[Suggestion] Merge Scout Rifles and Battle Rifles

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Xebov, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Xebov

    Merge the Scout Rifles and the Battle Rifles into a single category.

    Reason for this:
    - both categories share a Directive
    - both have semi auto weapons that are similar in handling
    - with the new Battle Rifle coming out both feature semi autos with the same 334 dmg model
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  2. Armcross

  3. LeonardJones

    the difference is scout rifles are infiltrator specific. the semi auto scouts are not great, but the automatic ones are "okay" (still trash compared to other weapons because bad players dont know how to counter the only class in the game which can have its ability completely negated for no penalty to the person negating it, but i digress)
  4. Erendil

    Wrel said in the 05/08 (I think) Dev stream that they are considering reorganizing Battle- and Scout Rifles as follows:
    • Merge Battle Rifles and Semi-Auto Scout Rifles into a new category called "Marksman Rifles"
    • Leave the Automatic Scout Rifles in the Scout Rifle category.
    There was no mention about which Classes would have access to the Marksman Rifle category, but I presume it would be the same ones that can access the current Battle Rifles.
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  5. Xebov

    Would be a good and logical step.
  6. Armcross

    Designated Marksmans Rifle sounds more approriate.
  7. Zak Preston

    Yeah, the new ES BRs are considerably superior in mid-longrange enggements to ES SA Scout Rifles. Vandal is a bit different story, but I'd rate it to be very close to new BRs. The CQC SA Sniper Rifles are even worse than the SA Scout rifles in every single aspect, so they should be either reworked or just merged to a new "Marksman rifles" class as well.
  8. Xebov

    To be honest i dont see them as good mid-long options at all. The new BRs and the Scout Rifles both have good Alpha but they have realy low projectile speeds. You can drop still standing targets, but i dont see them realy as usefull if someone is moving or dodging you at range. The thing is they are meant to be precise weapons to down targets but in reality all full auto weapon groups have weapons with higher projectile speeds that make it way easier to get hits on moving and dodging targets.
  9. frozen north

    In my experience, battle rifles and scout rifles are basically just two sides of a single coin, so I can definitely see a merit to this. With the exception of the full auto scout rifle ( aka crap AR for infil), the semi scout rifle and battle rifles fulfill the same role.