Metagame test: Would you still play this game if XP gains were reduced by 90%?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Trysaeder, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Trysaeder

    10% XP for capturing a base, repairing, reviving, and all that sort of stuff. Is the action of doing such actions 'fun' enough to keep you here, without the support of the periodic reinforcements from XP gains?

    Assume that you will be given 80% of the gear and upgrades that you need.
  2. Mrcod

    I think I'd still play, but it'd be more off and on like any other multiplayer FPS is for me. I'd play for a while then take a break and go play something else. The advancement is what keeps me glued.
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  3. souled

    the meta game is bad I don't think it can be argued. There is just no game play reason for doing anything other than mindless killing.
  4. Vlas

    Mindless killing?

    Yeah, I should go play CoD, TF2, CS, other FPSes, at least they have mindless.... oh wait.
  5. wolfva

    I'd still play, but I play to have fun, not to gain some teneburous 'reward' which is ultimately completely meaningless outside of the game.
  6. Cyridius

    Definitely I would still play. My major dislike is the issue of how much certs it takes to do anything meaningful. If that was removed from the equation I would definitely be sticking around. Sure, it's lackluster meta, but the gunplay is good, the scale is impressive, and the concept is brilliant. Not to mention the game is beautiful even on low graphics and it offers me things no other FPS could.
  7. Hitback

    The meta game is non existent and people who think otherwise are delusional. In Planetside 1 the feeling gained from profiting from sound tactical decisions was its own reward. This is non-existent in Planetside 2 as it's all zerg, zerg, zerg.
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  8. ImGladUmad

    I would still play.

    Stock I was killing people left and right......and like you said 80% of things are unlocked so thats great.
  9. Nehlis

    TF2 isn't mindless killing. It's a hat collecting simulator.
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  10. Azsune

    I would still play. I have fun running around with my outfit. I don't really enjoy going around lone wolfing as much. It gets me way more certs then sticking together and working as a team. But why grind something if you don't enjoy it.
  11. NoXousX

    People should base cert gain on the long term. Everyone is in such a rush. I mean this is an mmo. Just think where you'll be in 3 months, 6 months, a year....
  12. Necron

    There will be 20 new guns and 15 new vehicles...
  13. Phyr

    I wouldn't play as much and would only stick around for large battles. Capturing/defending is fairly lackluster as it is right now without removing most of the XP incentive.
  14. Telebot

    With all things being the way they are?

    Hell no.

    Why would I want to play in an environment when I'm at an almost constant disadvantage against people who already unlocked a lot of things?

    The game is pretty fun, but running around with the default weapon/equipment set for months and months is going to get OLD, real fast, kinda like it's going to get OLD pretty fast for a very large portion of the population if the cert gains stays this ridiculously slow.
  15. forkyar

    horrible idea.
  16. Bill Hicks

    this thread doesnt make sense. up the stakes "
    Metagame test: Would you still play this game if kicked in the crotch every kill?
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  17. True Mugsy

    I have never understood the love of the gaming community for the progression system that many games, including this one, like to use. What keeps me glue to a game is the "game play" not how many points I need to grind so I can put a new shiny thing on my gun.

    Yes I would still play, but only if the cert requirement for gear and upgrades was reduce to nothing. As it is right now I would probably still play this game for a while but only because is free.
  18. Necron

    Considering all the upgrades for gear are cert only the costs are far too high. 100 certs for a F'in Flashlight? Try 5 certs TYVM. They can keep the cert cost for the gear at the level it is now to incentive people to buy them with real money, but the cert only upgrades need to be about 90% cheaper than they are for EVERYTHING in the game.
  19. NOX2097

    Yes I would as long as development of the game continues. I want to see performance significantly improved, bugs fixed, and the game fleshed out more. I would also like to see guns that look different when held in the hand.
  20. siiix

    i would play 90% less and spend 100% less cash... but once in a while i would still play

    i like support and capturing