Mercenaries - Black Ops, Airborne Infantry

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by WarbirdTD, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. BorialisAurora

    sigh* I admit we were at Onatha Biolab during that fight and it did appear the other TR had tunnel vision but seriously you didn't need to name drop T42 like that... MERC you guys have the respect of T42 so keep up the good work and its always frustrating/fun to play against you guys!

    Join the Illustrious Space stallions of Auraxis. Mercs Air is always looking for the next great thing.
  3. kaptinkrunch88

    I got Nixi and KRUNKK with the same mine. I know it was lucky but I still giggled my *** off. Anytime I can get those two guys on my kill board I'm happy. /salute

    I'm sure they were grumbling on comms about that ;).
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  5. WarbirdTD

  6. BattleMedicEK

    Interested in joining an organized Outfit. Have about 1 month of gameplay under my belt now, and looking to exit a "mass numbers" Outfit to learn and be a part of some real strats. That said, either I am keenly unaware of the in game recruiting methods or they are non existent so not sure how to contact someone to join. Handle is BattleMedicEK and I am online at this time or shoot me a message on who/how t contact someone when I am on later.


  7. Lepalose

    Hey BattleMedic,

    You can private message myself, or WarbirdTD, SNAFU, etc. in game or here on these forums. Quite interested in hearing from you - I will keep my eye out for you!
  8. BattleMedicEK

    I am on right now if anyone from Mercenaries can msg me. I tried Lepalose, WarbirdTD and SNAFU. Not sure how to look up others names.
  9. CerberusTR

    I still cant find out the answer for the registration question on the website. Cant it be something easier?
  10. SNAFUS

    Currently working on building our competitive teams for upcoming tournaments.
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  11. Thuggernauttt

    cool outfit but sadly SNAFU uses air to air while padding his stats =(

    join only if you like lock ons

    otherwise play NC
  12. SNAFUS

    Always trying to troll me Thuggernautt ;)
  13. Ice

    Oh snap!
  14. SNAFUS

  15. SNAFUS

    Back to the top we go.
  16. applepienation

    Hello, I would like to apply to Mercs but apparently need a code to sign up to your website. I have gone onto the TRA teamspeak, but didn't see any active leaders online at the time.

    EDIT: Also, what the hell is "Overwolf"?
  17. SNAFUS

    Jump on TS and speak with us Apple.
  18. applepienation

    Sorry couldn't get to ya tonight, I'll hop on a few times tommorow and see if anyone is on.
  19. SNAFUS

    Come check us out every Sun,Wed,Fri for ops 9PM western pacific.
  20. CDN_Wolvie

    Thank you for letting me play with you today. :)