Micro transaction; a single gun cost 7$ while you could buy an entire game for less on steam.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Daedrick, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Daedrick

    mi·cro (m[IMG][IMG]kr[IMG])
    1. Very small or microscopic.
    2. Basic or small-scale: the economy's performance at the micro level.
    n. pl. mi·cros

    Wake up, and change your broken market already.
  2. Compass

    I could also buy a whole meal at McDonald's.

    This is the Planetside 2 diet, leave me alone.
  3. Tobax

    Yeah we've all seen this video already when it was posted ages ago, I agree prices are too high but you can't use Steam game prices as a reason why their too high as there are some games on there as cheap as $1, but that doesn't mean guns in PS2 should be that low.
  4. D0n

    The point of the costs is so that you play the game to unlock instead of buying weapons, of course this works in both ways at the same time it is profitable.
  5. maxkeiser

    YOU WOULD HAVE TO SPEND £30/$60 on guns before you had spent what BF3 (rubbish) cost.

    PS2 is FREE!
  6. bluEyedillusions

    When steam starts letting you get free games by playing other games and getting achievements, then we can argue about prices.

    Planetside lets you unlock everything that alters the gameplay by simply playing the game. They have every right to charge as much as they want for the unlockables since they also let you unlock them for free.

    There's really no way to complain about this and appear right.
  7. Daedrick

    Im pretty sure many haven't. As per your other point, Im well aware of that, and I agree. They should be half of what they are right now, that would be reasonable. 3.5$ for gun, ya sure, certainly not 1$.
  8. Daedrick

    This is BS and you know it. I personnaly bought for 100$ right now, 25$ at start, 25$ at double SC and 50$ at triple SC so Im not complaining, Im stating the obvious.

    I played 85 hours or so right now, and if I didn't buy anything I would perhaps have unlocked 1 or 2 guns while spending a minimum of certs on anything else. Thats simply ridiculus.
  9. AccelPrime

    ...But you don't need to buy anything. If you simply cannot spend a considerable amount of time playing, for example because of work, you could simply throw some money at SOE and get the weapons you want immediately. And whenever SOE has SC sales they get a ton of $$ because it's so attractive to buy something that's expensive at a big discount.

    To me it seems their prices and overall buisness plan isn't too bad. Having said this, i'd never buy SC at the normal pricing, simply because I can play enough to get the things I want, but when they do have sales i'll be the first one to grab some SC ;).
  10. bluEyedillusions

    And that would have been completely fine.

    The default guns are more than adequate and there are very few, if any, straight upgrades. They could charge $50 for a gun, and I wouldn't complain (I wouldn't buy them, though, either). You're paying just to change up your playstyle immediately instead of waiting.

    Since there's nothing that separates someone who's spent $1000 on the game, and someone who's spent $0 on the game (who has played enough to unlock what he wants), I find no basis at all for complaining.

    As long as the free player plays long enough, he has all the same advantages as the guy who pays.

    What is wrong?