Merry Christmas forumside!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by The Shady Engineer, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. The Shady Engineer

    May your nanites never run out and your cone of fire never bloom! :)
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  2. Prudentia

    Wait you are TR... may MY cone of fire never bloom and yours absolutely suck :p
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  3. AlcyoneSerene

    Happy Auraximas!
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  4. Pikachu

    O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum
    Wie treu sind deine Blatter!
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  5. Prudentia

    *Wie Pink sind deine Blätter
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  6. Liewec123

    Merry Vanumas folks!
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  7. Pikachu

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  8. Eternaloptimist

    Seasons greetings to all (factions). See you on Auraxis soon.
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  9. Demigan

    Ho ho ho,

    Jingle bells,
    TR smells,
    NC is the best.
    Oh what fun it is to ride a Vanguard through the rest,

    Rushing through the snow,
    In a Vanguard on the way,
    Oh what fun it is to ride,
    Shielded all the way,

    Bombs on a Reaver's wing,
    Making the night bright,
    Oh what fun it is to bomb and sing
    a slaying song tonight

    Jingle bell,
    VS hell,
    TR does it right,
    Oh what fun it is to sing the BRRT song in the night,

    Dashing through the sands,
    With a cycler in the hands,
    All hail our ROF and sing,
    TR for the win,

    Magazines in our hands,
    Ammo loaded tight,
    Fighting through the lands,
    Slaying is our plight,

    Jingle's hot,
    NC's not,
    VS has the smarts,
    Oh what fun it is to slide
    In the plasma light,

    Burning plasma bright,
    Stomping to the cap,
    Ending this fight,
    Taking the entire map,

    Using all our tech,
    To keep them all back,
    We are fighting for our right,
    To wear that spandex tight.
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  10. TheProScout

    Happy Auraximas !!!
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  11. Icehole1999

    Merry Fascistmas and a totalitarian new year! Resistance is useless!
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  12. pnkdth

    Happy primary gifting period and a merry auxiliary event.
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