Merge Cobalt with Miller

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by 0Supermaster0, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. 0Supermaster0

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  2. BartasRS

    I dunno how Miller is but Cobalt is almost decent for all factions. Hate to see it ruined, especially for VS as it is managing fairly well with little to medium underpop.


    So NO

    Only if i can keep my whole character with all the directives and weapons....

    If not....

  4. FLHuk

    Take half the TR only accounts off Cobad and dump them on Miller :p
  5. BrbImAFK

    Umm... no thanks. Miller is already overpopped with TR (mostly russians) as it is.....
  6. FLHuk

    Ah, sorry then. Perhaps the moon then! :/
  7. oTec

    Never been on miller, rather keep it that way.
    Don't need more ruskies lagging trough my bullets.
  8. Towie

    Sorry don't understand what it would accomplish - the overall populations of both servers are pretty stable and have been for a long time, sure there are faction imbalances but merging would only widen this (ie. VS is somewhat low on both).
  9. BartasRS

    This, I don't see how it would fix anything as main problem on both servers is that VS is underpopoed. If anything, this would cause NC/TR players spend more time in VR/queue -> more people quitting.
  10. Rhello

    No. Miller already has some gigantic, braindead zergfits, ruining the game every night, be it DIG or BHO. I'll hold on my No until the redeployside and zergs are getting fixed, which is phase 1 since 2012. Besides, no need for more russian lagwizard outfits.
  11. Kristan

    Why tho? We already have queues in the evening on both continents.
  12. stalkish

    Accoring to this:
    Both servers max out around 1500 players each day, and min around 50.

    Id personally prefer this massive multiplayer game to be max 3000 and min 100.
    Think about it, more conts would open, we didnt used to sit in this permanent only 2 conts bullcrap.

    Would be nice to get some fresh blood aswel, new names and tags.

    I say go for it.
  13. Eternaloptimist

    I play all factions and frankly, anything for the chance to have more and bigger fights would be good for me.

    Having said that, my avatars are equally divided between the EU servers atm and if one is dead there is at least a chance I can find something happening on the other.

    Maybe they could fix the freshly-returned lag hitches I've been getting this week in the merger process :)
  14. Kristan

    Only when devs will bring Searhus and Cyssor, which won't happen in like next two years. Till then... I don't want to have 1500 queue on remaining two continents after the merging, thank you.
  15. stalkish

    And why exactly wouldnt a third or even fourth continent open if theres 1500 people waiting to play?
    Think about it, both servers have about equal pop, so half of the euro players are on each server.
    Currently only half of the continents are open (and lets face it, only 1 has real, good fights).

    Half of the euro pop, uses half of the game.
    The whole euro pop could use the whole game.

    Not sure i see the problem.
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  16. Kristan

    The problem is that Miller is ALREADY populated enough to have queues on BOTH open continents during the evening. That means you spawn straight away at VR Training on login, waiting. Right now you suggest that for current Miller population we should add another set of 1500 players that would do nothing, but sit in VR room.
  17. BrbImAFK

    Yeah. Heaven forbid that they fix the real problem behind all these queues - faction underpop (VS on Miller / Cobalt... dunno about any other servers). Not gonna pretend I got a feasible answer for this one, though! :rolleyes:
  18. stalkish

    Did you just not read my comment or are you intentionally being stupid?
    why exactly wouldnt a third or even fourth continent open if theres 1500 people waiting to play?

    Im sorry if that sounds brash, but seriously why are you acting so dumb? You cant seriously be suggesting that if 1500 players were sat in VR whilst 2 continents were locked, that the conts would stay locked are you?
    The reason you see queues on both conts is probably because your playing the overpopped faction, TR by any chance?
    Faction balance queues is what youre experiencing.

    And guess what? If Miller got 500 more NC, 500 more TR, and 500 more VS, youd still end up with the same faction balance percentages, and youd still end up with the same amount of people in VR waiting because of their faction balance que.
    The diff would be, they are waiting for an opening on 1 of 3 or even 4 continents to open up, not on 1 of 2.

    The amount of players total has never been a problem (unless youre talking too little). Having a level spread amongst the empires is (seemingly) the problem. If we have more players total this actualy helps the underpopped faction(s) as they now have the pop to fill 33% of a cont.
    The game didnt used to sit in perpetual 2 conts locked you know?
  19. Kristan

    You speak of "spherical horses in vacuum". And throwing in insults ain't helping your argument either.

    Devs made the mechanic so two continents open, two others are locked. I highly doubt that they would change that just for the Miller merge. This mechanic was intended to keep players unscattered. They know that servers ain't that populated to keep active fight on all four or three continents. And I'm pretty sure they will keep it that way and would not merge servers since things are working as intended.

    At least right now we have stable population and stable fights. What if we would have the merge and all four continents unlocked? There might be some hype for a time, but entire gameplay mechanic of continent locking will be thrown away. After that people might leave the game. Four continents will become deserted. And we will go back to two continents with somewhat constant action. So why bother breaking something that works for the sake of old days? I say it's beating a dead horse.
  20. stalkish

    No sorry, but you have no idea how the game works.
    The game itself locks continents based on pop levels.
    If the pop levels increase the game itself will allow opening of a cont, youve never played on briggs have you?
    At least thats what we were told when it was implemented.

    I find it funny that you first complained about being stuck in VR room with 2 conts locked, then you say 'At least right now we have stable population and stable fights', well which is it? Both cant be happening at the same time.....
    So your reason for not implementing it is that population levels will continue to drop after the merge?
    Sorry but i see no logic there, without a merge wouldnt the pop levels drop to unplayable twice as quick, and why would a merge make more people stop playing?
    Sorry but you're making no sense at all.

    All of your 'reasons' for not wanting a merge are nonsense. You wont be stuck in VR any more than now, you wont be zerged any more than now, players wont leave the game at any increased rate compare to now.
    All it will do is allow a third continent to be open at any one time, seriously thats all it would do, not sure why your fearmongering.

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