META GAME NC underpower Metagame is Simply favor TR and VS rigth now but TR = OP the most why ?

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  1. Stew360

    NC are always the factions thats get compleatly destroy in term of balance by the devs for some unrelated reason like (( NC OP myth back from PS1 jackhammer style ))

    Yes NC can old the ground blablabla we can lock continents but guest whats ? Thing arent Fair for everyones and the Metagame stuff is really imbalanced and create lots of issue

    Ok lets look at the ««« META GAME »»» elements thats have been introduced lately and how all this play out ,

    Techplant = ability to respawn vehicules = 100 % valuable
    Biolab = selfregen = 0 % valuable
    Ampstation = turrets cooldown = 0 % valuable

    Actually whats the % means is how peoples care about the bonus and how it could affect the game outcomes , not been able to self regen or having a longer cooldown on turrets do not change anything to anyones concerning the overall outcome of the battles , Everyones will go all the way for the techplants because been able to controle the heavy armor tanks all over the maps and simply be sure thats almost no heavy tanks will cross the 1 km border around the warpgate is more than a HUGEEEE advantage and always decide who will lock or not the continents !

    Thats said lets come to the main problems

    Esamir :

    Wap gate positioning : NC warpgate facing the TR warpgate , VS are aside more safely and can hold up more ground simply because their warpgate is far from the NC and TR ones , so most likely the two factions with the nearest warpgates will always be in direct and immediate conflict , its simply factual so Esamir is deeply in favor of the VS

    Esamir = single tech plant as soon as one team get the tech plant if they have few forces to hold it they will simply dominate the continents for sure since a tech plant can be hold by 20 to 30 guys agains 150 atackers with ease , atackers will simply get frustrated and are going to rage quit to anothers continents this will create pops imbalance in favor of those who hold the tech plants , because most peoples dont like to be kills by heavytanks while they cant respawn those on the front line to react and push

    Indar : NC warpgate is facing the VS warpgate and TR are aside more (( safe )) in the north same deal here but VS and tr ARE EXCHANGE

    All 3 tech plant are at a similar distance , but HERE IS THE PROBLEM the NC techplant tawrich is in the direct line with the VS Warpath rigth at the frontline with VS so as soon as vs want to jump into the NC regions they have the first objective been the tech plant , while the VS techplant is more (( safe )) from the NC way back into their own lines

    So agains NC are the ones in the worst situation on INDAR
    Amerish :

    So basically Amerish is the worst of the 3 in term of balancing once more , the NC warpgate is facing another opponents VS agains this time but here is the Worst imbalanced problem in term of META GAME

    Nc and Vs techplants are like 2.5 km away from their warpgates , while TR have to travel the same distance to reach the VS and NC techplants

    TR as their own tech plant at 2 hex from their own warpgate so even if they loose it , its no big deal for them they just have to spawn back at 2 hex away from their and get as many armor as they want to steam rolls over their own techplants and take it back

    If this is not outrageously obvious for you it is for me , on amerish with the (( metagame )) components TR as a huge advantage on 2 of the 3 continents they are aside 2 time and they have one tech plant a few metres from their own warpgate ...
    If this is not outrageously obvious for you it is for me , on amerish with the (( metagame )) components TR as a huge advantage on 2 of the 3 continents they are aside 2 time and they have one tech plant a few metres from their own warpgate ...

    NC in the others hand got on all 3 continents a warpgate thats face another empire , they have absolutly NO highground on any continents , on indar they got the worst techplant positioning , TR as the highground on 2 continents they have a techplant thats is easily defendable and at few metres away from their warpgate ...

    Vs got the highground on esamir , but the same weakness as NC on amerish
    Vs got a (( safe tech plant )) way back into their lines far away from NC influence , nc could posibly lock the Vs warpgate before even touching the Vs techplant

    their is a huge balance problems in all this metagame

    Also the techplant = heavy vehicules respawn create a new phenomena , the Techplant camping , we are kinda forced to camp it or been camp in it wich is getting old and boring really quick this remind me Operation metro conquest 64 players in BF3 really boring anoying and kill the game as a whole

    this metagame DONT WORK and HAVE TO CHANGE

    a systhem thats create dynamics missions where the ressources , can be put up on certain regions and can depleate and merge to others is a WAY better metagame elements where we could experience more base and play on more various spot of the maps ....

    Here are the continents to be analysed look at the tech plant positioning and tell me this isnt ridiculously imbalanced
    [IMG] [IMG][IMG]
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  2. Protection

    You've honestly got a good point on that one.. I don't think the solution is simply giving everyone a Tech Plant, but making the bonuses for the other facilities more worthwhile. Like an artillery strike or EMP, or a MBT equivalent for aircraft.

    A really outside the box solution that would go a long way to balancing the maps: add a fourth faction.
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  3. Ganelon

    More continents are coming, we'll see how that works out.
  4. Stew360

    i think about this as a whole

    i think the metagame as to change because rigth now it simply lead to Techplant farming since the bonus is a way to outkill and simply affect a way to much the outcomes of the battles , especially since heavytank can equip anti infantry weapons etc..

    i think a better solution is making the ressources and bonus moove across the continents with clear indication of where they have merge etc..

    like a in and out ressources systhem thats is truely dynamics and force the figth on different regions

    the metagame as been design way to much by the Ps1 closed mind of total dominations wich , play really bad atm leading to really bad imbalanced figth always toward techplants area

    techplant farmers are now the only thing you can do in the game most likely
  5. Stew360

    Still the NC do not have a single continents where their warpgate is apart , os their is no excuse to thats also their is no excuse to keep the vehicules bonus to the techplant when the amerish TR warpgate is at 2 single hex distance from their warpgate whiles VS and NC is at 2.5 + KM
  6. GamerOS

    You forget to mention the Indar TR Techplant is also only two hexes away from their warpgate.
  7. Stew360

    You are rigth
  8. Gambles

    I've heard talk that the NC are getting there weapons adjusted and the dev's have acknowledged that they are sub-par. Dunno how much truth there is to it, made a thread to find out.
  9. Stew360

    i want more to point out the imbalanced of the metagame elements thats arent fair for all 3 factions at all it could work OK at first while peoples are super new and dont know whats to do ... but since peoples know more and more about the game .

