Merge Waterson + Mattherson

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PhilDun, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. PhilDun

    Populations have plummeted over the last few weeks. Only a couple half-decent fights now exist, and two continents are basically empty at all times (on Waterson at least).

    Can we merge these two servers?
  2. Vernei

    Mattherson fights are doing great. There's almost always a fight with multiple platoons except for the early morning hours.
  3. Czuuk

    **** no.
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  4. BraSS

    I vote NO
  5. GSZenith

    you want 80>0 random FPS drops eveywhere? instead of every battle with more than 12ppl?
  6. Tobax

    If lag/ping wasn't an issue I'd suggest merging each EU server with a US server, would be great as you'd have people in EU come on their afternoon with pop increasing to a full server into EU prime time, then by time EU prime time is ending and people are logging off US players are coming on taking their place, followed by all the US coming on going into US prime time keeping the server full.
    Would mean a server should be far more active than it normally is and people on with fights happening nearly 24/7 active, but until everyone has super fast broadband I guess it won't work.
  7. DeadliestMoon

    What he said.
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  8. HerpTheDerp

    Isn't one on east and the other on west coast? Merging them would screw one side over.
  9. Mikenuge

    Waterson is dead you say lol, don't log-on at 5am and expect there to be a fight.

    Prime time 5 - 10pm during alerts it gets insane.
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  10. Paisty

    What this guy said.

    During primetime everynight 1 continent is locked, and there are Platoons fighting on the other 2 continents.
  11. jihon83

    There isn't a need for a server merger. If anything, either SOE or the faction command has to find a better way to lure people out of Indar and into playing on the other maps with Waterson, this is especially true for the VS on Esamir. That said, I don't think the server is dying; in fact, most fights are now finally balancing out.
  12. Haterade

    News Alert: There's not many people playing on a US East Coast server at 5:45 on Sunday morning. In other news, water is wet. More at 9.

    Waterson is doing fine. I find good fights all the time. Merging Matherson and Waterson would have two results: Waterson would be polluted by Matherson's terrible environment; and there would be constant server ques during times that matter.
  13. starlinvf

    Thats kind of the overall problem. Outside of prime time, most players funnel into Indar since the distance between facilities are very short. This pretty much guarantees whatever population is around can remain concentrated enough to make for a decent battle. The variation in terrain (aside from a few problem outposts) is a huge plus as well.

    You'll also notice that only organized squads operate on Esamir (or even amerish) during late night. But whats irritating about this, is how most of these groups will just ghost cap around, and only ignite a major battle when one side reaches a biolab.
  14. TheShrapnelKing

    How 'bout **** NO!

    If there's one server I refuse to merge with, it's Mattherson.

    Waterson NC are decent, slowly getting better. I don't want to be merged in with those Mattherson idiots.
  15. CaptainYamerica

    I just don't see this happening (thankfully)
  16. Bhoot

    If anything it's the EU servers that need merging to create 2 instead of 4. I'm from the UK and play the east coast servers because they are pretty much busy 24/7 unlike the EU, justified that mattherson is the best 24/7 server out of the 2 waterson can be alittle quite at times but that is non prime time in the US so that's understandable.
  17. Nocturnal7x

    Lol, SOE needs to stop wasting their time on MLG and other stupid crap no one cares about and finish hossin.

    This game needs hossin, it needs cont locking, we need 2 way continental battles, the constant 3 way is garbage. This is a drawn out TDM right now.
  18. Selentic

    Yes please, there's so many waterson people I want to fight.

    Shocker tho this thread is full of perpetual cowards, afraid of having to face new challenges : ((((
  19. NinjaTurtle

    Until at least Hossin is released I don't know if the populations of these 2 servers could even all fit on during prime time.

    What can't happen is people literally unable to log in because there is no space anywhere
  20. Ganelon

    You tried Woodman? It constantly crashes, lags and has login issues because too many people are playing on it.