Mercenaries - Black Ops, Airborne Infantry

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by WarbirdTD, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Goiiath

    Bump for these guys, Liege worked with the Mercenaries earlier today, great group of experienced players to be flying and fighting with. That was an awesome cooperative defense of Scarred Mesa, hope to join you guys again another time.
  2. About3Fiddy

    This outfit is so ****** alpha.


    Bumping for the cause.
  4. dangina

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  6. Bigbauce

    Bump for a good group of guys. Some of my favorite TR to play against.

    Also, SNAFU has put it in my keister too many times.

    Always a blast fighting the FCW guys. And Bauce you promised not to tell anyone :eek:
  8. Goiiath

    Liege had a great time with you guys with that epic knife fight/infils/pirate gal knifing/harrasser showdown/ Giant gal V formation ramming battle/ and then finally the picture. Lepalose I think you've convinced Liege to join the TTA haha- epic night with you guys thanks for that MERC



    -pauses to take a breath in-


    nice try at onatha
  10. Bigbauce

    Grow up.
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  11. rumblepit

    you know any of these guys???? found them doing a photo op on a bio lab air pad. they all had jenk tags so i Merc them all.

    id like the screen shots of that photo op if you have them :) 22 dead jenk members in under a min. must be some kind of record.... then again maybe not :(

    I'd give you it if I had it ;) maybe if you guys had a good amount of people we could exchange pics

    btw you guys had mad tunnel vision. My guys may have died, but they died successfully defending the base (with major help from t42 <3)
    You lost all 3 biolabs in amerish including rashnu in the process.

    Dont pretend that I didnt see you sneak back into esamir for andvari and mani. Overall 7/9 biolabs while being underpopped during the first half isnt bad.

    We were in amerish the whole time. You had the numbers. You threw them at us. And you failed miserably. (lol who flies a platoon of mossies around a biolab anyway) XD

    So this is me sending you love for the 3 wonderful platoons you sent to us.

    Lets do it again sometime bby
  13. Bigbauce

    JENKMAN there you go again making your outfit look like a bunch of immature 15 year old children. I truly wish you weren't VS, we'd have a lot less TKing tardbuckets, not to mention I might finally unmute my Command Chat. Alas I cannot because you spam it incessantly. /wrist

    Don't pretend like defending/assaulting Bio Labs with our CQC monsters aka ZOE MAXes is anywhere near hard. Not to mention, you have no bragging rights as an 800+ member outfit thinking you're better than a 150+ member outfit. Though I will say it will be very interesting to see how consistently embarrassed you get when Nexus Battle Islands come out.

    Anyway, I've said enough here. JENKMAN, **** of people's recruitment threads unless you have something positive to say. Or go flame us instead, we're used to it since we "lead the VS on Connery", right?
  14. SNAFUS

    Jenkman I think you have a mistake in identity. We don't field more then a platoon on our best nights. And we sure as hell don't have a platoon of ESF. But if you wish to have a ***** waving event with us then by all means come battle islands we will be more then happy to indulge you.
  15. WarbirdTD

    JENKMAN, your comments are pretty confusing. At no point has Mercenaries ever run 3 platoons. Three squads, yes, but very rarely a full platoon. We also do not have a platoon full of mosquitoes. And this Onatha fight on a non-op-night.... Was there some kind of smack-talking going on at that base that you took offense to? I would guess that you might be directing anger at the wrong organization, since Mercenaries had an outfit fight against GSGS on Saturday night. I'll echo Snafu again here, if JENK is interested in a 3 squad vs. 3 squad fight, we would certainly entertain it.
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  16. OdinsPride

    Can DL3G be the 4th? Make it a nice round 48v48? I'm sure I can find 12 guys who would love a stroll through the nexus...
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  17. Goiiath

    Mercs wont need the help...I know ppl that ran from JENK as fast as they could in VS alts, they just blast music in their comms instead of actual orders...
  18. rumblepit

    my god,,,, think of the carnage,,,3 platoons of mercs,,,, holy fing shhhit, nobody would be safe ANYWHERE lol.that being said i dont think we would have a problem defending a bio lab against all 800 jenk members even if we did only have 1 platoon.

    if there are any jenk members that wish to see how its done, feel free to join us on coms, we run ops 3 nights a weeks, merc only scrims , mondays on the test server.

    we must be doing something right boys, we got outfit leaders from other factions trolling us in our recruitment thread.

    from all of us at mercs , we would like to thank you. your working real hard to make us look good, and we really do
    appreciate it.
  19. kaptinkrunch88

    I'm an outfit leader from another faction but I'm not trolling. I just want to say that you guys have a very good thing going and running into you always means we are going to have a tough fight on our hands. Just some honest respect from one of your oppenents. /salute from TUBB.
  20. SNAFUS

    Mutual respect kaptinkrunch, we thank you for the friendly words sir.