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  1. Comradical

    My knife goes right through his face, and misses.
    He walks backwards faster than I run forward, shooting.
    Attacking stops sprinting leaving no way to gain ground...

    I know, this is a shooter not a melee game, but the way the melee works is broken, mechanically it doesn't work as it's supposed to, the animation can clearly hit a target with no effect and that's an issue that drives a lot of people nuts. I've mentioned this problem in game, /y elling in frustration when it happens, many players can relate.

    The hitboxes are all messed up for melee, it's immersion breaking, suspension of disbelief is destroyed every time it happens.

    I know there are more important issues, but SOE please fix.
  2. Wibin

    Melee is more of a "hey, i'ma sneak up and stab him" sort of kill in here than a "hey i'ma chase him down cause i'm out of bullets and knife the **** out of him" sorta thing.

    I've had this same thing happen to me where I should clearly be hitting him with the knife while I run him down stabbing the crap out of him, but it doesn't work. If you follow somebody from behind and do it, it will work though.

    This game could get really stupid if the knife hit boxes were too big.
    It's really a humiliation kill for those who are not paying attention or AFK.
  3. PastorOfMuppetus

    Step 1: Be out of his sight in Melee range (preferably behind him)
    Step 2: Shoot him with a quick burst out of your weapon
    Step 3: Stab
    It's not broken, it's just not a one hit kill like in various other games I will not mention here. Every Knifing attemp I made was a success, maybe it's because you lag or something.
  4. Comradical

    Mechanically the attack animation clearly makes contact with the target, and the target takes no damage.

    What you think of melee in a shooter isn't a valid point to make because we are discussing a mechanical issue and not a strategy or balance issue.
  5. slannmage

    1. They need a knife slot so you can run around with a knife instead of quick knives.
    2. The game needs enemy collision, right now knives are so useless when you run right through the enemy :\
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  6. Comradical

    That would be cool, I mean I only get 180 ammo by default for my rifle and my pistol is useless, and on infiltrator for Vanu anyway the default pistol is horrible, and the rifle is situational.

    That means there are times when melee is the only viable option, and for anyone who's ever played a Spy in TF, stabbing people from behind is always fun.

    But when you stab an engineer at a turret like 5 times point blank and only hit him twice, something is wrong.
    That would probably help a lot, enemy collisions at least.
  7. Fireborn

    I mostly knife engy turrets for a usually quick 25 xp. Sometimes terminals, if I'm not on Engy.

    The knife definately has issues with hit detection, as about a third to half of my swings, even on the same spot as I got a hit before, will not register. This is on targets that have no possible way of moving.

    Amusingly, the turrets count as kills, so you can rank up the knife with them.
  8. RynoManiac

    I don't always use the knife, but when I do. . .It takes about 5 or 6 swings to register the 2-hit kill count
  9. hostilechild

    Missed people i am standing behind and have hit people and been hit by people 5m away, really silly right now. Lag/Timing "player prediction" all create issues with it. Swear it was better in beta. I rarely use it, but its fun in an AA Burster MAX to punch enemies when they think you can't hurt them :D Just wish charge did damage!! That one big hunk of metal crashing into a crowd of people.
  10. MXXVI

    I would rather have a slightly eccentric melee system in a gun-dominant game like this, than have the ninja-teleporting-instagibbing knife antics of a certain major FPS franchise...