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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by HippoCryties, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. HippoCryties

    Find it kinda ridiculous I have to have a running membership to play an NS robot! Should buy it once and if I create it I can play it till the end of time , with or without a membership. I’ve spent 100s nearly a thousand pounds on this game, and yet I still have to have a running membership to use a feature. Come on, I get it needs a gated release but just make it a one time buy membership thing.
  2. Liewec123

    I believe that they said that the membership requirement is how they intend to reduce the "ooo shiny!" Effect of the initial release,
    Since none of us want the game to just be robots.
    They did say they might look into other options at a later time, when the new toy effect has died down a bit.

    Personally though, I don't see the appeal of always playing the losing side,
    (I don't 4th faction to deliberately join the winners, but these bots are ALWAYS the losing faction.)
    And with no access to ESFs, MBTs, maxes or most decent weapons, only NS junk.

    But I am happy that it is reserved for subs, because the game won't be swarming with factionless bots,
    Plus it might help bring some cash to the game!
  3. AlcyoneSerene

    Am back to considering a one time membership to unlock ASP on both my characters, to support the game a tiny bit with my limited ability beyond speaking good of it to every gamer I know, playing with friends, and the thousands of hours in, and I'm super happy Black Ops is a real thing incoming, but the prospect of losing access to the NSO and the 3rd character slot (assuming no 4th free slot is given with it) to me is more punishing than the challenge of NS gear only.

    Being F2P, even at >BR100 there's still a need for certs, directive weapons, ISOs, chasing implants to avoid crafting costs, etc., and multiplied across the 2 factions I play and enjoy about equally.

    Trying to spread time to yet another makes any progress feel like standing still, and that doesn't reward dedicating more time to PS2, but losing access on top of that too, well, might as well stick to "Black Ops F2P edition" in my own way as before.
  4. Twin Suns

    I see you just got the memo. *tips hat*

    It's a 5th Faction (the "Conscripts" if you will) drawn from a pool of members to counter the 4th Faction (Scabs).

    I am/was *hand level wiggle* biased against it. The reasoning behind it is becoming clear. You can't really do anything about the 4th Faction (Scabs) without stifling the product. So you wisely ask members who pay money to support the game to actually help/support the game.

    In the end the 5th Faction (Consripts) could become the Ultimate "Loyalist". Loyalty to the game that is. ;)

    In all honesty, I'm just fed up with the Scabs.
  5. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Totally understand where you're coming from with this one. With ASP, we were able to do a 1-time membership unlock as it's something that players have to grind for in the first place, and that they carry on their high BR character. For NS Operatives characters, allowing them to be permanent characters could lead to a massive influx of robots in PlanetSide 2, which is something we want to avoid. Maybe it's something we revisit far into the future, but for now that's how we've decided to allow use of the Operatives.
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  6. HippoCryties

    Cool but if I buy a 1 month membership and then cancel it the next day can i still use the NS robot for a month?
  7. Blam320

    No; when you cancel your membership, you lose the ability to use your NS robot character.
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  8. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    So long as your membership is still running, you'll be able to use it - so if you buy a 1-month membership, and then cancel it immediately so payments don't reoccur, you can play the NS character until your membership period is up.
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  9. HippoCryties

    Oakley dokley
  10. Sergio Lima

    Thats the problem, they always say it when releasing something new and never complete it. Recurse overall, CAI 2.0 (or simple rollback this ****), ASP reset (ages now wheres option to reset?), Alert 2.0 ( it now fun to guess who will win in draw situations).
  11. AlcyoneSerene

    Fearing that too. I do want NSOs to be a success, to fund the game, balance fights, etc., but if not enough play it would be good to have some other means to help that faction out.

    About alert wins, it was a glorious day for the TR-VS win over NC (except for the aliens abducting our certs & trophy):
  12. Liewec123

    True dat! I remember warning them when they removed the ability to deploy a sundy inside your own no deploy zones,
    that it would make zergs nigh unstoppable, but they went ahead anyway and several devs told me that if it is a bad change,
    they'll revert it, and since then it has been a hell of a lot harder to attempt to stop a zerg.
    Have we had a rollback? Nope, instead the zerg can now set up a spawn router on top of your capture point!
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