Mercenaries - Black Ops, Airborne Infantry

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    Check out some late night flying antics with mercs.
  2. WarbirdTD


    Come check us out every Wed and Fri at 6pm.
  4. Identitiy

    Some of the best players out there, always enjoying playing and talking with these guys! -SOl Ex
  5. 5ou1

    Great scrim against you guys today. Look forward to more in the future.

    You guys gave one hell of a fight, really look forward to fighting you in the future.
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  7. samwinn2000

    Is there a age limit? i looked at the rules and i did'ent see anything about it.

    Feel free to contact any of us in game sam if you are interested in trying out. Technically though our age limit is 18 but we do have members that are beneath that requirement due to their level of maturity. You are welcome to join us on Op nights every Wed and Fri 6pm or any other time during free play.
  9. Based Atom

    Bump IGN is juicebro, would like to join fairly new to the game but interested in getting better at it, I plan on playing for a long time. I enjoy playing medic but I'm also interested in learning how to fly. If you could give me any skype/ts3/raidcall information I'd love to join.
  10. SNAFUS

    For TS info please contact us in game and we will get you setup.
  11. PolywannaKrakar

    Thanks guys for the friendly scrim last night. You guys did awesome!!! It's good to know that you guys are on our side. Here's a free bump to show our appreciation.
  12. SNAFUS

    Was a blast, look forward to more in the future.
  13. SNAFUS

    Join us this Wed for TTA ops 6pm Pacific.
  14. SNAFUS

    Back to the top we go.
  15. TacosWLove

    Miss you Warbird (and your sexy voice), Jax, Nam and Vonce FOR THE LULZ. Internet Space Ships were fun...Wish my TR bro wasnt stuck on waterson so I could join...

    But MERCs are consistently some of the toughest bros I come across as NC. Guys always have your sheet together and I always know it will be a hell of fight to take that point back. Now if you could only get Nam out of his Max so I can shoot him in the face! He ALWAYS misses my C4 by like a half a step! Any who, rawk on...

    TacosWLoveNC/TR/VS (Mirkinz EVE)
  16. Trudeus

    Best part about you guys flying? I can ask [ADK] Fallen Angels to come help us take you out and I get to watch the epic air battle ensue.
  17. Patroclusx

    (Cik) is looking for 12v12 or 24v24 scrims please let me know if yall would be interested in setting something up!
  18. SNAFUS

    Bumping out of obscurity.
  19. SytheSplitter

    where do you get logos like that :p
  20. SNAFUS

    Gots to know peoples.