    Now we can see the repercussion of this decision yes it was a nive atempt to bring some metagame element but those simply dont work it simply lead to techplant camping and kill farming , its insane

    Metagame as to change and metagame as to evolve in somthing more fair , also all 3 factions as to be on equal base , to provide a nice fair and competitive environement
  10. slannmage

    They need to change how you cap bases, get rid of influence and cover spawn rooms more too.
  11. Turel2

    3 faction on a squad map is the problem.
  12. Stew360

    Even if they make these for eventual 6 to 9 continents figths the Techplant bonus problems remain and also the NC problem remain , if each continents is suposed to be OWN by ones empire then the empire that have the left alone warpgate the most (( safe )) one should be their continents

    But so Far its like TR own 2 continents Amerish and Indar and VS own esamir so whats the deal with that ?

    I want fairness for all 3 factions , i want the game to be competitive and fun to play and i have a lots of concern about those (( pseudo meta game elements )) because those create a really bad impact on the game itself due to many thing facility position warpgate position etc... and the impact on the overall outcomes of the battles
  13. Qaz

    indar is mostly fine, actually. the tr techplant could be 1 hex further south, maybe. However, the NC techplant is easily attackable by VS, the VS techplant is close the the usual border with TR and the TR techplant should be close to the border with NC.

    Either way, the amerish situation really needs addressing. the tr techplant is very very close to their warpgate.
    As for esamir ... i like it. It's one techplant on the whole continent. It creates a lot of tension. On miller, the fights are rather fluid around that techplant. (on a different note: on miller it's usually nc = esamir, vs = indar, tr = amerish)
  14. Garrix

    They NEED to add proper warpgate rotations. It would put some of these odors complaining about balance at ease and shut up people who think they are amazing, when they realize quite how much terrain matters.
  15. Kameho

    Personally i feel like NC Has the major advantage in Indar.
    VS on Esamir and TR on Amerish.

    NC has advantage on Indar due to the canyon system outside their warpgate, making their terretories easy to defend for the NC. Also the Canyon seems to direct most of the VS attack force up north.

    Infact, in Indar, on Woodman server. VS and NC ALWAYS go straight into the desert and pushes against the TR.
    NC goes up to MAO tech plant then decides to take hard turn towards left.
    While VANU usually goes up towards the DHAKA amp station, and does a hard turn right. Sometimes the biolab.

    I rarely see tawachi tech plant beeing fought over, Sometimes VS gets it, but most of the time it stays undisputed for NC.

    Then you have the crown where most of the fight is always.

    But everytime TR pushes against the NC side. Vanu creeps up on the left side for TR.
    everytime TR pushes against VS side, NC creeps up on the right side.
    Rarely do i see NC push against VS at the same time TR is doing it. nad VS pushing against NC when TR is pushing against VS.

    I guess its not much of a major map imbalance, its just the players on the server.

    But in all honesty. MAP DOES NOT NEED CHANGE.

    Warpgate rotation as the guy above me mentioned is all thats needed.
  16. Turel2

    I mean "3 factions on a Square map" The spacing would be better with a Hexagon shaped map.
  17. Stew360

    Tawrich techplant is always under atack , the VS are the only ones who as a pretty safe techplant , our techplant on indar is straigth at the border of the frontline so its the prime target and rigth on their path TR are in the safe zone where they can take advantage of the VS and NC naturally figthing each others due to the proximity , if NC try to focus on TR they ahve a long way to go and their base adjency remain unprotected so the VS will atack the techplant first and then NC will get crew up soon ;)

    also this change nothing in the real stuff , anyones who lock a maps are always with imba;anced pops and the techplant bonus only dig even more imbalance thats will lead to many players frustration

    This metagame systhem is bad and need to change , they as to do something better than Ps1 and something New and meaningfull , like having true dynamics ressources , thats are going to switch from regions to regions to forces to spread the figth etc...
  18. Stew360

    yeah the warp gates are set in a wrong way ina more (( rectangular maps )) so their is always a single warpgate set apart and the problem is that VS as a warpgate set apart on esamir , but the TR as 2 warpgates set apart on indar and amerish whiout counting thats the TR warpgate are at 2 Hex from their techplant , wich now is the most important base on the metagame aspect , wich is really UNFAIR
  19. Vlas

    Map makers are not good at symmetry.

  20. Stew360

    the problems is not just the symmetry it is the fairness , if each factions as at least one continents where their warpgate is near their techplant and one continents where their warpgate is set apart their should be no problem but Now TR simply as 2 out of 3 and VS 1 out of 3 and NC have none

    but also the heart of the problem is all the metagame aspect is really BAD beyond any mesurement it lead to techplant camping and we never use to figth in awesome base and outpost on amerish thats could be a awesome place to have huge infantry figth

    it make the game become lame and boring