Mercenaries - Black Ops, Airborne Infantry

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  1. WarbirdTD

    This post is in the process of being edited to give a more current view of our outfit. Please bear with us.

    Founded in May of 2003 in Planetside 1, and reawoken in August 2012 in Planetside 2 Beta, Mercenaries maintains a long tradition of tactical excellence and high expectations. When the dirty deeds need doing, Mercenaries are the first to volunteer.

    If you are interested in joining or finding out more about Mercenaries, you can contact us in-game by sending tells to Lepalose, WarbirdTD, or Namlicnuoc. You can also check us out or apply at
  2. GIassia

    Come fly with some of Connery's ace pilots!

    Special interest in potential fly boys looking to join. We have an active air wing and look forward for more of the master race to join our ranks.
  4. Zenobeus

    Yes my master...
  5. WarbirdTD

    Still looking for people who want to elevate their game.
  6. rumblepit

    we run ops 3 to 4 nights a week,we have good group of core players, great leadership, and always have lots of fun.if you like intense fights, clutch saves,team work and tactics you need to sing up.
  7. Chanfan

    In this game, the most fun to be had is via teamwork - and the MERCs supply that in spades!
  8. Vonce

    If this applies to you, keep reading.

    If you are TR, keep reading.

    If you are 18+, keep reading.

    If you are willing to follow orders, keep reading.

    If you are willing and able to use teamspeak, keep reading.

    Challenge: Figure out our teamspeak address (hint: it's on our forums at

    Connect to teamspeak, get in platoon, join us on an op, and try us out.

    Hopefully you enjoy our style of play and decide to stay. o7
  9. Vonce

  10. Chanfan

    Come and give us a try. We have plenty of fun, but are always looking for more folks to join the party!
  11. Lepalose

    We have many divisions!

    Here is one - our Skywhale Tamers, featuring Neeco.


    Go check his stream out - - you will usually find him flying a Skywhale for our operations, or just for fun
  12. Chanfan

    Bumping for teamwork!

    :) solid group. 10/10 will fight again
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  14. Chanfan

    Allow me to recommend any of the members of the Terran Alliance. Why, just take a look!
  15. SNAFUS

    With our recent merge with HFA, MERCS ranks have swollen to allow us a larger presence on the battlefield. The results have already been extremely positive as we are getting closer to our goal of having a full platoon of MERCS during op nights. Hope to see some new recruits join us in the fun.
  16. rumblepit

    Mercs working hard during our Friday night ops.we made it in with 10 mins left on the alert,"10 mins into the video"save the base with 30 secs to go and won the alert. join in on the carnage.
  17. Lepalose

    Let us not forget our fellow TTA members for the well-timed assault at that base, nor the other TR there in support as well. That was an awesome moment for everyone, and it was a lot of fun being part of the light assault group flooding the point.

    Also, I give mad props to the VS guys in the video - they exemplify class throughout, and really earned my respect for it.
  18. Chanfan

    Come join our fun Ops - had a blast last night running with three well coordinated squads. Nothing like simultaneously dropping and holding all the shield gens at a base!
  19. Vonce

  20. SNAFUS

    Was a fun fight minus all the interference from outside sources. Still Mercs came out on top and made a great showing. Can't wait for the battle islands so we can really get some legit matches rolling.