advocate' position in the discussion to make you - and others - at least think about the implications of BE, so that you don't just sweep the negatives under the rug?
    4. Do you understand that I am not against BE, but that I do not like the way they operate either?

    Also threatening with TK's is not cool, man. Not :cool:.
  17. Humoreske

    i like this thread :rolleyes:
  18. Beerbeerbeer

    You do also realize that you in fact have a choice: uninstall and don't play.

    I think the good of BE, as a whole, especially long-term, far outweighs any concerns you may have.

    Just avoid all online, multiplayer FPS games with anti cheat measures and your false sense of privacy protection will remain intact.

    Good luck, remember, playing this game is a choice.
  19. Sulsa

    How did you guys not notice that page one of this thread was turning out to be one of the most hilarious, MEME friendly posts in, like, forever and then you all got so serious!?!?
  20. WeRelic

    Nothing so malicious.

    There are just too many dank memes in the waiting here.