[Suggestion] menu for searching driver or gunner

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  1. 4JlEH30CM


    exit menu for finding squad but i beleive that it will be good menu where u can find mates for gunning and/or driving.

    two buttons in menu
    - create new request
    - look existed

    create request
    - vehicle type
    - role looking for (driver/gunner)
    - amount
    - button "create request"

    look existed
    u will se all current requests. u can choose and prees "join" and if you will be last from amount in reauest then request will be closed after you press "join"

    and what exactly next after you press "join", i dont know))
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  2. icufos

    Brilliant idea. Like it alot....
  3. Penn Ace

    Great idea. I have my tanks maxed but as driver. Always looking to top gun now
  4. HaxMax

    Cool idea.