[Merger] Any SolTech players here?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cyridius, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Cyridius

    Hello people of SolTech! Primarily TR. On behalf of Mattherson server, I would like to welcome you to the best server in the game.

    However, I and I think many people on Mattherson know next-to-nothing about what SolTech is like. If people don't mind doing so, could you try provide some information? Like the outfits there, the population balances, and what a typical prime time looks like.
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  2. illgot

    Soltech has a decent balance of all 3 factions during prime time.

    Late at night either NC or VS dominate, TR seems to always be lower pop.

    I know PSOD (Purple Squad of Death) from the VS faction seem to be everywhere. There are other outfits but I never remember their names.
  3. Cyridius

    I'd be pretty happy with more VS pop in any case.
  4. Singed

    Agreed. The Vanu seem to be gunning for Peris every night, although they just can't hold it.
    Same NC and Allatum
  5. Pat Cleburne

    TR are outnumbered on SolTech most of the time, but don't get it twisted, we are very organized and hold our own very nicely. I think Matherson TR will be quite pleased overall with our addition to the ranks.

    The main outfits on TR that I work with on the regular is my outfit the 903 (formerly ALGN), E911, and the Honey Badgers. Now there are some other TR outfits as well, but I am not as familiar with them.
  6. TheMagicCookie

    You also have V404, 404th organized tank zerg. We dick around sometimes, but also organize coordinated VS attacks.
  7. Cyridius

    I look forward to working with you guys.
  8. prj3ctm4yh3m

    Maggy zergs are out of this world.
  9. MrGurrenLemfox

    NC have couple big outfit, 137TH, NC10, AACE,102nd, AFUL, DB2, 3DS, and for my outfit I6. VS always active at night cause influx of Chinese player ( so at their time it is daylight) TR is organized , Big Zerg sometime only contains 4thfactioner ( no tag).

    I'm not to happy to meet TE not gonna say anything but kinda hate Buzz and his well organized Zerg. see it once from his stream to see what all the fuss about and wow i don't want to meet him in any of my day playing this game and when they announce soltech gonna merge with Matheson i cried.....Thank god i'm not TR so i would not hear his voice talking through command channel.

    So how NC doing there is it 666 or devil dogs in that server i forgot. and are NC active at night ?
  10. HessianJunker

    Have mergers been confirmed? If so, would love a link.
  11. Vertabrae

    I have a TR and NC on Mattherson. My VS is on SolTech. Guess now I'll have all 3 together.
  12. subz3r01337

  13. Dinglebuttz

    I would like to reply to this but I see you are TR scum which I do not want to associate with. Convert to the VS and I will be able to give you much insight on the server!

    Just playin', it seems mostly balanced population wise but it's a rare server that has a few % more VS players. I've only played a short amount of time but we (VS) hold the smaller continents often and Indar is always a big battle. Prime time looks about like the typical server I hear about: massive battles at crossroads/Crown and lots of stalemate fighting there.

    See you soon, fellow Mattherson VS!
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  14. Devrailis

    Yes. SolTech used to see some epic Maggie zergs, until Maggie got nerfed and Annie got a lift.

    SolTech TR are a pretty hard bunch, you'll be happy to have them.

    SolTech NC does not always seem very organized but we have a couple BAMFs of our own. We stuck it through the crappy Indar warpgate and subpar MBT to where we are now and we're proud of it.

    Our Esamir and Amerish were pretty much perma-ghost cap farms so it'll be interesting to see what the server mergers do about that, maybe nothing, maybe who knows.
  15. Cyridius

    Hah you a'int seen nothin yet.

    Fighting TE should prove an interesting experience for you guys.

    The 666th/Devil Dogs(Same guys) aren't on Mattherson, they're West Coast. The major NC outfits are TAS and GOON on our server, we have Sturmgrenadier aswell.

    On the VS side we have AT, TEST and GotR - Mattherson is the most competitive server outfit-wise.
  16. windexglow

    I think I was playing with your group earlier, cyrid. Name is very familiar.

    Sad to see soltec go, but it's the only server I've known so it'll be interesting to play with more players.
  17. Lims

    Is this for sure? Soltech is merging with Mattherson for sure?
  18. OddChelsea

    For sure.
  19. Lims

    We don't want to play on a server with The Enclave. What are our options?
  20. Vertabrae

    Paid transfer to another server, roll characters on another server, or stop playing.