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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by slimjim2417, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. slimjim2417

    Hello, i just bought a six month membership and had a question.

    It says 50% extra XP and stuff. For the XP is there a boost you must equip your character with like the Alpha Squad boost? Or can I use my Alpha Squad boost and get the extra 50% XP getting a total of 60% XP or do I have to use one or the other?

    Thanks much,
  2. Ozrik

    Membership Bonus is passive. Just equip your Alpha squad Boost and you'll have 60%. When in game press and hold TAB key, at top right is list of all your passive bonuses and towards bottom left will be your Alpha Squad info.
  3. Rago

    Yeah like that !

    60% Bonus with membership over a half year (including 10% Alpha squad)

    100Xp -> 160Xp

    Without Alpha it would be 150 but im sure you know this yourself :)
    Btw. If you use another boost you loose the old one !!! So dont waste the Alpha S. Bonus ;) [It resources too]
  4. slimjim2417

    Thanks much!!!
  5. slimjim2417

    Oh one more problem. It says that if you purchase a six month plan you will immediately receive 50% boost rather than 25% and increase every month. But I just logged in and my passive bonuses said I only have 25%? Is something wrong with the system? Can I fix this?
  6. slimjim2417

    Oh now look, I have zero Station cash now... How do I fix this?!
  7. slimjim2417

    Ok nevermind, I figured out SC, but still only 25% bonuses, please help!
  8. Rago

    I dont know, maybe you write a support ticket at the SOE site ?

    I bought 1 Year and alpha Squad and i get 60%.
    Sometimes the Bonus seems to be different, but over all it may just display it later or wrong sometimes.
  9. slimjim2417

    Ok I'll see about righting one if it's not automatically fixed soon.