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  1. RadarX

    I've added instance_id to MetagameEvents. The value of this field will be the same for all the events of the same logical alert in game. Hopefully it helps match up the start and end of an alert.

    The instance_id field has been added to both
    event_type: "MetagameEvent",
    experience_bonus: "20",
    faction_nc: "0",
    faction_tr: "0",
    faction_vs: "0",
    instance_id: "3042",
    metagame_event_id: "9",
    metagame_event_state: "138",
    metagame_event_state_name: "ended",
    table_type: "metagame_event",
    timestamp: "1402962569",
    world_id: "11",
    zone_id: "0"
    and to the streaming events from
  2. doug dimmadome

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  3. Marder

    All collections r broken.
    Best update ever :)
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  5. Glenndal

    Also wondering about this. I've been trying to play around with the api, but a number of examples in the docs don't seem to work.
  6. Grandizer

    Is it possible that these event messages can be looked at on DBG's end, for causing in game stutter and game crashing when they appear on the screen? Server is Emerald.

    Specifically, the continent control lock message that appears with the faction logo in a huge message that streams into the game as the game changes colors for the faction that locked it, causes massive fps stutter and actually crashes the game. The other message displayed of " We've captured the facility" with the outit log also cause fps stutter and frame skipping. it's bad because a fight can still be going on and you can't aim or move correctly and for the continent lock stutter and crashing, you lose your place in the continent during peak and then can't rejoin outfit if they stay. You end up in overload continent with no players.

    I've posted this in bugs multiple times with time stamps and other players have chimed in stating they are getting the same. All this happened after Escalation update, never had this happen in a year of playing.