Mending Field bugged or just useless?

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    Mending Field
    Allies who are below X health passively heal for 15 health per second while you are within 7 meters.

    Mending Field 1, 100HP

    Mending Field 2, 150HP

    Mending Field 3, 225HP

    Mending Field 4, 300HP

    Mending Field 5:
    Allies who are below 300 health passively heal for 15 health per second while you are within 7 meters. Your deployed Shield Recharging Fields now also carry this effect.

    It seams as I fo not heal people with the Implant....
    I have it at Lvl 4 but still nothing...

    A Teammate got it to full Lvl but his Shield Bubble doesn't hesl People either

    So my question is if this Implant is bugged or just useless

    It would be sad if people wasted 2475 Iso-4 for an Implant that does nearly nothing :/
  2. Liewec123

    i hope its not bugged! i run it on my triage flash medic, i have it at rank 5 with maxed out shield bubble!
    it'd be good if it gave healing xp so that we could see if it is indeed bugged,
    or if a friendly dev could confirm,
    also could that friendly dev confirm if it stacks with triage?

    i can say that the self heal works, if i shoot explosive crossbow at the floor to drop myself below 300 hp i'll regen back up to 300

    I simultaniously asked people on Reddit, they said it is not bugged and does work, but it is so slow at Healing that you are better off healing the people just by yourself

    15Health per second... That is 500HP in a half minute
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  4. Liewec123

    But as a passive AOE that you can have in 2 locations at once :-3
    I just wish it'd give xp, even if it was like 1-2 xp per tick!
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